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God Says : I Am Molding Your Heart And Soul | God message jesus |

my beloved child I am molding your heart and soul shaping them for a future

filled with Triumph With Every Breath You Take I am strengthening your resolve deepening

your faith so that you may stand firm in my teachings unwavering and

Resolute imagine yourself clad in armor of unbreakable courage a warrior whose

spirit is as impenetrable as a fortress of Steel no Force no matter how

formidable shall ever lay you low Envision Legions Rising against you yet

in the midst of this turmoil I whisper a sacred truth into your ear a secret

meant for you alone this truth is a testament to my boundless love for you

treasure this secret in the depths of your heart for you are chosen to rise with Valor in my name embrace the power

to work wonders to achieve greatness and to keep the Flames of your dreams and aspirations eternally a light hold fast

to your vision of a brighter future Proclaim this truth with conviction let your voice echo in the

heavens I am not frail I am a Bastion of strength wisdom and courage I am ready

to face and Conquer every challenge conflict and adversity that this day may bring I do not cower in the face of my

adversaries when they confront me I stand unshaken always battle ready my faith

Burns fiercely and the sword of truth is ever in my grasp I am poised for victory

anticipating Triumph with a steadfast belief that my dreams will manifest into reality I am speaking to you for you are

the embodiment of this strength never underestimate yourself or be surprised

by your own potential my cherished child each day I come to you renewing your spirit with

reminders of your bravery and Valor in the daily battles you face know that

your adversaries may try to dishearten you to steal away the words I have planted in your heart yet I am ever

faithful reaching out my hand to secure your Triumph each word I speak each seed of

faith I seow within you is nurturing your strength tell me do you feel this Growing Power

Within you just utter your request and it shall be granted by my grace I speak

to you not of fleeting desires or worldly possessions but of Miracles

unconditional love the healing of your soul abundant provision and

forgiveness I bestow upon you not just what you need but beyond for you have

learned to wisely use the gifts I entrust to you not squandering them on

the transient but investing in what truly edifies administer wisely and I

will shower you with blessings beyond your imagination show me your

devotion live as a champion Victorious and courageous committed to fulfilling

my will through you miracles will flow to Nations healing will touch the sick

Grace will reach children and the elderly the hungry will be fed and the downtrodden lifted your family too will

be instruments of my power experiencing the supernatural in profound

ways this is the grace that surrounds those who love me who don’t hide behind

excuses but surrender with unwavering faith in my love and power these words are your beacon

guiding you on A New Path you are not lost or confused today I am here to lead

you into a world of Wonders your children will have visions and the adults will dream dreams beyond the

ordinary their spiritual eyes will be open to Secrets hidden from others

revealed through their steadfast Faith but I long to see them in prayer at dawn

and dusk tirelessly seeking me for step by step I will fulfill their heartfelt

please I also yearn to see gratitude for each blessing received and even greater

Joy when I withhold for they trust that I have something better in store so now let me witness the growth

in your heart after hearing this message write down your reasons for gratitude if

you find none remember those times when I resolved your troubles

miraculously reflect on those moments I was there even when you felt distant from me say

now thank you beloved God for all your blessings write with a heart full of

gratitude and feel your spirit uplifted with courage and divine encouragement I am deeply invested in

your life I desire your faith to be steadfast your heart at peace I long to

embrace and speak to you for you to hear my voice and see my actions that secure you in my love each day brings new

challenges but I am always beside you morning or night to strength and guide

you through any trial even as new challenges emerge my Mercy is

renewed I will envelop you in my power and Glory enabling you to

endure it gladdens me to see your faith now unshakable Fearless in the face of

adversity feel secure and confident for your love for me has deepened and you

are undergoing a transformation you are ready to rise to new heights your character has evolved

your faith solidified Embrace this encouragement feel my strength empowering you walk

forth with boldness from this day forward nothing will hinder you you have embraced my

word clung to my promise with unwavering Faith believe in the grand plan I have

for you you were created for greatness do not be dismayed by your current

circumstances I am dispatching a legion of Heavenly angels to Aid you in your journey towards Victory witness as you

begin to Triumph in all aspects of Life causing your adversaries to retreat in defeat arm yourself with courage

remember you are not just surviving you are thriving under my watchful

eye your belief in my word your steadfast faith in my promises is your

shield and strength you were designed to soar to extraordinary Heights to

overcome any obstacle the challenges you face today are mere Stepping Stones to

your greater Destiny my Celestial hosts are by your side ensuring your success in every

