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God says:- Don’t Skip If you need Heaven | God Message Today | God Message for You Today.

God has a special message only for you

he has been waiting to communicate with

you watch the entire video to receive

his hidden message my dearest child it

is with a heavy heart that I reach out

to you not as a distant deity but as a

loving parent saddened by the absence of

their cherished Offspring for too long

you have wandered away from the Embrace

of divine love choosing paths veiled in

Shadows rather than basking in the light

of Truth and righteousness today I come

to you you with a message not of Wrath

or condemnation but of profound sadness

mingled with unyielding hope know that

you are not alone in this world I have

watched over you since the moment of

your Inception weaving the intricate

tapestry of your life with boundless

love and unfathomable Grace yet despite

my unwavering presence you have strayed

from the path I have laid before you

forsaking the bonds of our sacred

relationship my heart aches as I witness

your journey through life a journey

marred by pain doubt and fleeting

Pleasures you have sought solace in the

transient Comforts of this world

heedless of the Eternal Bliss that

awaits you in my Divine Embrace but I

have not abandoned you nor shall I ever

forsake you my precious child indeed my

beloved Son Jesus shares in my sorrow at

your absence he who walked among Mortals

bearing the weight of their sins upon

his shoulders now stands at the gates of

your heart knocking patiently yearning

for the warmth of your love and the

fervor of your devotion yet you have

kept the door firmly shut deaf to his

gentle entreaties and blind to his

unwavering love do you not see dear

child the pain you inflict upon us both

with your indifference and neglect Jesus

the embodiment of love and compassion

weeps for you mourning the distance that

separates you from his boundless Mercy

he longs to welcome you into his love

Embrace to cleanse your soul of sin and

sorrow and to guide you along the path

of righteousness and salvation but time

is fleeing and the hour of Reckoning

draws near you stand at a Crossroads

Torn Between the Allure of worldly

desires and the call of your Divine

Destiny the choices you make in the days

to come will shape the course of your

Eternal existence determining whether

you find solace in the arms of divine

grace or suffer the agony of separation

from my eternal presence I implore you

my beloved child to heed The Whispers of

your conscience and the stirrings of

your soul cast aside the shackles of sin

and self-doubt that bind you to the

darkness and embrace the radiant light

of Truth and Love That beckons you home

open your heart to the transformative

power of my Divine love and allow it to

wash away the stains of guilt and shame

that tarnish your spirit know that

forgiveness awaits you my child no

matter how far you have strayed from the

path of righteousness

my Mercy knows no bounds and my love is

infinitely greater than any sin you may

have committed but you must take the

first step towards Redemption

acknowledging your faults and seeking

reconciliation with me and my beloved

Son Jesus do not delay for the sands of

time are slipping away and the

opportunity for salvation may not come

again embrace the gift of life that I

have bestowed upon you and use it to

glorify my name and spread love and

compassion to all who cross your path in

doing so you will find fulfillment

beyond measure and joy Beyond Compare

for you will have aligned your will with

mine and embraced the Divine Purpose for

which you were created my child I yearn

for nothing more than to welcome you

into my eternal Kingdom to shower you

with blessings Beyond imagining and to

bask in the radiance of your love for

all eternity but the choice is yours

alone to make will you continue to turn

away from me content to wander aimlessly

through the Wilderness of sin and

despair or will you humble yourself

before me acknowledging your need for my

grace and mercy and surrendering your

heart to the Divine love that beckons

you home the time has come my child to

choose your path may you find the

courage and wisdom to walk in the

footsteps of my beloved Son Jesus and to

embrace the Eternal truths that lead to

Salvation and eternal life remember

always that you are loved beyond measure

and that my divine grace is sufficient

to sustain you through every trial and



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