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God says:- Don’t Take this Lightly | God Message Today |

in the vast tapestry of existence amidst

the EB and flow of time there are

moments of profound significance moments

when Destinies converge and the course

of history is irrevocably altered in

this Grand Design you have been chosen a

beacon of light amidst the Shadows a

vessel through which Divine Purpose

shall be realized hear now the words of

the Divine for they are meant for you

the chosen one from the dawn of creation

I have watched over you guiding your

steps and weaving the threads of your

life into a tapestry of purpose you are

not merely a product of chance or

circumstance but a masterpiece of

intention crafted with love and

boundless potential in your heart you

carry the spark of divinity a sacred

flame that illuminates the path before

you know that you are not alone in this

journey for I Am With You Always a

presence felt in The Whisper Of The Wind

the song of the birds and the beating of

your own heart I am the Alpha and the

Omega the beginning and the end and in

me all things find their origin and

their fulfillment you have been chosen

not for Glory or riches but for a far

greater purpose to break the chains that

bind your family to the cycles of

suffering and despair Generations have

passed carrying the weight of ancestral

burdens but in you there lies the power

to bring about transformation you are

the Catalyst for change the harbinger of

a new dawn but but heed this my child

for the path you tread will not be easy

there will be trials and tribulations

moments of doubt and despair but fear

not for I am with you my strength is

made perfect in your weakness and in The

Crucible of adversity you shall emerge

purified like gold refined by fire to

change the course of your family’s

Destiny you must First Look within

confronting the Shadows that dwell in

the depths of your soul it is only by

acknowledging and embracing your own

imperfections that you can truly begin

to heal the wounds of the past forgive

those who have wronged you and forgive

yourself for forgiveness is the key that

unlocks the door to Redemption with

humility and courage Embark upon the

Journey of self-discovery seeking truth

in the quiet recesses of your heart

listen to The Whispers of intuition for

they are the voice of the Divine guiding

you towards your true purpose embrace

your gifts and talents for they are the

tools with which you shall carve out a

new Destiny but remember my child that

true change begins with love love

without condition without reservation

for love is the most powerful force in

the universe let compassion be your

Guiding Light and let kindness be your

legacy in the Embrace of love the cycle

of suffering is broken and a new era of

peace and prosperity can Dawn go forth

then my beloved with faith as your

compass and love as as your Shield you

are the chosen one destined to usher in

a New Age of Enlightenment and

Liberation trust in the power that

resides within you and know that you are

never alone for I Am With You Always

Until the End of Time


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