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God Says : God’s Comforting Message for You | God message jesus |

God’s message for you

today my dear child I know life can get

Stu especially when you’re dealing with

difficult feelings but I want you to

know that I’m always here for

you I understand what you’re going

through and I’m ready to bring you

comfort and peace whenever you need

it when you’re facing hard times don’t

lose hope I’m like a calming present in

the midst of a storm ready to soothe


soul I’m all about truth and fairness

and those who follow my path find real

peace and

happiness try to surround yourself with

people who share your beliefs and values

they’ll be there to support you when

times get tough

don’t let setbacks bring you down trust

in thy power to turn things around even

when it’s hard to shake off fake friends

and tough situations I’ll give you that

courage you

need know that I’ll help you conquer

anything that comes your way don’t dwell

on the past or worrying about the future

trust me to guide you step by

step I know your heart’s desires and I

want what’s best for you let me show you

the way to peace and

contentment comment thank you God as a

way of showing gratitude

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