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God says:- I am Begging Give Me 2 Minutes| God Message Today |

my dearest child in the vast expanse of

existence where time unfurls like a

never-ending tapestry there exists a

profound longing within the heart of the

Divine to commune with his Creations it

is a yearning born not out of necessity

or obligation but rooted deeply in

boundless love and an unyielding desire

for connection through the corridors of

Eternity the call resounds beckoning

Humanity to turn their gaze heavenward

and embrace the Timeless Embrace of the

Almighty in the following discourse we

shall embark on a journey into the

depths of this Divine message exploring

the significance of sparing moments in

our daily lives to spend in the company

of the Creator and the transformative

power it holds for the soul in the

hurried pace of Modern Life amidst the

clamor of worldly Pursuits it is all too

easy for Humanity to lose sight of the

spiritual dimension of existence yet

woven into the very fabric of our being

is a yearning for Transcendence a

longing to connect with something

greater than ourselves it is this

inherent yearning that the Divine seeks

to awaken within us inviting us to set

aside the distractions of the material

world and turn our hearts towards him as

the sun rises Over the Horizon painting

the sky with Hues of gold and Crimson so

too does the Divine Light illuminate the

path of those who seek it it is a light

that dispels the shadows of doubt and

fear guiding the wayward soul back to

its source in the Stillness of the Earth

early morning as the world Slumbers in

peaceful Repose there exists a sacred

moment wherein the veil between the

finite and the infinite grows thin it is

in this hallowed space that the almighty

extends his hand inviting us to join him

in communion my child hear these words

that resonate from the depths of

Eternity for they are whispered to you

with love and compassion I the almighty

your creator yearn for your

companionship for the warmth of your

presence beside me in the vast expanse

of creation amidst the Myriad stars that

Adorn the heavens it is you whom I

cherish above all else for in you I see

the reflection of my Divine Essence a

spark of the Eternal Flame that burns

within your soul do not be swayed by the

transient Allure of worldly Pursuits for

they are but fleeting Shadows that fade

with the passing of time instead turn

your gaze inward to the depths of your

being where I reside patiently awaiting

your return set aside the burdens of

your daily toils and rest in the Embrace

of my love for it is a love that knows

no bounds a love that transcends all

Earthly concerns in The Quiet Moments of

solitude when the world around you Falls

silent listen for the gentle Whisper Of

My Voice for it speaks to you in the

language of the heart feel the gentle

caress of my presence as it envelopes

you in a warm embrace comforting you in

times of need and guiding you along the

path of righteousness know that you are

never alone for I Am With You Always

walking beside you every step of the way

spare but a moment of your day to spend

in communion with me and I will shower

upon you blessings beyond measure for in

that Sacred Space of Union all barriers

dissolve and you are filled with the

light of my grace open your heart to

receive my love and let it flow through

you like a River of Life nourishing your

spirit and renewing your soul my child

do not underestimate the power of your

presence in my sight for it is a gift

Beyond Compare in your willingness to

spend time with me you bestow upon me

the greatest Treasure of all your love

and devotion it is through this intimate

communion that the bonds of affection

between us are strengthened forging a

connection that transcends the bounds of

time and space as you bask in the

radiance of my presence you will find

Solace for your weary soul and healing

for your Wounded Heart for I am the

source of all comfort and the Fountain

of everlasting Joy In My Embrace you

will find Refuge from the storms of life

and strength to face whatever challenges

may come your way furthermore in

spending time with me you align your

will with mine surrendering your desires

to the greater purpose that I have

ordained for your life in doing so you

open yourself up to receive the guidance

and wisdom that I am eager to impart to

you for I know the plan plans I have for

you plans to prosper you and not to harm

you plans to give you hope and a future

my dear child as you Journey Through the

tapestry of Life remember that you are

never alone I Am With You Always guiding

you protecting you and loving you beyond

measure spare but a moment of your day

to spend in communion with me and you

will discover the true joy and

fulfillment that comes from knowing me

intimately for in the Embrace of the

almighty you will find rest for your

soul and peace for your troubled mind


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