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God Says➤ Only Sinners Will Skip This | God Message Today

listen carefully my child pause for a

moment and heed my call this message is

not by chance but a Divine encounter

designed specifically for your heart and

soul in this world full of noise and

Chaos I extend my hand to you do not

pass by hastily for I have a message

crafted just for you I invite you to

linger to listen intently for within

these words lies the key to unlocking

the mysteries of your journey do not let

distractions steal this moment from you

for what I offer is a treasure beyond

measure trust in me as I guide you

through the shadows of uncertainty and

into the light of Truth allow my

presence to envelop you for in this

Sacred Space Miracles unfold and hearts

are transformed so my beloved I implore

you do not turn away embrace the gift

that awaits you and let it illuminate

your path with Clarity and purpose in

the last moments of this encounter I

promise to answer your deepest questions

and provide Solace for your weary Soul

But first you must join me in this

journey of

Revelation are you ready my

child the time has come to embark on a

Divine adventure together within the

depths of your soul let the Assurance of

my promises resonate echoing through the

chambers of your being embrace the

sanctity of my words for they are the

Elixir that empowers you your resolve to

reiz night your faith Heralds a profound

transformation a return to the ancient

path where the Flames of your conviction

burn bright as you turn the pages of

your Bible know that each syllable holds

the potential to fortify your spirit

every seed of Faith swn within your

heart shall not wither but burgeon into

a magnificent Bloom the Psalms with

their lyrical wisdom and every Lesson

imparted by my teachings down to the

minutest detail shall find fertile

ground within you from this rich soil

abundant harvests shall spring forth

harbingers of change vessels of

transformation and conduits of Miracles

yet unseen beloved stand firm for the

dawn of a new era awaits embrace the

journey ahead with unwavering trust for

in the tapestry of your existence Divine

Providence weaves its intricate threads

as you continue to walk in faith know

that I walk beside you guiding your

steps and Illuminating the path with the

radiance of my love keep forging ahead

there’s no need to glance over your

shoulder you’re traversing a demanding

road yet it’s the precise one guiding

you toward genuine

contentment the Tranquility enveloping

you presently holds Paramount

significance for your household pledging

to introduce a fresh Accord amidst your

dear ones I yearn for everyone to be

prepared so Triumph won’t catch them

unawares and adversaries won’t seize an

opportunity if you believe in God then

like the video and leave a heartfelt

Amen in the comments my fervent hope is

that Triumph and prosperity won’t breed

conceit authentic abundance flourishes

in a household characterized by modesty

a sincere Readiness to regard others

with empathy to Aid to share one’s

bounties and to extend assistance

without ulterior motives

in the boundless expanse of existence my

blessings flow ceaselessly transcending

the confines of material wealth amidst

the temporal Allure of worldly Treasures

I offer a reminder of treasures far more

profound cherish the bonds of family

nurture the sanctuary of your health and

cultivate the richness of your spiritual

journey only through honoring these

sacred facets of Life can one attain

genuine Triumph and bask in the radiance

of my eternal affection and profound

Joy each dawn let the purpose of your

being resonate with the quest to seek my

countenance to receive the wisdom woven

within my Divine discourse and to sew

the seeds of kindness in the fertile

soil of human

hearts embrace the ethos of respect and

empathy in your

interactions mirroring the grace with

which I hold you in my Divine embrace

with steadfast Devotion to my guidance

you shall witness the barriers

obstructing your blessings crumble like

ancient ruins yielding to the Relentless

March of time know that my love for you

unyielding and boundless propels this

plea for your earnest attention to my

words today surrender not to the

transience of Earthly Pursuits but

rather bask in the enduring Splendor of

my Everlasting Love which transcends all

Mortal confines I see the burdens you


the mountains you climb and The Valleys

that test your spirit I know that the

path is rugged and the night is long but

hear me now for I am here to guide you

through every dark hour and every tear

you shed I am training you beloved not

merely to get through these challenges

but to emerge from them with a Radiance

that reflects my glory the trials you

face are not just stumbling blocks but

Stepping Stones to a higher place a

place where your spirit is stronger your

faith deeper and your capacity for love

greater this transformation is no

ordinary change it is a Divine

metamorphosis and it is accomplished

through the power of my holy spirit so

when the weight of Life presses down

upon your shoulders do not run faster

into the chaos instead slow down come

into my presence feel my peace speak to

me for I am always listening invite my

spirit to enter your your situation as

you pour out the intricacies of your

difficulties in our intimate

conversation place your requests at my

feet my child and await with

anticipation I know how you long for

immediate answers for Swift resolution

but trust in my timing I am working in

ways you cannot see knitting together a

masterpiece from the threads of your

experiences the resolutions I weave are

never just for the moment but are

designed for Everlasting impact I I am

sculpting your soul crafting your

character and preparing you for an

eternal destiny that far outweighs this

momentary Affliction do not misjudge the

silence during your waiting is in action

for in The Quiet Moments in the

seemingly still times I am often doing

my greatest work within you these

struggles you face they are not only

about you they are a part of a grander

narrative a cosmic battle between light

and darkness the manner in which you

confront these adversities wielding

trust and thankfulness as your weapons

brings me hunor and illumines the

heavens with your faith remember when

you choose to lean on me to put your

unwavering trust in my eternal goodness

you magnify me and each time you

approach me with a heart full of

gratitude even before the dawn breaks on

your situation you are practicing a

sacred Rhythm that reshapes your very

Soul you may wonder how can I be joyful

in time times of trouble my child Joy is

not the absence of pain it is the

presence of me your lord in all

circumstances it is the steadfast

knowledge that I am with you working all

things for good crafting beauty from

ashes and leading you to streams of

Living Water where your joy will be made

full persist in your prayers for

persistence is the key to the door of

spiritual maturity it is the exercise

that strengthens your faith muscles

teaching you to depend not on Mortal

strength but on my immortal power and as

you grow in the spiritual discipline you

will see a transformation in yourself

the face you lift to me in prayer will

start to reflect my glory and the life

you live will be a testimony of my grace

you are crowned with Glory my precious

one for I have made you a little lower

than the angels and have adorned you

with honor you are destined not for the

dust from which you came but for the

Everlasting Kingdom prepared for you in

this Kingdom the trials of today will

shine as jewels in your crown each one a

testament to your faith and my

faithfulness therefore arise each

morning with expectancy in your heart do

not be anxious about anything but in

every situation by prayer and petition

with Thanksgiving present your request

to me and together we will walk this

journey hand in hand heart tohe heart

until the day breaks and the Shadows

flee away for now Rest In My Embrace

find solace in my words and Let the

Peace of my presence envelop you as you

trust in my unfailing love you are my

beloved in whom I am well pleased my

precious child feel the warmth of My

Embrace as I speak to you pause for a

moment and let the reality of my eternal

love for you sink deeply into your heart

for it is in the quietude of your soul

that my voice resonates with Clarity and

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