God Says ➨ Your Life is Over If You Ignore Me | God Message Today | God Tells |

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions so watch the full video my

dearest child as I watch you bask in the

sheer Delight that twinkles In Your Eyes

Upon receiving my gifts my heart swells

with an ineffable Joy your gratitude

tenderly expressed even amidst tears is

a testament to the depth of your spirit

Embrace those tears dear one for they

are not only Pearls of emotion but also

conduits through which your soul speaks


truth in the midst of life’s tumultuous

currents know that I am weaving a

tapestry of happiness around you one

that transcends any Shadows of Sorrow

from your past let the profound Joy you

experience be a beacon guiding you

towards the shores of

Serenity rest assured my cherished child

your season of Solace draws near the

prayers whispered in the quiet of your

heart have not fallen on deaf ears they

are but seeds awaiting the nourishing

rain of my divine grace soon you shall

witness the tender buds of your hopes

blooming into magnificent

blessings Taylor Made to nurture your

spirit and anchor you in the sanctuary

of my love securing an unbreakable bond

with you ensuring that nothing not even

the strongest forces of Doubt or fear

can ever pull you away from the warmth

and constancy of my

love I see you struggling battling

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