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therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a

new creation ol things have passe away

behol all things have become new secon

Corinthians a person in Christ is a

new creation so naturally his view of

Christ an of others an of himself will

not be the same as it was before a new

creation speaks of spiritual birth Titus

those who have experience this can

never be the same again the ol way of

living for self an juging others in

Christ from a worlly point of view goes

ol ieas an motives an principles go

new truth new power to live accoring to

it an new esires an new motives enter

the heart let us note carefully that

this is true not merely of men like Paul

but of anyone in Christ now all things

are of Go who has reconcile us to

himself through Jesus Christ an has

given us the ministry of

reconciliation that is that Go was in

Christ reconciling the worl to himself

not imputing their trespasses to them

an has committe to us the wor of

reconciliation now then we are

ambassaors for Christ as though Go

were pleaing through us we implore you

on Christ’s behalf be reconcile to Go

for he mae him who knew no sin to be

sin for us that we might become the

righteousness of Go in him


for if you live live accoring to

the flesh you will ie but if by the

spirit you put to eath the ees of the

boy you will live for all who are le

by the spirit of Go are sons of Go


live by the spirit an you will

live this passage emphasizes that those

who are le by the spirit are sons of

Go this truth highlights our ientity

as Chosen an aopte chilren of our

heavenly father through Jesus Christ we

Believers are reconcile with Go an

have the privilege of being part of his

family we are no longer slaves to sin

but instea hes who have been given the

holy spirit to guie us in a life that

reflects our true ientity verse says

for if you live accoring to the flesh

you will ie but if by the spirit you

put to eath the ees of the boy you

will live living accoring to the flesh

represents a life governe by our own

esires sinful an self- serving as

Fallen human beings we are inherently

incline towars sin an

self-gratification our fleshly esires

often lea us astray causing us to

pursue temporal Pleasures that bring

about spiritual eath however by the

grace of Go an the work of the Holy

Spirit we as Believers have been grante

a way to overcome the sinful

inclinations of our nature the Holy

Spirit convicts us of sin leaing us to

repentance an guiing Us in living a

life that is pleasing to Go it is

through the spirit’s work within us that

we are equippe to put to eath the

ees of the boy meaning we are enable

to resist temptation an turn away from

the esires that separate us from Go’s

will so let us recognize the

significance of these verses in our

aily walk with Christ as Believers we

shoul continually surrener to the

leaing of the Holy Spirit seeking his

guiance in every aspect of our lives

like if you believe in


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