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God Says ➨ This is Your Last Mistake Don’t Skip | God Message Today For You | God Tells You

God has a special message just for you

don’t miss it he’s ready to tackle your

problems and offer Divine

guidance all your questions will be

answered in the last seconds stick

around for these Divine insights until

the very end my beloved child it is I

your heavenly father the one true God

creator of all that exists I come to you

today with a message filled with hope

inspiration and endless possibilities

open your heart and mind to receive

these words I lovingly impart to you you

are never too old to set another goal or

to dream a new

dream too often in this Fallen

World limited human thinking tries to

constrict and confine you based on

Earthly constructs like age but I say to

you your soul is timeless and ageless In

My Kingdom the dreams and desires I have

placed within your heart have no

expiration date look to my word and you

will see truth after truth defying the

misguided Notions of what you can and

cannot do based on Years Gone

by I am the god of infinite

chances New Beginnings Redemption and

Revival at any age or stage of

Life the limits you may have accepted as

real exist only in the realm of human

misconception but

you my beloved child were created for so


more let your mind Journey Back to the

time of Abraham

he whom I called out of pagan idolatry

and into an Everlasting Covenant with me

imagine how the world must have viewed

and dismissed this simple Nomad as just

another wandering Elder facing the end

of his

travels yet I saw so much more in

Abraham I saw a man of extraordinary

faith and obedience whose willingness to

follow me even when it seemed all hopes

had faded would make him the father of

My Chosen nation and an example for all

generations to come at an age when most

would be settled resigning themselves to

Life’s inevitable Decay if you believe

in God then like the video and leave a

heartfelt Amen in the comments I

promised Abraham countless descendants

in the gift of nationhood in a

spectacular land of milk and honey This

Promise delivered when he was already

years old culminated in the miraculous

birth of Isaac decades later when both

he and Sarah were as good as dead from


age I brought forth New Life from


I gave new dreams to those the world had

written off Abraham’s latter years

shattered every Earthly precedent and

became a beacon of the boundless

possibilities I ordained for those who

put their trust in me then there was

Moses that remarkable man pulled from

the river as a babe raised in Pharaoh’s

household and molded as a prince of

Egypt even after fleeing Into the

Wilderness my call for his life only

truly began when he reached the ripe age


most at that stage seek a quieter life

resigning themselves to memories of past

glories but for Moses the best was truly

yet to come I summoned this elderly

fugitive to the burning bush setting him

on a path to become the greatest prophet

and leader in the nation’s

history this former Prince became the

voice of my authority who through Mighty

signs and wonders would bring a

childhood of slavery and oppression

crashing down upon the Egyptian Empire

under Moses’s leadership the people

would be delivered by my outstretched

arm into a promised Homeland though not

before receiving my eternal Covenant at

its Pinnacle at top Mount

Si how could anyone observing an

year-old’s involvement in such Herculean

events foresee what lay in store What

Mortal concepts of

retirement declining capacity or

inevitable Frailty could factor in the

power of a God who specializes in doing


impossible I chose this man of old age

to initiate a great nation from the most

unlikely of

circumstances if Moses had resigned

himself to finite human

expectations what unfathomable potential

may have remained

untapped I showed the world through this

remarkable life that old dreams can be

reborn into realities Beyond

Comprehension the years go by but my

power and capacity to birth greatness in

a person is

Ageless for all who fix their eyes minds

and Spirits toward me I promise to make

the Holy One of Israel your rear guard I

am the god of your future as well as

your past my dearly loved child Ponder

also the example of Caleb The Fearless

Spy Who along with only

Joshua believed I could deliver the

promised land into their hands despite

the resistance of Mighty

Giants While others Hearts melted with

Terror and unbelief Caleb held

unwavering faith that I would make good

on my promise he did not favor from me

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