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God Says ➨ Only God’s Chosen People will Watch This | God Message Today For You

my beloved child I am your heavenly

father the Alpha and the Omega the

creator of the vast expanse of the

universe and the author of life itself I

am the Eternal one existing Before Time

began and reigning forever

more with boundless love and infinite

wisdom I have fashioned each of you in

my own image bestowing upon you a sacred

purpose that extends far beyond the

fleeting moments of this Earthly

existence today today I speak to you

directly from the depths of my heart

offering you divine guidance unwavering

encouragement and profound affirmation

as you navigate the intricate tapestry

of life’s

journey my words are not mere utterances

but living truths that have the power to

transform your very being to ignite

within you a burning passion to live

with intention and to discover the

profound meaning woven into every sacred

moment my child you were created with a

divinely or ordained purpose a unique

calling that only you can fulfill your

life is not a mere happen stance or a

random occurrence it is a masterfully

crafted Symphony each note carefully

composed by My Loving Hands from the

moment I breathed life into your

being I have had a sovereign plan for

you a plan to prosper you and give you a

hope-filled future brimming with eternal

significance and

meaning understand that your purpose is

not found in the fleeting pleasure or

transient Pursuits of this temporal

world it is deeply rooted in an

everlasting relationship with me your

Creator and

Redeemer I have designed you to

experience the fullness of Life a life

that transcends the boundaries of the

Physical Realm and touches the very

depths of the

Eternal when you align your heart mind

and actions in harmonious Accord with my

will you will unveil the true essence of

your purpose and every moment will

become a consecrated canvas upon which

you can display the radiant Glory of my

kingdom live with purpose my child for

it is in this sacred Pursuit that you

will find genuine fulfillment and

Lasting Joy purpose is not a static

destination it is a dynamic

Journey a continuous walk with me where

each step is Guided by my infinite

wisdom and empowered by my unfailing

strength type Amen in the comments and

don’t forget to share this message with

up to three people people so that God

can help you Embrace this journey

wholeheartedly for it is through this

transformative process that you will

grow in faith develop unshakable

character and deepen your understanding

of the unique and irreplaceable role you

play in my

grand Eternal design seek me first my

beloved and I will reveal the path that

lies before you my word is a radiant

lamp unto your feet and a Guiding Light

unto your path allow the truth of my

word to illuminate the recesses of your

mind and guide your every

step immerse yourself in its profound

wisdom for within its hallowed Pages lie

the Eternal principles that will shape

your purpose and the unbreakable

promises that will sustain you along the

arduous yet rewarding

Journey live with

intentionality my child for every moment

holds the potential for profound meaning

and lasting impact do not squander the

precious hours entrusted to you

instead Steward them

wisely investing your time talents and

resources into that which Bears Eternal

significance each New Day presents

innumerable opportunities to glorify me

to bless others with the outpouring of

my love and to leave an indelible Legacy

that will ReSound throughout the ages

embrace the challenges that inevitably

arise along your path for they are

sacred opportunities for growth and


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