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God Says: Give me 2 Mins If You Love | God Message Today | God Message For You | God Message For Me

today God has a message for you my dear

child the next minutes are incredibly

important and they could change your

life from this point forward you must

watch this video all the way to the end

without skipping or you’ll miss out on

the special blessings I have in store

for you tomorrow you need to take action

because there’s someone trying to harm

you and cause financial difficulties but

don’t worry for I am the god of

blessings and abundance I can turn even

the toughest situations to your

advantage if you believe in God please

like this video Dear child as long as I

am watching over you nothing unpleasant

will ever happen to you and illness

won’t come near you you have three

incredibly amazing days ahead prepare

for a season of Joy love and immense

wealth type if you’re ready let me

share something with you by the end of

this year you’re going to be extremely

wealthy your financial situation will

keep improving day by day like an

unending River incredible opportunities

Miracles and heaps of favor are coming

your way throughout the week so open

your heart to the possibilities in the

name of Jesus the universe is aligning

itself as you watch this to bring you

wealth success love and joy dear Creator

I want to express my gratitude for the

gift of life as I truly believe that I

am here because of you

even though life isn’t perfect it’s

actually quite wonderful my life has

been filled with amazing people and

things especially when it comes to

finances dear child I’m ready to

bestow upon you numerous blessings

Beautiful Smiles abundant wealth and

improved well-being I’m infusing your

body and mind with health and healing

while enveloping you in an enduring

sense of security type to receive

blessings and share share this video

with seven people who believe in God God

is eagerly waiting for your invitation

to perform wonders and work mirales in

your life your life will change and

you’ll experience Supernatural

interventions when you open the doors of

your heart to God’s presence good news

prayers being answered breakthroughs

Miracles and favors will be plentiful

this week you may be feeling weary and

Under Pressure but rest assured that God

has your back even when things seem

impossible he is fighting your battles

and opening doors for you God is

speaking to you right now promising an

end to your suffering and pain get ready

to be showered with an endless stream of

blessings including love abundance

healing and New Opportunities it’s time

to have faith in the Miracles you’re

about to experience your moment to shine

is here blessings are on their way and

you are destined for greatness if you

stick around and watch the entire video

I’ll bestow upon you excellent Health

Heavenly security and a mind-blowing

financial breakthrough this entire week

there will be numerous breakthroughs

coming your way remember that when you

commit yourself to God you are preparing

for Success on Earth and storing up

Treasures in Heaven God wants to shower

you with blessings that will completely

transform your life as his child he

desires to bring you Joy heal your

wounds and meet all your needs

as you Journey forward put your complete

trust in Christ Jesus who acts as the

mediator between us and God

place your trust in him and give

thanks in all that you do Jesus once

said that for those who trust in him he

is like a source of eternal life

ensuring that we will continue to dwell

with him even beyond our passing type

if you have faith in God get ready

because September is is going to be a

significant month for you prepare

yourself for a series of Victories

healing unexpected blessings Financial

Independence and spiritual growth

everything you’ve been praying for is on

its way to you and your life is about to

undergo incredible Transformations if

you’re reading this know that your

struggles are turning into successes and

by the end of this month you will

experience success in your relationships

career or perhaps even a fortune at

Lottery Win keep your faith in the

journey ahead and maintain high

expectations so my child prepare for an

extraordinary journey ahead filled with

Divine gifts love and abundance a truly

remarkable Journey awaits you Jesus

blessed those who believed in him even

without having seen him in person and

despite the doubts of others he promised

to comfort us like a mother always at

our side offering the Solace and

serenity we need

as Christians we place our trust in the

belief that Jesus died rose from the

dead and will one day return to bring us

to God for all eternity God will restore

your health and bring healing he will

make you feel better help you overcome

your sorrows and take away your

suffering you will find success be

blessed and God will help you achieve

your dreams type God is my strength to

accept his love in months you will