Endeavor the enemy’s Fury will be feudal against your spirit filled with bravery

and my unwavering support stand tall and confident for with each step you take

you are moving closer to the Fulfillment of your Divine Purpose your faith in me has set you on a path

of Unstoppable progress You are not alone in this journey my presence is

your constant companion providing strength wisdom and

courage Embrace this moment for you are on the brink of witnessing wonders beyond your

imagination let your heart be filled with courage and rejoice in the Assurance of my everlasting love and

support stand Resolute and unyielding You Are My Chosen Warrior victorious in

countless battles embodying bravery and Triumph your life is blossoming through

your unwavering trust in me it fills my heart with joy to see you understand

that I have selected you to display my miraculous Works to the world to be a

living testimony of my incredible power at work within you you are flourishing

and in this growth your life is safeguarded your family enveloped in protection and

your heart brimming with boundless courage and Jubilation for life for the battles you face and for your service to

me your dedication and fervent desire to prioritize me above all else is

something I deeply cherish anticipate Abundant Blessings soon to be bestowed

upon you when you seek me in prayer in Worship in praise your words deeply

touch my heart I Delight in hearing your expressions of Love towards me and I

recognize their authenticity you have proven it time and again through your faith and demeanor day by day you

reaffirm that I am Paramount in your life and that you rely entirely on me my beloved I too hold immense love for you

today I invite you to set aside your concerns and spend more time in my

presence it is in these moments of prayer that I pour out my grace and

blessings upon you here I fortify your heart and reveal my deep affection for

you it is my Earnest desire to lead you to a better place to prosper amidst

adversity to make your life a beacon of light and hope in times of struggle my

love will be your sustenance in moments of Crisis know that you are never alone

when you Traverse deep Waters they will not overwhelm you when you walk through fire you will will not be

scorched this is the promise and blessing I offer to those who love me to those who proudly declare me as their

God and Lord Relish in being my child take joy in knowing you can confidently

come before me with your needs embrace my word and will letting it fill you

with peace knowing that I hear your prayers and will respond trust that if I

delay it’s only because I am preparing what’s best for your future future your family and your soul so you may prosper

in all things come experience my grace Revel in my Mercy take a moment to bask

in my presence allow my glory to envelop you your pursuit of me even in the midst

of a busy day brings me immense pleasure each time you close your eyes even for a

moment and offer words to me you will feel my presence fill your heart and my

spirit Comfort your soul I love you despite your many challenges I am making you stronger various situations may

arise but your faith in me grants you bravery do not fear your trials confront

your struggles and battles headon focus on my promises and the words I have

spoken to uplift your heart I’ve never left you in your moments of weakness I have always been

there I have eased the anguish from your soul and replaced it with joy

if you earnestly seek me each day if you Retreat into your private space to be in

my presence if you offer your heart and true praise and worship if you call out

to me with all your soul and fervor trust me I will hear you and I will

Elevate you to Greater Heights I am acutely aware of everything that happens to you I feel what you feel

when you entrust your life to me when you share your experiences with me when

you lay your future and your plans in my hands there is rejoicing in heaven for

you and I dispatch Legions of angels to guard you your challenges will be overcome not

by your strength or wisdom but by my spirit and power you will Triumph in

every situation because I support those I love and I bless those bold enough to

believe however those who let negativity Cloud their minds who reject my truth

who ignore my word and who scoff at this love that seeks to heal and save those

who lack the courage to believe in a real God will not receive the blessings I have

