God Says: Come To Me I Will Ease And Relieve Your Soul | God Message Today| God’s Message Now | God Says

come to me all you who labor and are

heavy laden and overburdened and I will

cause you to rest I will ease and

relieve and refresh your souls Matthew

dear listener when your soul need

refreshing today you can come to the

father and find what you need are you

facing challenges in your relationships

finances career the father wants to

refresh you he wants to give you rest

think about that for a moment what would

cause you to rest if you knew everything

was going to work out for your good you

would stop worrying you would rest even

if things don’t work out the way you

planned or on your timetable you can

trust that God will turn things around

in your favor today come to the father

today with Thanksgiving thank him right

now for taking your burdens and giving

you peace thank him for loving you today

and giving you new life thank him for

his faithfulness go out today with an

attitude of expectancy he always has a

plan and you can always can come to him

a prayer for today Father I come to you

now and give you my cares and burdens I

thank you for working behind the scenes

on my behalf thank you for loving me and

setting me free thank you for giving me

rest for my soul and peace in my heart

today in jesus’ name amen like if you

believe in


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