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God Says➤ This Is Your Last Warning, Don’t Skip | God Message Today |

my beloved child fear no one do not

cling to Earthly possessions as long as

you have life you possess more than

hope with faith doors will remain open

Miracles even the extraordinary are

within reach will you do me a favor go

and tell each member of your family that

I love them with all my heart with

tenderness and serenity place your hands

on their shoulders look into their eyes

and speak these words God tells you he

loves you and I love you too let tears

flow if they wish without shame today

the Journey of restoration and healing

begins in your home the Divine and

Supernatural blessing I send is Drawing

Near receive it with gratitude come back

tomorrow I wish to speak to you again

you will hear my voice once more and you

will be filled with peace know that with

my love I eagerly await you from this

moment on your path will be lined with

successes and

blessings I have a plan for you and no

opposition can thwart it you’ve heard

the call there’s no need to scavenge for

the crumbs others toss your way you have

your own blessings and a heavenly father

who welcomes you into his Loving Arms

healing you lifting you up prospering

you and caring for you

always those who caused your stumbles

will regret their actions those who who

belittled you will learn a lesson they

won’t forget for raising their hands

against you I defend those I love and I

will make your enemies flee I am

clearing your path of obstacles and

conflicts seize this moment do not lock

yourself away weeping for a past that is

gone shouting to the winds that cannot

hear you stop yearning for the false

Embrace of those who despised you and

sought your downfall I hope you won’t

love those ungrateful Souls more than me

by my side you will find life happiness

you’ve never known and a beautiful

emotion you never thought existed I have

a powerful purpose for you and I am

opening the path to your dreams you no

longer need to look back there is no one

in your past who loves you as deeply as

I do who desires only the best for you

who can bless you and guide you Embrace

this sense of being Lai and protected by

a supernatural God I’m not asking for

material wi Gold Silver and precious

stones do not impress me what touches my

heart is your faith and sincerity you

desire change to live life as it was

meant to be lived making the most of

every moment and using your talents and

resources to bless others starting with

your family in your heart you long to

share the message that there is love

forgiveness salvation a path and a truth

here in my presence people will find the

strength to rise again and and start a

new leave the past behind choose their

own destiny and if you need help know

that I am here to lend you a hand I will

forever remove any obstacles from your

path so do not be disheartened when you

no longer receive notifications from the

mouths of manipulators remember that I

gave my life on the cross to Grant you

Freedom you were not born to live in

emotional bondage enduring the shouts

and Scorn of false loves you will no

longer yearn for them

I am instilling in you a spirit of Love

self-control courage and honesty if you

must confront figures from your past or

walk through the fires of your previous

trials fear not for I Am by your side

you will silence the Roaring lions

defeat mocking adversaries and walk

through the fire without feeling the

pain that once consumed you today in my

Holy Name you will face these challenges

and in my Holy Spirit you will come

conquer them tell me with faith that you

believe activate your faith let your

soul resonate with my word remember my

holy promises they are your shield and

your sword when adversity looms ask

yourself who is with you the most high

God omnipotent the King of Kings the

Lord of lords Majestic in power and

authority who empowers you to conquer

answer me I want to hear your voice feel

these words rekindling the faith that

was once discouraged igniting the flame

of your desire to Triumph listen receive

and believe there is no bad habit or

vice you cannot overcome the enemy has

no power over you and you must declare

this Truth for neither witchcraft nor

sorcery nor spells nor incantations can

harm you the forces of evil May surround

you but they are merely noise Hollow

threats seeking to instill fear for fear

is the only thing that can hinder your


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