reserved for those who truly believe in me and earnestly seek

me I’m attentive to your prayers especially in your desperate moments

when you lay your petitions before me soon with your own eyes you will witness

how you are delivered strengthened and uplifted by my love and power love me

seek me kneel before me hold on to your faith assure me of your commitment and

no harm will come to you you are in my safekeeping even in difficult times

continue to trust in this promise if someone exits your life if a door closes

if you lose something material do not fear you are still still alive I love

you and am holding you close you occupy a special place in my heart it is my

desire to heal you to comfort your soul and to fill you with my Holy

Spirit I understand your challenges and it is also my wish for you to find peace

to lack nothing to perform your daily tasks with sincerity without fear or

surprise to feel deeply loved and protected by your heavenly father the

changes you are experiencing the obstacles being removed the ill-intentioned people being kept at Bay

are all the work of my powerful hand do not halt your activities do not succumb

to fear about what might happen keep your voice in prayer and gratitude your

journey is not one of isolation or silence it is a path of active Faith where you openly communicate with me

unafraid to express your needs and thanks my love I am always embracing you always

watching over you you in a very special place in my heart a place where healing

comfort and the infilling of the Holy Spirit are assured I understand the struggles you

face I am here to bring you peace to ensure you lack

nothing each day as you go about your tasks do so with the confidence that you

are deeply loved and protected by your heavenly father the changes you see the

obstacles removed the harmful influences kept at Bay these are my Works my

interventions in your life don’t pause your activities or retreat in fear of

what might happen keep praying keep thanking keep

moving forward in all you do you are under my care and protection you are a

part of a divine plan a celebration of Heaven itself

I send my angels to guard and guide you your problems will be resolved not by

your might but by my spirit you will rise victorious in every situation

because I am with those I love and I bless those who bravely believe in me

let this knowledge fill you with courage and peace remember you are my beloved

child and in my hands you will always find safety strength and an everpresent

love do not shy away from anyone especially not from me my desire to

bless you surpasses what you can imagine I hold the power to create incredible

Miracles I can wipe away your past mistakes and smooth the path to a

remarkable future my longing is to reveal the depth of My Sacrifice to you on the cross I

bore your burdens suffered for you trust in me I am here to free you from guilt

to lift the weight of despair from your heart you are entitled to an inheritance

blessings in this lifetime that await you I promise peace and prosperity I’ve placed you in a realm

filled with my love intending to make you feel valued and safe day and night

in every season wherever you go I am pulling out the roots of your loneliness

The Emptiness you feel deep inside those Whispers of impending doom if betrayal

has left you cry in my glory now envelops you it’s here to whisper love

into your heart to soothe your wounds lift you from the dust and guide you to

a powerful future do not mourn too long for those who don’t see your worth

release from your heart those who have hurt you if they choose to leave let them if

they wish to return think carefully be wary of those who too quickly offer

their embrace I don’t wish for you to be alone I care about your heart your

emotional well-being let me handle things my way be patient with my timing do not long

for the return of those who wronged you instead appreciate your own worth treat

it tenderly carry it proudly I am here to steer your heart protect it cherish

it like a dove shelters her young your soul will be protected your spirit

comforted in heaven many Mysteries will be revealed but for now I desire for you to

experience a taste of Heaven on Earth a sense of eternal love a Divine

tenderness that outshines the brightest stars wrapping you in a brilliant warm

embrace I yearn to bless love and protect you trust in this let me work in

your life it is in my Caring Hands let me organize your surroundings your

relationships it was never my plan for you to walk alone burdened by need and

fear fear nothing cling not to Earthly possessions as long as you live you have

more than hope with faith the doors to wonders are open share with your family

my love for them full of warmth and peace lay your hands on their shoulders

look into their eyes and say God loves you and so do I

do not be embarrassed by your tears today a miracle of healing and restoration begins in your home this

divine blessing I send is growing Drawing Near embrace it with

thankfulness come again tomorrow I want to speak more with you you will hear my voice be filled with peace and realize

my love is always with you I love you my blessing is upon you my love fills you

my peace envelops you and my arms encircle you accept my immense love shown to you

right now I have heard your Silent Cries your despairing thoughts they have

reached me as prayers I hold them in my hands my spirit listens to you I missed

no word from your lips even if you thought your prayers went unheard I am

here to affirm my presence I have heard you I will answer that issue known only

to to us will be resolved all turning in your favor believe it’s already done

return to me today with your full trust you spoke to me yesterday but life goes

on and our friendship endures don’t miss any chance to open your heart to me don’t say everything is

