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God Says➤ Your Time Is Over If You Skip | God Message Today |

my beloved child blessings will re upon

you abundantly so remain Vigilant to the

unfolding events remember that I can

transform adversity into your favor so

do not despair if you initially

encounter challenges that perplex you

beyond every problem and frustration I

hide prosperity and blessings of Plenty

prepare yourself to wisely manage what I

bestow upon you seek guidance from my

holy word to enhance the gifts and

talents I have bestowed upon on you but

do not be enticed by material

possessions do not succumb to the Allure

of fame or burden yourself with debt to


frivolities concentrate on what truly

matters elevate your spiritual journey

to new heights strive to gain wisdom

from my word and deepen your knowledge

of me I shall unveil wondrous

Revelations to you I want you to witness

magnificent Miracles attend to your

health and address familial matters

without delay leave nothing unresolved I

have endowed you with the strength and

intelligence to resolve numerous

situations today I do not wish for you

to face desperation at the th Hour

gripped by fear of failure arise and

take action dare to do so your heart

brims with courage regardless of your

inner doubts engage in virtues Deeds

fulfill your obligations and cast aside

apprehension you shall receive a Bund

dly and loose nothing even if you

forfeit something or incure the

displeasure of others due to your

commitment to improving your life and

making righteous choices entrust these

individuals into my care pray for them

but heed not their counsel or grievances

for they cannot Aid one who knowingly

Treads toward an abyss I am with you to

assist you in all matters however

prioritize me and I shall not only

assist you but also Propel you towards

proos Prosperity showering you with

blessings more precious than gold even

when you feel defeated and weakened I

shall resurrect your zest for Life

fortify you and raise You From the Ashes

those around you as well as future

Generations shall witness the Abundant

Blessings I bestow upon you I shall

clothe you in honor clear your paths and

saturate your home with my glory believe

me for it shall come to pass I love you

dearly and I yearn to enter your Abode I

desire to perform a wondrous powerful

and Supernatural miracle in your life I

have witnessed your plight and I shall

never allow scarcity to encroach upon

your home or your family for many years

to come I shall shower your home with

blessings you have been faithful to me

praying fasting shedding tears and

placing me at the Forefront of your

actions and thoughts therefore I declare

the time has come for you to reap the

Harvest of all that you have sown I

shall enrich your home with abundance

happiness encouragement and health rest

assured in my holy word for I shall

fulfill all my promises to you prepare

yourself for a significant

transformation and cast aside the mantle

of Perpetual worry and discouragement

with my blessings come wisdom power and

the ability to make judicious decisions

to safeguard and multiply all that I

bestow upon you turning it into a

blessing for others be grateful and

Trust for I am altering your life I am

preparing you to encounter Myriad

opportunities for a prolonged period you

have swn seeds of Faith within your

heart through arduous trials and complex

tribulations you never wavered in your

belief in my power and my unwavering

presence beside you

this is why you triumphed you placed

your trust in me and I aided you my

grace and mercy have enveloped you and

today with my mighty hand I shall cause

these seeds you have planted to flourish

bountifully in your life and in the

lives of those around you the time has

arrived for you to reap the rewards of

your steadfastness for what I shall

bring into your home is immeasurably

greater than you can fathom you deserve

the finest and even more your faith is

invaluable and your humble demeanor

shall take you far prepare yourself for

I shall unlock new doors and you shall

discover New Horizons I shall bestow

abundance upon your home I love you how

do you feel today no obstacle shall

overcome you as long as you stand firm

in faith assured that I hold your future

in My Loving Hands your provision flows

from me and I shall supply all your

needs I fill your heart with courage to

Embark upon the journeys you must

undertake to engage in conversations

that need to transpire and to confront

challenges that require your resolve I

shall be with you your dreams shall be

realized I am your almighty God and in

possessing me you possess everything I

love you I am here you cried out to me

called my name in desperation and I am

here to console you and provide the

answers you seek you have placed your

trust in me and that brings me great joy

you have prayed and knelt invoking my

name in every circumstance of your life

and this speaks volumes about your

character even though I knew your

petitions before they passed your lips I

am delighted by your growth for your

words are akin to Sacred incense a

fragrant offering that reaches my Altar

and touches my heart I am moved by your

unwavering faith and your firm belief in

my love for you should you desire My

assistance quiet your heart for you

shall receive that which you seek you

and your family shall no longer endure

such tribulations I shall bestow upon

you wisdom enhancing your intellect

further and Grant you the gift of

foresight to discern the enemy

stratagems before they manifest maintain

your faith step forward and seek the

blessings I have prepared for you I

shall imprint the names of individuals

upon your heart some you may not have

seen or spoken to in quite some time yet

I send you to them for through them I

shall bless you and you shall likewise

be the answer to their

supplications such is my way my child my

blessings are for all who believe in me

and seek me with a sincere heart I am

opening a door of great magnitude in

your life one that will necessitate your

continued humility to prevent Pride from

entangling you in the

future delve into your Bible immerse

yourself in my holy word and your faith

shall flourish ever more your confidence


radiate come and listen to me each

morning open your ears treasure the

words I impart and engrave my promises

upon your soul your prayers offered upon

bended knee hold immense power so

persist in praying with that demeanor my

beloved when you feel that you touch the

ground in reality with such a posture

you touch the heavens my hand shall

caress your head with love and the

entire Celestial realm shall Echo Amen

to your heartfelt supplications now go

forth my child and face your day with

courage my angels accompany you my love

Shields you I love you prepare your soul

inform your family and come together in

prayer within your home allow my Holy

Spirit to take control of your life I

will grant you self-control control and

remove fear filling your heart with

confidence the enemy is Crafty and

deceitful but do not fear or waver for

he is not all powerful omnipresent or

privy to your thoughts and my plans he

watches your progress with seething Envy

many tremble and fear this adversary

when he attacks forgetting that they

have a God so great and powerful that

none can compare you are under the

shelter of your omnipotent God my grace

Shields you from evil there is no no

power that can defeat you and no one can

accuse you I am your protector and

Advocate no one can snatch you from my

hand do not let fear weaken your knees

guard your thoughts never believe that

the enemy has more power than your

heavenly father though he is persistent

and shrewd he will continue to hover

around your life waiting for moments of

weakness or neglect times when you feel

breathless or on the verge of falling in

those moments call upon me through

prayer and I will answer answer I will

Infuse you with strength and protect you

if your concern today is for your

children and their future simply place

them in prayer and entrust them to my

care I promise their protection they

will be safe throughout their lives

under my shadow and care for I love them

as much as I love you move forward

without doubt for I will provide you

with the necessary strength to remain

steadfast on your path share this video

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