GOD SAYS: CALM YOUT MIND AND YOUR TROUBLED - message from God for you today ? ? - online calculators

GOD SAYS: CALM YOUT MIND AND YOUR TROUBLED – message from God for you today ? ?

God is sending various signs and trying

to speak to you but it seems like you

are ignoring all of them please do not

ignore this video this is a vibrational

message from the heart of God intended

to bless your life


today life sometimes forces us to close

doors but see this as a positive

indication that it’s time to move

forward in challenging times when

circumstances become difficult do not

Retreat for often it takes external

pressure to propel you forward my

beloved Son I know of the daily battles

you face I perceive the difficulty and

the weight you carry on your

shoulders despair sadness and anguish

often haunt your thoughts and your heart

however do not despair for I am here I

understand the financial challenges that

have disrupted your sleep and undermine

Your Faith and Hope accumulated debts

the Spectre of unemployment knocking at

your door and various forms of resource

scarcity afflict you in these

challenging and difficult times remember

that my grace is sufficient to sustain

you even when everything seems to be

against you the anxiety about the future

sleepless nights worrying about tomorrow

are understood by me however I am the

god of provision and nothing is beyond

my control look at the birds of the air

they do not seow or reap yet your

heavenly father feeds them are you not

much more valuable than they in times of

unemployment and financial uncertainty

when self-esteem is shaken know that

your identity is not in your Earthly

achievements but in the love I have for

each of you trust in me for I have plans

for you plans for prosperity and not for

harm to give you a future and a hope if

debts seem insurmountable remember that

Financial Freedom begins with trust in

me do not overload your burden come to

me all you who are weary and burdened

and I will give you rest seek first my

kingdom and my righteousness and all

these things will be given to you amidst

scarcity do not let fear dominate your

heart remember the Widow who with only

two small coins gave more than all the

others because she gave everything she

had I value the willingness to give even

in the midst of scarcity and your

generosity does not go unnoticed by me I

want to encourage you to be diligent in

your efforts but do not forget that your

security is not in the material Riches

of this world inste place your trust in

me your faithful provider seek in me the

wisdom to handle your finances and

discernment to make wiser decisions

remember that time and resources are

mine and I’m capable of transforming

seemingly hopeless

situations do not be discouraged for

your financial situation does not

determine your value in my eyes you are

loved and precious to me regardless of

circumstances trust in my promise to

supply all your needs according to the

riches of my glory in Christ Jesus

continue to walk in faith for even in

the deserts of life I am the source that

never runs dry entrust your concerns to

me for I am ready to ease your burden

and guide you through these challenging

Times May your confidence be in me for I

am the god who makes the impossible

possible trust wait and perseverate

and you will see my hand working in your

lives in ways that surpass all human

understanding renew your faith my

beloved Son strengthen your belief in me

and I am sure that better days will come

live in an era of prosperity abundance

and divine grace believe be grateful for

what you have and you will see the

little turning into much just as I did

with the miracle of the fishes Lift Your

Eyes to the Sky renew your faith and the

heavens will open my beloved Son and so

it is and so it will always be


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