experience a remarkable transformation

both mentally spiritually and

financially continue reading the Bible

praying and striving for

self-improvement God will bestow upon

you more blessings than you can imagine

Precious Child I’m here to help you

conquer any challenges that may arise

replacing your fear with trust in the

name of Jesus your hopes relationships

well-being finances and Joy are all

being renewed here’s here some uplifting

news you are favored by the Lord and as

you cling firmly to him he can work

incredible miracles in your life and

assist you in overcoming any challenges

you may face in the name of Jesus I

declare healing for anyone who is

battling illness through the work of the

Holy Spirit Get Ready for something

extraordinary because God is already

performing miracles in your physical

Financial marital and personal life it’s

essential to vocalize these blessings

and maintain your faith that God is

actively working performing daily

miracles in your life type to to

receive these Miracles remember the

words of Jesus I came that you may have

life and have it abundantly filled with

joy and love God desires you to have a

happy loving and peaceful life and you

are about to enter a season rich in

these blessings the Lord will bless you

opening the windows of Heaven to shower

blessings upon your life and all the

work of your hands say with confidence I

am grateful for the money I have and I’m

open to receiving even more money flows

to me effortlessly and my bank account

will exceed all expectations as you walk

along the path of Life remember that you

are never alone God’s angels are

constantly watching over you ready to

assist whenever you need them in times

of weakness or powerlessness God is

there to provide you with joy and

strength always remember that God will

make a way for you to overcome your

challenges prayer is powerful and his

perfect timing can lead to the most

wonderful and unexpected Miracles get

ready for a week filled with blessings

opportunities healing and prosperity

because you are a beloved child of God

and his Priceless creation you will

conquer past struggles and rise up in

good health with good fortune and

success if you love God type I love you

God your prayers are being heard right

now and God will turn your tears into

Joy the year will bring significant

changes wonders and

Transformations it’s your time for new

possibilities and fresh Beginnings a new

phase filled with blessings peace and

God’s favor has begun today he will

guide you to places specially meant for

you whatever you’ve experienced so far

hasn’t stopped God’s purpose for your


his love will work miracles to transform

your life because he cares for you no

matter what believe in the amazing

ability of God to bring positive change

no matter how difficult or seemingly

impossible your circumstances may be you

have one more night of crying worrying

and bearing problems God is restoring

the time and opportunities you’ve lost

while bestowing upon you the gifts of

abundance good health joy and happiness

dear one pay close attention for God is

already at work in your life prepare for

a transformation that will change your

life in the coming week you’ll find true

love move into an amazing new house and

have the resources to pursue your dreams

and reunite with your loved ones it’s

going to be incredible type to

receive it get ready for a life filled

with happiness success and fulfillment

by being open to accept these blessings

my beloved child your difficult days are

coming to an end God is going to answer

many of your prayers for beautiful

things like health love wealth and

opportunity remember that the Bible says

the Lord blesses those who patiently

wait for him and diligently seek his

presence prepare yourself for a positive

change in your life God is sending you

Solutions blessings and incredible

Miracles now that you’ve endured tears

and waited patiently represents

Supernatural Po’s ability to

significantly change any situation

providing you with blessings hope and

unexpected Miracles your life is part of

God’s purpose fulfilling plan Embrace

his guidance because he is the best one

to lead you toward a prosperous and

fulfilling future type if you have

faith in God’s plan God will always be

your source of strength and deliverance

in trying times just as he has save you

from hopelessness in the past Embrace

his unchanging presence and find comfort

in his love don’t let anxiety or

uncertainty keep you from embracing the

wonderful future that awaits you God

desires to shower you with his boundless

blessings remember that God’s promises

are trustworthy whether you’re feeling

weary or disheartened his faithfulness

will guide you through every stage of

life for he will never forsake or

abandon you trust in God’s plan because

because he knows precisely when to

bestow the blessings you’ve been praying

for don’t underestimate the power of

prayer every prayer you offer is heard

by God who is diligently working to

