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God Says➤ Satan Wins If You Ignore Me | God Message Today

my beloved child I love you deeply and

my blessings flow like a Cascade of holy

water over your life your family your

work and your home nothing and no one

can thwart them Embrace this promise and

find peace I am with you every day from

the moment you first saw the light my

presence envelops you my Legions of

angels watch over you daily and my Holy

Spirit guides you today tomorrow

tomorrow and for all eternity let the

distractions fade away be filled with

Tranquility let fear vanish I am

flooding you with security words of

strength will flow from your lips not

just for yourself but for those around

you you are a Wellspring of fresh holy

and Living Water a source of Hope in the

desert Reviving Lost Dreams have faith I

have the final say and my diagnosis is

perfect in every situation you face I

will open doors for you and support you

hold on to life and open your heart to

me let it overflow with love you were

born to live surrounded by my Divine

Light not to dwell in darkness confined

to a corner step into the sunlight

experience that sensation there is a

light at the end of that tunnel of

Darkness you are now free from

everything that once held you back

despair loneliness contempt shouts and

empty words every attempt to bring you

down down and steal your dreams is gone

do not dwell on the past do not try to

gather the pieces for they no longer

exist your soul is pure your mind is at

peace and your heart is ready for a new

life filled with joy Abundant Blessings

are on the horizon the windows and doors

of Heaven are wide open because of your

faithfulness your faith and loyalty have

placed you in the forfront I am the

happiest father in the universe come now

let us celebrate your impending Victory

embrace it with the same enthusiasm with

which you approach each day with the

determination you display when you kneel

before me regardless of time or

circumstance entering my presence to

offer your prayers despite the trials

and storms I have poured out abundant

blessings upon you I have never forsaken

you and you know this well some receive

blessings but instead of gratitude they

become prideful and forget the God who

saved them you must remain Vigilant to

prevent this from happening in your

household my word is living and eternal

my promise to care for and bless you is

genuine I never deceive and what I

declare to you will always come to pass

I only request a little faith the

primary place in your hearts and a

commitment to seek me persevere in

prayer and never lose Faith prepare

yourself to witness Miracles wonders

will will unfold before your eyes my

power is manifested in homes that seek

me with humble and grateful Hearts I do

not change I am constant yesterday today

and forever I have a covenant with you

that I will never break I have given you

my Holy Spirit and I will fill you with

Supernatural gifts I cherish your heart

and I cherish your family I am pleased

with your attitude and your thankful

Spirit but you also honor me when you

seek the well-being of those you love

here in my presence you will find

everything you need go and strengthen

yourself receive my love accept my

affection your blessing is approaching

swiftly in the days to come open your

heart to Joy for it will become your

reality that Miracle you’ve been

awaiting is on its way have confidence

just as you did during those times when

you faced seemingly insurmountable

obstacles when your natural senses told

you that all hope was lost and my spirit

revealed my mighty will I did not Choose

You for defeat you are destined for

victory but I want you to seek me and

know me more deeply in this world there

is no love as pure and immense as mine

some may not comprehend it and may

choose to reject it denying that they

too are deeply loved in their pessimism

they wish to S the conviction in others

that they are perpetually alone and that

there is no God in the University who

loves loves them as profoundly as I do I

bless protect and prosper those who

remain loyal to me who do not ignore or

abandon me it is my will that you

prosper in all things just as your soul

prospers through my holy word I do not

ask for the impossible I want to hear

your prayers your repentance and your

desire for change I am opening your

Supernatural vision and touching your

spirit with my powerful anointing feel

my presence I am here everything I speak

to you will come to pass seek me in my

word and ask for miracles that may seem

impossible you will see that your faith

and loyalty have not been in vain come

cry out to me and I will answer you I

will reveal great and hidden things to

you with powerful blessings that will

astonish you write it down now and

declare your belief in me this is a

month of blessings a month of prayer it

will be a beautiful time of joy and

reflection but I urge you not to miss a

single word of this message this is a

month to hear my word every day so it is

etched in your soul and comes alive when

You Face problems conflicts threats

rumors attacks and doubts do not fear or

be discouraged for I will always be by

your side to offer my help I am not

distant or hidden if you stumble at any

point your sincere repentance and simple

faith will bring you back to the Blessed

path know that my love is true and my

presence in your life is real you will

never be able to deny it even when

adversity tries to defeat you or

confusion clouds your mind the flame I

have ignited within you will never be

extinguished I love you and you will

always know it I forgive you and offer

you a fresh start these truths are

written and sealed and you will hear

them every morning you have a mission to

fulfill there is no turning back no

sitting idly waiting for someone else to

motivate you I want you to mature and

grow you were not created to always

depend on others who may let you down

rise up change your way of thinking and

gaze into that mirror that has often

deceived you see how beautiful you are

appreciate the virtues talents and gifts

that your heavenly father has bestowed

upon you remember every time you

overcame adversity conquered challenges

and did not beg others for help you

merged Victorious because in your heart

you cried out to me even when you felt

distant witness how I showed you love

extended my hand and did not hold your

mistakes against you I rescued you from

those situations and granted you the

Triumph you needed in this month and in

all that lies ahead have confidence that

I am here I love you deeply and I will

keep reminding you of it because I know

that your spirit is strengthened when

you listen to me and you will never Tire

of my presence I want you to absorb each

of my messages and fill yourself with

this Supernatural strength as you

receive and share my word this month

walk in faith always looking ahead and

sharing blessings with others many

miracles are on their way and immense

happiness awaits you but never forget

what I tell you your faith and your

grateful heart will open the heavens and

holy blessings will pour down upon you

and your family now tell me that you

believe in me and rise up Embrace a

month of Victory nothing harmful will

befall you you are in my hands and even

if challenging moments arise continue to

trust if someone departs from your life

or a door closes do not fear you are

alive and I love you I am embracing you

you are in a very special place it is my

will that you receive healing and it is

my desire to comfort your soul with my

Holy Spirit I understand your struggles

and I also desire for you to experience

peace and lack nothing every day go

about your task sincerely and without

fear and know that you are deeply loved

and protected by your heavenly father

the changes happening around you are the

result of my powerful hand clearing your

paths removing obstacles and keeping

away those who wish to harm you take

from you and wound your soul do not halt

your activities do not hide out of fear

of what may come do not silence your

voice continue to pray and give thanks

do not hide from anyone and certainly

not from me share this video with your

contacts if you love me and also

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channel to stay connected with my voice

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