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God Says: God has a wonderful plan for you | God Message Today | God’s Message Now | God Message

[Music] my beloved child here what I’m saying to you nothing is beyond recovery because I

still have great plans for you I know everything about your life I’ve counted

every tear you’ve shed and there’s nothing about you that I don’t see I’m familiar with every part of your

life because I’ve never left you I’ve always been right there with you ready

to help and comfort you I’ve always wanted to heal your hurts and make your spirit whole again but sometimes your

stubbornness has kept you away from listening to me and now you find yourself regretting the choices you’ve

made I realize this isn’t your best moment and you’re tired of bad news

weighed down by so many problems it feels like the difficulties in your life just keep growing and

you’re unsure when the pain will end but remember I am here with you

today I want to heal you rejuvenate you and give you my very best blessings come

now don’t be stubborn listen to my voice and stop ignoring my words stop crying

and fretting over things you can’t change come hear what I’m saying and

follow me get back on the path that leads to your rescue to a place where peace and joy are waiting for you I’m

right here with you waiting not ready to take no for an answer be assured that I will always

love you purely and truly nothing you’ve done or will do can

lessen my love for you or push me away so don’t doubt what I’m telling you today my love for you goes beyond what

you can see know that I’m not here to judge you or bring up your

past I just want to make you whole again and heal all your hurts to shape your

life for my purposes with me may you walk in

blessings and success may your dreams and plans come to fruition so you can enjoy a rich and

fulfilling life that’s my desire for you now and

forever therefore be no longer confounded nor think that I am not by your side for even though you may not

see or feel me I will always be there for you ready to Aid you console you and

bless you understand this I will never go against

what I have promised you I will always seek your welfare so that you may

achieve all that you set out to do clear your mind of all negative

thoughts push aside doubt and avoid wrongdoing remove everything that limits

the abilities I’ve placed in you such things only lead to ruin anxiety and

fear don’t let your adversary AR’s voices take over your life and don’t be

hurt or troubled by spiteful comments take all your troubles to me dedicate

your life to me in prayer give me all your worries and concerns and I’ll set

you on A New Path you’re meant for Success not failure because with me

you’ll discover your true reason for being in me you’ll find peace joy and

contentment and know that I am your God and Father the one who rewards the obedient and brave among his children

that’s why I urge you not to dismiss what I’m sharing with you today understand that I’m calling you to

be blessed and I plan to give you the blessings from Heaven here on Earth

pause in your life and leave behind all the problems that have Afflicted you set them aside close your eyes and call out

to me I will answer all your needs remember that I will always be

with you and there is nothing you can do to make me stop loving you don’t give up

step forward in faith and grab my hand let me guide you on paths filled with

blessings where you’ll accomplish your goals and even achieve things beyond your

imagination remember those who live righteously receive various blessings so

my child just have faith and seek me through prayer look for me always and

with your whole heart obey my teachings Then I’ll act in your life because I

honor those who honor me move ahead without hesitation my child be confident that you will have

all you need for I am committed to blessing you richly never lose your

faith in me listen closely to my words and watch as my promises come true in

your life my dear child you are the finest of my Creations the most SP Ed

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