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God Says: Don’t Ignore If You… | God Message Today | God Message For You | God Message For Me

God is speaking directly to you today my

cherished child saying I declare that

the days to come will be filled with

life altering Miracles and blessings for

both you and your family if you have

faith in God please show your support

for this video I understand that you may

have concerns about your finances health

and family but remember I am always

working in your favor I promise to

bestow upon you even more blessings

today including peace well-being

abundance and fresh opportunities

I am on the verge of showering you

with an abundance of blessings that will

elevate your happiness and lead you to

financial success be prepared for The

Marvelous things I have in store for you

type to confirm your faith beloved

child your prayers have been heard and

they are ushering in blessings that will

transform your life I am closing old

chapters and opening new ones if you

watch this video through to the the end

I assure you that your financial

circumstances will improve and your

health relationships and finances will

all see remarkable improvements the

months of August and September hold a

promise of abundance blessings and

opportunities I wish for you and your

family to find success in acquiring

everything you desire be it a job

Financial Security a vehicle or love if

you have been grappling with financial

challenges recently repeat after me I am

grateful for the money I already possess

and I am open to receiving more even

without toiling for it money seeks me

out it flows to me like an unending

River my bank account will soon be

overflowing with more money than I can

fathom I am attracting $ million this

week which will alleviate all my

financial concerns type ammen to affirm

your faith God proclaims I am a

bountiful God and my desire is for your

success in every aspect of your life

within the next hours unexpected

Financial blessings will come your way

Miracles await those who embrace my

promises you are on the brink of

entering a season of blessings and

miracles your current circumstances

limitations or past failures will not

hinder what’s in store for you it is a

time of abundance enduring peace and

divine interventions I understand that

you carry a heavy burden worrying about

your family health finances and career

surrender everything to me and I will

grant you a life filled with happiness

know that as we Usher in it will be

a year of Miracles blessings and healing

it’s a time for fresh beginnings new

opportunities and a chance for new

starts in the coming week I will

multiply your blessings three-fold trust

my words even if they may seem

unbelievable I wish to bestow upon you

many blessings for I am a god of

multiplication typ to claim these

blessings and if you believe in

Christianity consider subscribing to our

channel the Lord declares I am sending

my angels ahead of you to Fort any

schemes of the enemy my child you are

not waging this battle on your own I

have you covered and I will protect you

I desire to bless you with unwavering

health wealth and prosperity so that you

may be a source of blessings to others I

am the creator of all things the Alpha

and the Omega I am the Wellspring of

wisdom knowledge and understanding my

intentions for you are positive and they

will lead to your success rather than

harm you blessed are those who place

their faith in God for They will receive

rewards greater than their prayers God

holds deep affection for those who honor

and rely on his unchanging love this

week a life-changing Miracle is on the

horizon for you something wonderful is

about to transpire in your life even

when things seem impossible I will pave

a way for you I will bring you strength

hope healing and restoration I have

witnessed your struggles and your tears

and for each tear you shed I have a

blessing in store for you your next

blessing will arrive as it from the

heavens while you were in prayer I was

listening intently prepare to be

astonished by my goodness and you will

joyfully share this wonderful news with

your loved ones type if you have

faith in God and share this video with

seven people who also trust in God God

commends you dear child the universe is

clearing away harmful obstacles from

your path your financial situation is on

the upswing and you will relish greater

happiness than ever before your your

life’s future holds Serenity anxiety

will lessen and the weight of depression

will lighten both your love life and

your career will flourish as your life

continues to improve no one can close a

door I have opened for you by God’s

grace expect a morning call with

wonderful news receive it with faith and

gratitude believing that whatever you

pray for you have received and it will

be granted to you my child God is

cautioning you that you are currently

burdened with excessive worry remember

who I am nothing is too challenging for

me I have every aspect of your life

meticulously planned even if you cannot

see it rest my beloved one I am already

at work I will transform every negative

circumstance in your life I will bless

your family and bring healing to all

your wounds to positive changes are

on the horizon for every facet of your

life keep moving forward for good things

or approaching at an Unstoppable pace so

do not lose hope prepare for the best

and most memorable day of your life type

to affirm God I beseech you to help

me cultivate a warm and thankful heart

for all that you have done are doing and

will do in the future gather my

shattered pieces and reshape me into the

person you desire only you can make the

old new you are my Creator God I love

you dearly I Am The God Who rescues

redeems and restores I am the god who

imparts strength to the weary and hope

to the vulnerable whether you are

grappling with physical emotional or

spiritual anguish in the upcoming months

your love life and spiritual journey

will flourish and your financial

situation will exceed your wildest

expectations lay your burdens down

before me and live not just for yourself

but for me Jesus assured I will guide

you through your fears and replace them


confidence for you this is a time of

Rejuvenation God will recover everything

that the adversary has taken from you

including your peace prosperity and

sense of purpose always remember that in

God there is Everlasting hope the Lord

proclaims I have faith in the Son of God

who loved me and gave himself for me and

the life I now lead in my body is a

result of his love for me

anticipate improvements in your health

job business relationships and finances

this week know that by openly professing

that Jesus is Lord and believing in your

heart that God raised him from the dead

you will find Salvation declare it aloud

and hold it in your heart to be rescued

my child recognize that I am the source

of your achievements and blessings no

one can revoke hinder or annihilate what

I have pledged to you maintain Ain your

unwavering faith I am on the brink of

showering you with blessings your pain

is Vanishing and the most trying period

in your life did not shake your faith I

am going to bless you treat you with

kindness and administer healing to you

because of your faith what God has in

store for those who love him is beyond

anything that has ever been heard seen

or even imagined by anyone you won’t

believe what lies ahead for you

the doors I open for you the people

I introduce to you the power I bestow

upon you and the places I guide you to

are far more remarkable than anything

you can Envision tip

to lay claim to it affirm that

success is well within your grasp this

week regardless of your objectives

declare that you are emerging victorious

in every battle you undertake unforeseen

blessings will Grace your doorstep today

as a reminder that I am here for for you

throughout this year your life will be

filled with Abundant Blessings including

genuine love robust Health unending joy

and unexpected favor

you are embarking on a fresh season

of Freedom prosperity and abundance you

have passed through trying times and a

new beginning awaits you type

if you believe God pledges to Shield

you with Divine protection and provide

for you through miraculous means you

will witness firsthand the might of the

almighty God always bear in mind that I

am a compassionate and caring God who

genuinely looks out for you no matter

what I will always stand by you you are

my beloved children and I assure you

that if you continue to have faith in me

pray to me and speak my words then

unexpected Miracles will manifest in

your life as Christians I have granted

you the potent weapon of your words to

combat the devil and his coords pray

with your words and speak my words over

your life and your circumstances your

words possess the power to bestow

blessings or curses life or death do not

underestimate their influence May the

wonderful peace of God keep your hearts

and Minds secure in Christ Jesus walk in

my love and grace and let your life

shine as a testament to my constancy and

goodness my heart yearns to sense your

presence please make your existence

known to me by opening my ears and eyes

I long to experience the joy and

serenity that emanate from knowing you I

present my request in the name of Jesus

Amen if you’ve watched until the end of

this video then leave a comment saying

God is my strength thank


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