provide answers that exceed your

greatest expectations type

to receive the rewards God has in

store for you keep your heart open

maintain your faith and witness how he

miraculously transforms your life type

to receive God’s blessings Lord I

Thank you for your ability to turn my

descendants into a powerful testimony

dear child I have some wonderful news

for you you are about to receive gifts

Beyond Your Wildest expectations so

prepare for a life filled with joy

success and abundance imagine that you

are receiving a downpour of Love health

and wealth that fills your heart with

happiness every aspect of your life your

your career finances relationships and

well-being will undergo a significant

Improvement hold on tight because your

life is on the brink of a permanent

transformation God’s Mighty power will

bring a change to your health and you

will be showered with blessings that

will leave you astounded your financial

problems and bills will soon disappear

replaced by Financial abundance my

beloved remember that you are never

alone I will watch over you for the rest

of your days as your devoted Creator I

will triple your financial blessings

this week prepare your heart to receive

this increased favor dear one are you

ready type PS if you are I can turn your

darkest nights into beautiful mornings

so Have Faith In Miracles no matter what

challenges you are facing always

remember that nothing can separate you

from my love angels are being dispatched

to watch over your family and provide

financial assistance let’s pray dear God

enter my home and take away my worries

and troubles watch over my family and

Grant them good health in the name of

Jesus grant us courage in times of

difficulty and bring joy in times of

Sorrow I care for you like a child and I

am working diligently to fill your life

with wonderful surprises believe with

all your heart what Jesus once said with

humans some things may seem impossible

but With God all things are possible and

it is undoubtedly true I am coming to

change your life because I am the Lord I

will transform your Sorrows into joy and

lift you from a state of lack to one of

abundance you should not worry because

nothing you face today is stronger than

me I possess all the power and I will

fight your battles on your behalf come

to me when you feel helpless and lost I

will take away your suffering your

worries and your troubles and replace

them with health happiness and peace

your bank account will have more money

than you can imagine and all your bills

will be paid in full and on time let’s

come together in prayer to seek many

blessings dear heavenly father as we

embark on this season of abundance we

ask for your protection and guidance as

we follow your plan for our lives send

your angels to watch over us and

Safeguard us help us to have faith that

you will bless us abundantly and to

trust in your promises in the name of

Jesus Jesus Christ we make these

requests dear child you have a very

important week ahead of you you will

achieve much and be blessed leading to

one Miracle after another when you

praise and give thanks to the Lord your

God he will bless your food and water

and remove sickness from your midst

gratitude will allow even more blessings

to pour into your life I desire to pour

out Abundant Blessings on you filling

your cup to overflowing my love for you

is boundless unwavering and eternal I

cherish you for who you are

imperfections and all remember that I am

your God and your Creator and I will

watch over you until the end I will

stand by you and provide Deliverance

whenever you need it maintain a strong

connection I understand that many of you

are facing challenges like addiction

depression and hardships but fear not

this year your home will be safeguarded

from harm sickness and evil I will never

forsake you and my love and care will

encircle you like a fortress I am

assisting you in Breaking Free from debt

by opening doors to opportunities that

can change your life I will take care of

your financial burdens and provide

assistance remember my children that you

have the power to transform your family

circumstances and bring health and

success to your loved ones forever in

expect a year of healing

transformation blessings and miracles

for you and your family God’s blessings

are coming and your sincere prayers have

been heard so maintain your faith and

hope and get ready to embrace the

Miracles that await you the best part is

that this faithful partnership will

endure forever your family as well as

yourself deserves the love healing and

prosperity that you open your heart to

in the name of Jesus anticipate Miracles

happening just when you need need them

believe in the power of your faith my

dear child even in the midst of life’s

ups and downs Miracles are entering your

life trust that no harm will come to you

your family your time your finances or

your health

prepare yourself for a remarkable

event in your life thanks to God’s

abundant grace you will receive a great

