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God Says➤ This is Your Final Call, Don’t Skip | God Message Today |

my beloved child recognize that you need

me and see that I am also asking

something of you grant my request and

please accept my help it’s okay to be

brave you’ve been fiercely independent

and you are strong the burdens on your

shoulders have grown heavy acknowledge

that you need someone to set you free

forever you have me you can trust me

I’ve invited you to pause and rest to

sit with me for a while listen to The

Healing power of my word let it flow

through your ears into your heart and

cleanse your inner worries you are

diligent and desire things to go well

you fulfill your commitments but you’ve

been working too hard excessive labor

can lead to distraction and errors you

must strive for your daily breed to

support your family but if I don’t build

your house all your efforts are in Vain

Night spent AI sleep lost won’t help

calm your spirit for for a while allow

me to bring Clarity to your thoughts

your body is weary and I’m sending you

words of healing encouragement and

Solace you confront daily battles and

the enemy thrusts contrary winds upon

you do not let the opposition exhaust

you give me the opportunity to help you

it will do you good to feel my love once

more to rekindle the flame of your faith

as it once was you are not defeated and

your dreams are far from over so can my

words spend more time alone in my

presence if there are issues to resolve

begin with me fear not I am here to

extend a helping hand as a good friend

would let’s take the first step together

Feel My Embrace let your heart brim with

joy and your mind with peace you need

not live in constant struggle and trials

believing that no one understands or

Aids you I know some people around you

are engrossed in their own lives often

grappling with troubles that blind them

to your needs but trust me many of them

love you deeply and care for your

well-being they may simply struggle to

express it fearing your

rejection so I am sending you this

message and I implore you not to ignore

it let Joy saturate your soul let a

radiant smile Grace your face for it can

initiate healing and miracles smile at

everyone today even if they don’t expect

it and watch how attitudes

transform people will realize that they

have found a true friend in you and

broken relationships will begin to mend

you and I share a genuine and eternal

Covenant I come to you with a heart

overflowing with love ready to bless you

more than you can imagine I possess the

power to perform magnificent miracles to

erase your past mistakes and to make

your future truly wonderful I want to

reveal to your heart the significance of

My Sacrifice I gave my life on a cross

and bore all your punishments in my body

I suffered for you and in faith I have

come to take away your guilt so that you

no longer feel defeated you have an

inheritance awaiting you in this life

blessings and peace in abundance I have

planted you in a place of boundless love

where you can feel loved and protected

day and night in time of warmth and cold

I am uprooting the loneliness that has

taken root in your heart that Hollow

feeling in your stomach that ominous

sense that something bad will happen if

you were betrayed left weeping with a

torn soul my glory surrounds you it has

come to speak words of love and

sweetness to your heart to heal your

wounds to brush you off to extend a hand

and to raise you toward a powerful

future do not weep for those who do not

appreciate you do not reserve a special

place in your soul for those who have

caused you pain if they choose to leave

let them go if they wish to return

contemplate it carefully and exercise

caution do not trust just anyone who

opens their arms to you I am not asking

you to live in isolation I also care

about your heart and your romantic life

let me orchestrate things in my way do

not rush my decisions do not demand

immediate answers from me do not weep

for those who have betrayed you learn to

Value yourself recognize who you are you

carry my Holy Spirit within you like a

gentle Dove that Soares with tenderness

and rests on your shoulder it will be

there to guide your heart do not grieve

it do not drive it away just as the dove

cares for its young and shields them

from rain and cold your soul will be

safeguarded and your spirit will be

comforted in this emotional me message

hear the assurance that you are deeply

loved valued and protected by a higher

power understand that you are not alone

and that even in challenging times there

is a source of strength and love that

will never waver embrace your faith for

it is a powerful force that can guide

you through life’s journey and bring

blessings beyond your

imagination stand strong trust in the

path set before you and continue to

believe in the promises of a brighter

future when you finally come home to me

in the heavens you will begin to

understand the journey you’ve traveled

but for now my desire is for you to

experience a taste of heaven right here

on Earth I want you to know that my love

for you is boundless brighter than a

thousand suns surrounding you in a

radiant white light I long to bless you

love you and protect you trust in me and

let me take care of you your life rests

securely in my hands allow me to arrange

the pieces of your life to bring people

into your path it was never my intention

for you to walk alone burdened by needs

overwhelmed by fear will you believe me

despite the pessimism of others will you

read and trust my word or will you lend

more ear to the enemy’s voices seeking

to confuse you they desire to confound

you to hinder your happiness and to see

you defeated I’ve said it before they

want to destroy you you cannot afford to

grant them the opportunity to shatter

your life I want you to feel loved

protected and encouraged you must live

enveloped in my peace love and faith

fill yourself with faith now always live

with the confidence that a future of

Triumph and blessing awaits you you

follow me you love me you believe in me

tell me now in your own words that no

matter what transpires you will

steadfastly hold on to your faith you

are in my hands embraced in my

protection do not fear those who rise

against you you will see them with me

though troubles May surround you I will

deliver you those who encircle you and

seek your downfall I will intervene I

will Aid you in just a few days you will

turn and your enemies will be no more

many are angered because they cannot

conquer you they fail to realize that

your most faithful Defender is right by

your side your God your savior trust and

believe nothing is impossible believe

and act I am with you act and Advance

know that I have increased your faith

I’ve granted you the power to walk on

water and Conquer All malevolent forces

you can fight and Triumph because you do

not fight alone you have grown

courageous you are no longer fearful

leave behind fears and anxieties raise

your sword and continue the battle

prepare care for the blessing that

approaches you shall conquer the land

before you in every anointed situation I

will provide the answer and the way out

you will heal and uplift many hearts

your family will be blessed peace and

Harmony shall fill your home you will

sense a change my presence will reign in

your house and all the forces that once

troubled you will flee and never return

seek me and you will find rest for your

soul in me in my promise

in my word your trust must be in me for

I am your God your rock your health your

strength your salvation take my hand and

you will never stumble I am your

protector your lord your healer declare

to me now with all your might that you

believe in me and hold on to your faith

with all your heart I love you I have

been I am and I will always be with you

on this day when life life grows

turbulent stand still when it calms act

when you feel that negative forces have

entered your life without explanation it

is better to remain still trusting in my

love and surrendering your Affairs into

my hands receive these words and believe

them wholeheartedly I desire to see you

succeed that’s why I created you I chose

you lifted you up and placed you in this

precise time and place

your Victory is not determined by Bad

News global circumstances or the

negativity around you nothing can thwart

the blessings already decreed and sent

from heaven but you must make a Resolute


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