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God Says➤ Satan Wins If You Ignore Jesus | God Message Today |

my beloved child I want to forgive you

and free your soul from guilt I died on

the cross and rose from the dead so that

you could be free from mental and

spiritual pain as a person your body

soul and mind can get tired in this

world even my devoted servants who lived

holy lives got tired and made mistakes

from time to time still they were humble

enough to admit their sins and come back

to this altar of forgiveness they fought

bravely and won without giving up come

to me now if you are tired feel like you

have failed have said something without

thinking have hurt someone without

thinking or are stuck in a bad habit

whether it’s mental or physical come if

you love me and think I want to help you

I will kiss your lips and clean your

heart I forgive you don’t do those sins

again I’m giving you new energy and

spirit you’ll get up like a champ say

goodbye to guilt and sad times to

remember something think about the good

times and wins you’ve had in the past

with unwavering Faith you will win again

just like you did before I tell you to

face life with faith and determination

as I give you this loving Embrace I’m

with you my champion and I love you you

need to be patient with everything that

happens in your life during the storm

you need to calm down don’t forget that

I respect your faith even if it doesn’t

make sense everything that is happening

right now is for a reason even though

you might not get it right now you will

when it’s over and you receive the

blessings I have planned for you believe

in me calm down and learn to wait you

have gotten a lot of good things because

you kept going and more is on the way I

know that the hard times that test your

faith make you feel down sometimes don’t

give up though stand firm as soon as I

can I will confirm that you are taking

the steps you need to take to receive my

blessings I know that sometimes you feel

tired and like everything is taking too

long you might think there are too many

reasons to give up please don’t give up

though the hard thing you’re going

through today is making you stronger no

one can take away the good things that

are coming your way the gifts I give you

my child don’t give up be patient and

trust me because I am your God I’m

making sure you have a blessed and

wonderful future this trouble will end

and you will be in a place of Peace joy

and honor you might be able to wait a

little longer promise me that you will I

love you and know how you feel there is

nothing you can hide from me no matter

how hard you try I know your heart

inside and out you can trust me to be

there for you day or night whenever you

want feel free to tell me about your

problems and how you’re feeling I I care

about your feelings and needs this is

how things have always been what makes

you think I don’t care about you I saved

you and made your life better you know

that you can’t expect love and

understanding from this world but I have

everything you need and more to give you

peace fill your life with my love and

fill your heart with the strong emotion

that comes from knowing you are deeply

loved because I love you and even when

you didn’t believe me that was always

the case even when things were bad my

love for you never changed I loved you I

still love you and I always will don’t

trust people who lie to you and don’t

show affection to people who don’t

deserve it do not put anyone else ahead

of me give me the most important place

in your heart recognize me honor me and

treat me with the respect I deserve in

your life I am the only one who can be

your God lord and King no one else

should be in my spot this is one reason

why you’ve been sick lately you can feel

something inside you that you can’t

explain what’s going on let me explain

you have a hole in your heart that will

get bigger if you turn down my love

that’s the reason you’re sad and why you

cry at night you want to be loved but

you’re not where it should be I love you

more than anyone else in the world I

want you to find peace love and rest

here with me why are you still here do

you really really want to keep giving

your life and love to people who hurt

you will you not come back to me in

tears until you’re hurt again even so I

will welcome you with open arms because

my love is stronger than the bad choices

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