deal of peace and blessings today

consider the Lord as a gentle Shepherd

who provides for your every every need

and loves you every day type if

you believe in God the challenges you

face will vanish in the face of God’s

boundless love and remember you’re never

alone on this journey of life God is

right there by your side guiding and

protecting you through every Challenge

and difficult moment he’s ready to make

a significant difference in your life

speak these empowering words aloud right

now today I accept an endless flow of

love healing and abundance that I truly

deserve my faith will bring healing to

my entire family Miracles will happen

not just for myself but exactly when I

need them all in the name of Jesus

embrace the prosperity and financial

Independence that you have been granted

in this season you have some incredible

things in store for the coming month

your story will be transformed by God

into one filled with joy healing and the

restoration of your relationships

finances and overall well-being I will

instill trust in you in every situation

when you’re feeling afraid I will be

there to guide you in times of

difficulty I’ll always be there for you

no matter what even though I’m not

perfect and may occasionally disobey God

I can still boast about how much God

loves me because his love is unwavering

dear God open the doors you need to open

in my life and close the ones that need

closing you are incredible and I am

honored to have you as my God stronger

than anything you might face today God

is mighty if you have faith in God type

I trust this is the last time you’ll be

crying yourself to sleep so stop

worrying and stressing now the future

holds good things I will help you

overcome your flaws find healing and

restore the love and peace that may have

disappeared within you God loved the

world so much much that he gave his one

and only son providing eternal life to

all who trust in him the joy that’s on

the way will far surpass the pain you’re

experiencing right now true love is

entering your life and many aspects of

your existence are thriving get ready to

experience your happiest self ever

prepare to be blessed and restored in

front of your adversaries even if you

may have suffered and cried in secret

it’s going to be a powerful

transformation regardless of your

current situation or past experiences

this will be a season of abundance peace

and divine intervention God is the

source of all that is good and wise his

intentions for you are excellent and

will lead you to success

if you trust in Jesus he will love

and support you through challenging

situations type

if you trust Jesus get ready for an

incredible month that’s filled with one

surprise after another you’re in for

some wonderful news and life-changing

moments imagine it like this you’re at

the starting line of something truly

special if you’re excited just type

to let us know never ever forget that

God is like your biggest fan he knows

when you pray and he’s there for you

when you cry or when life gets tough

he’s like your guardian working behind

the scenes to make sure things work out

bringing in the right people

opportunities and solutions to your

problems he loves you very much having

faith in God is like having a superpower

especially when things are hard even in

the toughest times you can still trust

and praise him it’s like having a secret

key to open the right doors find the

right people and discover amazing things

through prayer when you pray expect good

things to happen imagine this you’re

about to EXP experience something

incredible it could be a dream job a

special friend or something that will

Amaze you just like how the Bible says

that God’s love never ends you’re about

to feel that love in your life so let’s

all come together in prayer say these

words today I know that I deserve love

healing and blessings in Jesus’s name I

ask for my family’s health and for

miracles when we need them get ready for

some exciting news answered prayers

breakthroughs Miracles and more this

week always remember that God is like

your safe haven he’s your protector and

when he’s on your side any challenges or

problems you face won’t stand a chance

he’s got your back and he’s going to

bring you more good things than you can

imagine once God hears your prayers you

won’t have to worry or feel sad about

your troubles anymore he’ll fight your

battles and you won’t be alone during

tough times

he’s like your constant support and

he’ll keep you from stumbling or falling

with him by your side you’re safe and

sound let’s pray together one more time

Heavenly Father please watch over and

bless us today keep our kids safe at

school and protect us on our Journeys we

ask for blessings healing fresh

opportunities and breakthroughs in

Jesus’s name amen don’t forget to

support our Channel you can do that by

turning on notifications subscribing and

even using super thanks your support

means a lot to us thank


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