fine that you don’t need me or you’ve fulfilled all dreams don’t drift away

especially in joyful times life is unpredictable and I want your Faith to grow for future

challenges I know you still love me even in happiness true Joy is incomplete if

you exclude me if you walk without me in isolation your spirit cools a vast

emptiness grows in your soul that’s why I persistently knock on your heart’s door I won’t stop even if you try to

distance yourself I will always seek you out my hand will not release you and forever

more I will love you you these words I share today are a loving caution let us

continue our relationship you and me keep seeking me keep praying and witness

my love care and blessings for you be at peace I will ease your anxieties if you

let me put aside all worries and distractions for a moment and open your

heart to my word I am with you even if those you love leave you I am there in

times of host hostility and loneliness I love and protect you I am

your father your God and your friend it might be hard to grasp that there is someone who loves you so profoundly a

love more wonderful than you ever imagined a tenderness you’ve never before felt cease judging yourself

harshly believing that your errors make you Unworthy of Love refrain from self-punishment and

belittlement such actions only lead you into sorrow and depression

I am here to lift the spiritual veils from your eyes those that prevent you from seeing me clearly I will transform

your heart enabling you to truly believe in me come to me especially when you

feel weary and burdened draw close and you will find the peace you seek the

comfort you crave my wish is not for your days to be filled with hardship nor

for you to wake in sadness and despair My Sacrifice my death and Resurrection

are a testament of my love for you granting you the opportunity to live with Divine

Joy today I am breaking the chains that have hindered your growth the shackles

that held you back are now destroyed clearing the way towards the Blessed future I have planned for you do

not look back for validation from those who once restricted you the choice to

love and follow me is yours alone your peace and well-being are my concern

stand strong be courageous and move confidently towards the new life I am

bestowing upon you your blessing is certain and soon you will witness it

believe in my word receive it with faith and joy do not dwell on past mistakes or

remain chained to them your future is ahead and I urge you do not waste time

looking back when you feel weak or exhausted remember that I am your loving

father reach out to me and I will help you through even the toughest situations never forget my greatness and

power seek shelter under my protection when troubled rest on my shoulder share

your worries when anxious entrust all your fears to me for my grace and mercy

know no bounds I love you deeply and I’m here to support you

you are my child never doubt this you have opened your heart to me embraced me

and love me wholeheartedly this pleases me greatly so approach me with confidence speak to

me openly without fear consider this my friend I do not watch over you to punish

I placed you in this world chose you before birth aware of your challenges

and dreams I’m not angered by your stumbles do not run from me in guilt who

else will you turn to someone who professes love but ultimately betrays me

my presence is not about seeking faults I seek you when you stray when you move

away from my love I come to you guiding you back to

Tranquility drink from the living water I offer refreshing and invigorating

remember even in your darkest moment moments my love for you is unending my

affection and power are ever ready to lift you from despair filling your soul with purpose and joy restoring the

strength and courage you’ve lost believe in my deep love and protection for it has always been is and

will always be remain calm peaceful and

restful I am replenishing your heart so you need not worry or or fear do not

feel overwhelmed by adversity or troubling news do not be paralyzed by

fear if you find yourself entangled in emotions I will turn any negative circumstance into a blessing your answer

is near I will soon speak to your soul revealing my will and the solution to

your situation kneel in worship it gladdens my

heart now seek me in prayer find solace in my word when overwhelmed by

obligations and without Solutions my promise provides the peace and security you need to

persevere you will Triumph in all things for it is my command I seek your hope

dedication love loyalty and devotion affirm your belief in my

ability I am your refuge in me find shelter in any situation

write it down Trust in Me God is always the ultimate solution the only true path

out of conflict Proclaim it I believe and trust I will not fear

or falter and I will fight and persevere with all my strength and even when I

feel weak I will kneel before my God who empowers me respond with all your heart

do you love me my dear one be at peace give me your worries and fears

tears calm your heart do not be afraid or falter I’m with you to raise you up

embrace the new Mercy I bring you today it is your gift your blessing it will

bring Unity to your family healing to your mind and body and peace to your

heart I’ve given you victory over sickness poverty and scarcity arise and

shine speak my word with faith come here and rest on my shoulder even just for a

moment I am your God the one who cherishes you who offers comfort each

time you close your eyes and weep feeling lost like a child this morning

you awoke to fear and sadness your heart feeling empty and yearning yet I extend to you a drink

