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God Says ➨ There Will be an Issue If You Skip | God Message Today For You | God Tells

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions so watch the full video my

precious child as you read these words

let them sink deep into your soul for

they are not mere letters on a page but

a testament to my unfailing love for you

throughout your journey you may have

stumbled upon Rocky paths and

encountered storms that threaten to

engulf you yet in the midst of it all my

love has remained constant a Beacon of

Hope guiding you through the darkest of

nights do not dwell on the mistakes of

yesterday for they do not define who you

are instead let them be stepping stones

towards growth and

transformation my love has the power to

turn even the deepest scars into

testimonies of Grace and Redemption so

my child do not be afraid to embrace the

new beginnings that I lay before you

know that you are never alone for I am

with you always my presence surrounds

you like a warm embrace shielding you

from harm and giving you the strength to

persevere trust in me and you will find

the courage to face whatever challenges

lie ahead today marks a new chapter in

your life a chapter filled with promise


possibility I have broken the chains

that once bound you setting you free to

walk in the fullness of my

blessings believe in my

promises for they are true and

unwavering take comfort in the knowledge

that I am your loving father guiding you

every step of the way I will never leave

your side no matter how rough the road


seem let go of your fears and

insecurities and allow my love to wash

over you like a gentle tide renewing

your spirit and restoring your soul as

you Journey forward remember that my

love knows no

bounds it is a love that surpasses all

understanding A Love That Will Never

Fade Away trust in me my child and you

will discover the Abundant Life that I

have planned for you in this sacred

moment enveloped in the boundless

Embrace of my unwavering love I stand as

the beacon of light piercing through the

veils of Darkness that have for too long

shrouded your path with Resolute


I declare the dissolution of every

shadow that dares to obstruct your gaze

from the Myriad of blessings and

opportunities I have meticulously laid


you with the authority vested in the

depths of my boundless affection I sever

every tether that binds you to the

Realms of doubt and fear shattering the

chains of negativity that have

encroached upon your peace and

Tranquility in this Divine

decree I Proclaim emancipation over

every facet of your existence liberating

you from from the Insidious grip of any

malign influence that has dared to

disrupt your


today in this sacred juncture of Time


Eternity I bestow upon you the gift of

Freedom if you believe in God then like

the video and leave a heartfelt Amen in

the comments as my luminous Radiance

floods the corridors of your destiny

casting aside the shadows of uncertainty

and ushering in a new dawn of security

joy and boundless happiness

with unwavering resolve I declare the

annulment of Every curse that has dared

to impose limitations upon your


potential where once reigned confusion

and obscurity I decree Clarity and

profound understanding to reign

supreme in the fertile soil of your

spirit where insecurity once took root

the blossoms of confidence and

unwavering certainty shall now flourish

abundantly in the depths of Despair I

plant the seeds of Hope and rejuvenation

breathing new life into the recesses of

your soul behold as the boundless ocean

of my love Cascades over the landscape

of your being imbuing you with a

profound sense of

completeness peace and indomitable

strength my beloved child in this sacred

moment I extend my loving hand to guide

you through the Labyrinth of

existence with the celestial Symphony as

my witness I fling wide open the

Celestial Gates decreeing blessings of

abundance to rain down upon you and

ushering forth a tidal wave of

unprecedented opportunities to Grace


journey in the gentle Whispers of the

wind and the steadfast flow of the

stream hear The Echoes of assurance my

cherished one you shall not merely exist


Thrive like a resilient tree deeply

rooted By the life-giving

Waters steadfast and unwavering your

life shall bear the sweetest fruits

abundant and ripe in their appointed

seasons for I have ordained your journey

with purpose and abundance within the

sanctuary of my presence discover the

Tranquility that calms the storms within

your soul the Solace that cradles your

weary Spirit and the answers that

illuminate the darkest corners of your


heart in me find your Sanctuary your

Refuge amidst the chaos and the anchor

for your restless

Soul trust in the depth of my love my

child for it surpasses all understanding

and endures through every trial let not

doubt so it seeds of uncertainty in the

fertile soil of your faith nor let the

challenges of life overshadow the

radiance of your inner peace for I the

Eternal Light shall walk beside you

Illuminating the path ahead with Clarity

and Grace guiding you through every

twist and turn

every Valley and

Mountaintop fear not beloved for in the

Embrace of my paternal love there is no

room for fear or

hesitation take that step surrendering

your doubts and fears at my feet and

watch as I transform them into Stepping

Stones of faith I am the tender father

who Delights in your trust who Delights

in guiding you through the Labyrinth of

life with unwavering love and unyielding

devotion if you want God ‘s Grace to be

a constant in your life a steady guiding

force then please consider supporting

our ministry by clicking the thanks

button your support means more than you

can imagine in the Symphony of

existence let your heart’s Melody

harmonize with the rhythm of my grace

for I am the orchestrator of your

destiny the Weaver of your dreams and

the guardian of your soul even in the

shadowed valleys of Despair I shall be

your constant companion holding your

hand with tender affection Whispering

words of comfort and hope into the

depths of your being so my child rest in

the Assurance of my unfailing love for I

Am With You Always even until the end of

time trust in me and together we shall

Journey Through the tapestry of Eternity

hand in hand heart in heart forever

Bound in the Embrace of divine love know

this deeply within your being

I am a constant presence beside you my

grace and ever-flowing stream that

sustains you through every challenge in

moments of

uncertainty when the shadows of Doubt

Loom large I am your unwavering pillar

of support in the depths of your

spiritual journey I am the flame that

ignites your soul with

inspiration place your trust in me

surrendering the Reigns of your life

into my capable hands know that your

past holds no sway over my boundless

love for you regardless of the trials


endured what matters now is the present

moment where my voice resonates within

you Whispering words of love and

Assurance feel the gentle caress of my

presence guiding you towards the path of

Serenity joy and

fulfillment believe in my guidance my

child for I shall lead you with a love

that knows no bounds and a wisdom that

transcends all understanding



prosperity and blessings are my Divine

intentions for you if you believe that

God will help you please subscribe to


channel know that your dreams are

aligned with my will and I bestow upon

you my Abundant Blessings to see them

come to fruition do not lose heart if

the road ahead seems daunting for I am

with you every step of the way rise

above discouragement and weariness for

this is not the time to falter

cling steadfastly to my promises for

they are your Beacon of Hope in the

midst of Life

storms you are embued with a purpose of

profound significance gifted with

talents and abilities to fulfill the

destiny I have ordained for you so Stand

Tall my beloved and press onward with

unwavering faith for in your journey I

walk alongside you guiding you towards

the realization of your Divine potential

embrace the truth of of my love and let

it Empower you to soar to Heights beyond


imagination for you are cherished beyond

measure and together we shall Traverse

the path of Destiny hand in hand I hope

you have found answers to all your

questions if not you will definitely get

them in the next video amen my child

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