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God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions my beloved child as you stand

on the cusp of a new chapter in your

life I want you to know that the path

ahead will be illuminated by my grace

and kindness You are not alone in this

journey I am with you every step of the

way together we will shatter the chains

and bondages that have held you back

allowing you to experience a life of

true freedom and

abundance I understand that there may be

doubts and fears lingering in your heart

but I want to assure you that those

doubts are unfounded you are capable of

achieving greatness and I will guide you

towards your purpose with unwavering

love and support trust in me and I will

lead you to a place of peace and

fulfillment Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

it is important to keep our plans and

projects close to your heart for there

are those who may try to undermine your

progress out of Envy or misunderstanding

do not let their words discourage you

for their opinions hold no weight in the

face of my divine plan for your life you

have been transformed by the power of my

love and nothing can stand in the way of


success as you embark on this new

Journey remember that challenges may

arise but they are merely opportunities

for growth and

transformation I will be by your side

imp empowering you to overcome any

obstacle that stands in your way have

faith in yourself for you are capable of

achieving greatness beyond measure with

my love as your guide there is nothing

you cannot

accomplish trust in me and I will lead

you to a future filled with joy

abundance and purpose if you believe in

God then like the video and leave a

heartfelt Amen in the comments you must

not continue believing that you deserve

the Terrible consequences your sins left

you you live in a world of Affliction

but it is a conquered world you are the

child of the almighty God who has

promised you this you must trust and

believe in me with every step you take

and in this world and its

afflictions you will also find

Victory I see that you still spend hours

crying sometimes not even knowing why

let me tell you what it is that causes

your suffering it’s a deep longing to

return to me your heart misses me your

spirit Longs for me and your entire

being knows that’s separated from me you

can do

nothing it seems as though life is

slipping through your fingers and you

have yet to find the peace and happiness

you’ve been waiting for your loved ones

seem to grow more distant with each

passing day but pay attention for I’m

here standing beside you and there is a

spring from which the Waters of

blessings flow it quenches is your life

and soul removing all

sorrow drink from this water wash away

those thoughts of sadness and you will

never thirst

again I promise you your faith has borne

fruit my word is enough today I have

healed you you opened the door for me

and I have entered your home I will stay

here blessing and protecting your family

and I will bless you even more than you

can imagine

today I sense a hint of sadness in you I

see your downcast face and I realize you

need strength to continue on your

journey with


remember I am your rock and your

Fortress and in me you will find the

strength to overcome any challenge you

are not alone for I Am With You Always

guiding you through the storms of life

and leading you to a place of peace and

joy trust in me

and Together We Will Conquer all

obstacles that stand in your way come

with confidence my child for I am here

by your side everpresent and unwavering

in my love and support it pains me to

see you struggle to witness the weight

of the world pressing down upon your

shoulders crushing your spirit and

extinguishing the flame of hope within

you but fear not for I am here to guide

you through the darkness to help you

find your way back to the light as your

father I have always been here even when

you felt alone and

abandoned I have watched you grow seen

the trials and tribulations you have

faced and felt the pain of every setback

and disappointment but through it all I

have never stopped believing in you in

your strength and resilience take my

hand now and let us walk together along

the pathways of your thoughts type Amen

in in the comments and don’t forget to

share this message with up to three

people so that God can help you my

child tell me what weighs heavy on your

heart what fears grip your soul and hold

you captive in their icy

Embrace why do you turn away from the

beauty of life from the promise of

tomorrow I understand that the world can

be a cruel and unforgiving place I have

seen the darkness that lurks in the

hearts of men felt the sting of betrayal

and the bitter taste of

disappointment but I also know that

within you lies a spark of something

greater a spark of hope and resilience

that can never be

extinguished do not give in to despair

my child for I’m here to lift you up and

carry you through the

storm trust in me as you once did as a

child when your eyes were bright with

Wonder and your heart full of

Dreams trust in my love and together we

will overcome every obstacle defy every

expectation and Forge a path towards a


tomorrow I know you my child better than

you know

yourself I know your fears and your

doubts your hopes and your

dreams and I promise you this no matter

how dark the night may seem no matter

how Fierce the winds may blow I will

always be here guiding you supporting

you and loving you

unconditionally as we journey together I

want to share with you a vision of a

place where you are cherished beyond

measure if you want God’s grace always

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picture a realm where your very essence


celebrated where every aspect of your

being is

revered imagine a land where you are

adorned in Regal

attire a reflection of your inherent

nobility in this wondrous place your

name resounds with significance echoing

through the halls of

Eternity your presence is met with

admiration and respect for you are

recognized as a beloved child of the

Divine fashioned in the likeness of the

cosmic architect here in the sanctuary

of my heart you are enveloped in a

tender Embrace shielded from the

harshness of the world every moment of

your existence is cradled in love a

nourishing balm for your Soul’s Journey

even in moments of Doubt or faltering

steps remember that you are deserving of

boundless Grace you have been chosen

Redeemed by the sacred sacrifice of

Love’s purest Essence cast aside the

shadows of doubt and

insecurity for within the depths of my

being you have a sanctuary all your own

here you are free to commune with me to

seek Solace and guidance knowing that

you are accepted without reservation

let go of the burdens of the past for

they have been washed away by the

Crimson Tide of redemption you are

clothed in the purity of forgiveness

your spirit unblemished and whole so

take my hand and walk with me dear one

for in the sanctuary of my heart you

will always find refuge and

renewal embrace the truth of your

worthiness and let it illuminate your

path with Divine Radiance if you believe

that God will help you please subscribe

to to the Channel Once More I I

reiterate From This Moment onward you

are securely entrenched in my heart

impervious to any attempts to dislodge

you your presence Within Me is steadfast

and unwavering an unbreakable Bond

forged through love and devotion you my

cherished one my beloved child hold a

permanent residence within the deepest

recesses of my being despite the trials

and tribulations that may assail you

you remain undefeated your spirit

unyielding in the face of adversity your

resilience is a testament to your

unwavering faith in the promises I’ve

bestowed upon you this Faith imbus you

with a Divine and Supernatural strength

rendering you invincible against any foe

take heed of these words etch them into

your soul and let them serve as a shield

against the Relentless onslaught of

doubt and

despair You are not alone in your

struggles I Am With You

Always guiding you through the darkness

and Illuminating the path ahead no force

in the universe can extinguish The Light

Within you for you are a Beacon of Hope


resilience hold fast to your dreams for

they are the essence of your being the

fuel that propels you forward on your

journey remember my beloved you are

irrevocably mine and nothing can sever

the bond that unites

us amen my child click on the join

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