from my river of Living Water I long for your soul to find rest and fulfillment

in me I wish for your happiness let the world continue its path but you

and I let’s take this moment to talk to listen to share everything with me I

desire for you to feel uplifted to rise from here rejuvenated in spirit with a

heart fortified and a soul filled with peace and joy so many challenges besed

you seeking to steal your zest for life but I have never left your side I have

bestowed upon you my love peace my word and all my powerful promises to help you

endure in my presence there is an eternal flame that purifies all sin and

impurity it’s the same fire that ignites within your heart yet if you start to

believe the enemy and drift away from me only Smoke and Ashes will remain where

once your love for me blazed be vigilant shut the door to pain

resist the negative emotions others have planted within you you felt exhausted

burdened by the disregard of those you dearly love despite your efforts which

are not in vain they seem unappreciated they are preoccupied

failing to offer even a small gesture of love I understand your frustration and

concern I too was deserted by those I cared for those I rescued betrayed me

they distanced themselves and my close friends denied me when questioned about our connection despite your errors my love

for you endures I remind you of this especially when life’s troubles Cloud your thoughts

and you start to doubt my love thinking perhaps you imagined feeling blessed by my

affection you may have been led to believe you’re responsible for all that befalls

you people might try to keep you bound aiming to steal the bright future I’ve

prepared for you they might accuse you of faults you haven’t committed failures

you don’t recall covering you with imagined sins if you accept their words you miss

out on the wondrous life awaiting you by my side cast aside self-deprecation and

guilt for sins I’ve already forgiven I a god of Mercy love and

forgiveness I recognize your sincere repentance my my blood has cleansed you

stop living in the past free yourself from self-torment don’t let anyone make

you feel worthless I’m the one who sacrificed for you so you can live with

dignity you are not defined by others words you are what I declare you to be

choose whom to believe I say you are my child my warrior ignore the condemning

voices you were created for Triumph and Victory not to gather the scraps of Joy

discarded by your foes I love you you are my child I don’t seek to punish you

there is no whip in my hand for your failures those who think I aim to punish them are misled their minds corrupted by

the enemy trust in me for I truly understand your feelings bring me your sadness and

grief I am right beside you I will quench your thirst I will fill you with

empowering words your tears will turn into Joy your blessing is near I love you with an

everlasting love my Divine Mercy is always with you my dear child let’s

begin a new each day is a chance to continue fighting leave yesterday’s

problems Falls discouragements and complaints behind free your mind from

these burdens you need not carry this load renew your thoughts adopt new

approach is start with your words don’t harm yourself with negative speech don’t

plant seeds of defeat in your own ground resist the enemy’s Whispers that

you can’t change that your future is doomed to repeat the past destined for

depression and neglect believe in me my journey carrying the cross had a purpose my

suffering was not in vain though abandoned by friends I remained focused

on what your life could become I knew your struggles from the world’s foundation and have promised you an

eternal reward and a life of abundance these wonders await but you

must trust my words for a true transformation of mind don’t be defeated by negative

thoughts if you feel lifeless I am your source of life let me show you the change I can bring so profound that many

will not recognize you where there was sadness there will be Joy where there

was despair there will be an overwhelming desire to live love and

forgive yourself I have long forgiven your mistakes embrace my invitation to

start fresh today together we will reach our goal the issue troubling you is in

my hands and I will resolve it believe in me wholeheartedly for I am speaking

directly to you commit your path to me daily in the presence of my omnipotent

Essence place your unwavering trust in me with all your might and I will guide

your steps I will provide for you abundantly nourishing your soul and

keeping you close to me nothing will separate you from my love let go of your struggles for you’re

exhausting yourself needlessly instead close your eyes after hearing these words and entrust all your worries to me

lay down at my feet the weight of your concern concerns for you won’t be overcome you won’t face

