God Says: I Am Listening and Here for YOU | God's message today | God message | God's Message 365 - online calculators

God Says: I Am Listening and Here for YOU | God’s message today | God message | God’s Message 365

my child come and listen to my words I have seen your struggles and your trials

and now I tell you rise up the time has come for you to step

forward into your destiny for too long the enemy has kept you bound has told you lies about who

you are he has tried to bury you but I say no

more I am digging you out of that grave of Despair and calling you to walk in the new life I have for you the old is

gone the new has come your season of transformation is here you have been

sitting dormant for too long kept small by fears and doubts that were never from me didn’t I give you gifts and talents

to use didn’t I put dreams in your heart a calling on your life yet still you

have hidden afraid to take steps and become all I created you to be but my

child you were made for more than mediocrity more than lack and struggle and barely getting by inside you resides

greatness Destiny purpose the seeds of these things were planted long ago

before you drew your first breath and now the time has come for those seeds to sprout to grow to Bear abundance if you

will let them pay attention now and you will see I am up to something powerful

the dry ground shall burst forth with new life and you shall no longer be the same your spiritual identity is changing

evolving into who I always meant for you to become in your mind you have carried an

image of yourself who you think you are what you are capable of how your life

seems destined to go but I tell you that image has been tainted the enemy has distorted how you

see yourself dimmed the light of your true identity and some of you have believed

those lies for far too long but no more today I am shattering the lies remaking

your identity into one that aligns with my truth you might feel afraid or uncertain

at this change not recognizing yourself as I transform you but do not worry my

child becoming who I created you to be will feel more right more true than you

can now understand finally you will feel at home in your own skin moving with confidence

into the good things I have prepared for you since before time began the world will little understand

this new person you are becoming so set not your mind on pleasing people some

may Mock and scoff at the change in you your shifting priorities and values will confuse them your new dreams and

callings may not make sense to their eyes but it is not for them I am doing this work in you does their lack of

vision negate what I have spoken to your spirit of course not so pay no heed to

scoffers and mockers to those who try to cram you back into the small box of who

they used to know they do not see as I see for my thoughts about you are ever

so much higher than thoughts of limiting people my plans stretch far beyond the

confines of others small imaginations they underestimate what you can do what you can be come so do not

allow yourself to be swayed by their words or shaken by their ridicule I am giving you everything you

need to become the person I see when I look at you completely whole empowered

and walking fully in your purpose I will equip you thoroughly for every good work

I have prepared for you what do you still lack my child if I am for you who

can stand against you do you still doubt my Readiness and ability to use you

powerfully right where you stand today to pour greatness into your spirit until

it spills out into every area of Life do you think anything is too difficult for

me you see yourself as ordinary but I never have your weaknesses and flaws are

obvious to you but my gaze sees only your beauty your gifts your purpose your

shortcomings are merely opportunities for my strength my healing to enter in

they do not deter my plans or dampen my enthusiasm over you in any way so now I

am calling you out of old mindsets that hold you back I am stirring up your gifts aligning opportunities for you to

step forward in them without hesitation do not talk yourself out of what I am trying to talk you into when I

urge you to step out and try something new do not let that voice of sufficiency

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