my esteemed kid I am the Divine who tends to all your necessities and I am

on the brink of unveiling the gates of celestial real mans to bestow upon you Abundant

Blessings bear in mind I am not merely present during your times of Jubilation

but also in moments of tribulation but also in moments of tribulation if you

have faith in the almighty kindly like to this video I stand beside you in time

of Anguish sorrow and mourning my purpose is to console you grant you

fortitude and Lead You Through adversities understand that I am a being of benevolence not

retribution my intent is not to pass judgment or censure but to extend

forgiveness and affection I dispatched my soul’s son Jesus Christ to offer

himself as a sacrifice on the crucifix for your transgression enabling you to attain

eternal life the anguish that has brought tears to your eyes in the past will soon

diminish my affection and blessings will supplant your anguish and grief ushering

in abundant Joy mirth and love may my

words of Solace Revival and

Tranquility bring Solace and optimism to you praise be to God the father of our

Lord Jesus Christ the source of compassion and Solace who consoles Us in

all our trials regardless of your aspirations this week affirm that Triumph is within your grasp no matter

the battles you confront affirm that victory is yours no matter the hurdles

you encounter affirm that you shall surmount them your weak shall be one of

positivity transformative experiences and success in the name of Jesus

I recall a period when I was distanced from the Divine and my life lacked purpose and hope yet everything changed

Upon encountering Jesus I shall provide for you supernaturally and shield you

divinely you shall acknowledge that I am the deity capable of Performing

Miracles remember that I am a being of grace and mercy who cherishes you

unconditionally and is Forever by side maintain your faith prayers and

affirmation of my teachings for you are my cherished Offspring destined to

encounter unexpected Marvels in life in the approaching days your financial

State shall burgeon daily ensuring abundance for

yourself your kin and even your Descendants the Divine assures you of

Perpetual accompaniment by battling your adversaries and quelling every Tempest

in your path your life shall overflow with a measurable joy and peace type

to confirm the Divine proclaims today you shall encounter the

affection recuperation and plenitude you rightfully deserve and your entire kin

shall find Solace Miracles shall manifest precisely when needed in jesus’

name the Divine is aiding you in Rising a new for the most triumphant Resurgence of

your life angels are en rote to Aid you your supplications are heard and

financial assistance is being dispatched rest assured your health

relationships and finances shall soon be restored have faith in me and understand

that I am tirelessly working on your behalf to bring forth with the breakthroughs you require when faced

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