disgrace I will assist you in all your requests but I ask only that you protect

your heart ignore the words of those who wish to see you fall do not let them

plant seeds of discouragement in you stay away from those who wish to see you

suffer from those who deny your worth for you have believed in me and in my

eyes you are of immense value you are cherished and I love you dearly I’ve

come to remind you of the Splendor of my love and all I wish to give you you will overcome your challenges be liberated

and blessed I extend my Mercy to you healing your wounds easing the ache in your

bones every day I will carry you filling you with Divine joy and

happiness I will wipe away your tears replacing them with a beautiful

smile with your mouth you will sing and express your love for me those who held

animosity towards you will see and acknowledge that my hand has protected you lovingly declare these words with

conviction for the Lord is with me a mighty giant thus my pursuers will

stumble and fall you have been disheartened acted wrongly and spoken out of turn your emotions have

overwhelmed you leading to mistakes you thought you had drifted from me but

I have never left your side you placed your hope in false loves let deceptive

emotions control you and fell into the hands of Deceit yet it’s clear they

broke your dreams and left you alone but here I am still waiting even though many

deny it my love is supreme beyond all understanding my love is unbreakable

pure infinite and perfect I call out to you during the day speak to you at night

and appear in your dreams I express my love in various ways through the rain

touching your skin in the winds Howl in the countryside’s breeze and in the

oceans Whispers I love you and today you will understand this I am real

everpresent and I will reaffirm My Love A Thousand Times Daily to overshadow the

lies that seek to confuse you I love you and will always continue to do

so tell me if you want me to repeat this every morning in this place while you relish these words your spirit will be

refreshed bathed in the pure Waters that cleanse your soul do you seek a true

embrace come now I long to hug you and show my unwavering commitment to keep

loving you no matter what I know your needs they are not hidden from me with

me you will accomplish everything with without me your soul will languish I

hear you and will respond I want to help you overcome scarcity and Conquer

illness do you understand tell me if you believe me I love you and as you listen

I embrace you with love let go of all worries in my presence you will always feel better I’m

instilling peace in your soul let the day unfold with its highs and lows your

spirit remains remain steadfast and fearless whether under the scorching sun

or amid dark clouds you feel and know I am with you

we walk together and even if the world tries to sap your strength courage and joy I will shield you from the Heat and

the storms your sadness dissipates when you hear my voice but your heart

pulsating with a Heavenly Rhythm fills with music and praise When you pray no

matter where you are in the solid itude of your room or amidst overwhelming challenges I am there with you call out

to me I will answer I will again reveal this eternal infinite sweet and divine

love that envelops you daily I will open your eyes to see Celestial wonders you

will hear the Angels Sing and when my voice reaches your ears and touches your spirit your heart will leap with joy

courage and peace know that all your battles challenges and tears are in my

hands there’s no need for fear or tears the past is behind you leave its pain

there I command your thoughts to break free from accusations guilt fear and sorrow that have suffocated you crushing

your dreams and aspirations you are reborn and i gaze into your eyes this

very moment look at me and live today not in the past gaze towards the horizon

envisioning the future of bless blessings I have in store for you breathe in this healing air that

rejuvenates your spirit and refreshes the plans in your heart imagine how far you can go the

immense blessings awaiting you and your family do not say you are undeserving or

incapable as this disrespects me sometimes your concern is more about

pleasing me with outward actions than nurturing pure thoughts love me with

your whole being Body Spirit and mind reject thoughts that insult my sanctity

if I can grant you blessings then you can surely receive them open your hands and I will place Miracles within

them do not doubt believe in me with all your heart and embrace this Divine love

that surrounds you every day let go of all your anxieties and fears with me you will always find

Solace my peace permeates your soul face each day with its challenges knowing

that your spirit remains unshakable and fearless whether under the harsh sun or

dark clouds you understand and feel my presence we journey

together and even if the world tries to drain your strength bravery and happiness I will protect you from the

harshness and the storms your despair vanishes at the sound of my voice while your heart

resonating with a Heavenly beat fills with songs of praise as you kneel in prayer wherever you are in the privacy

of your own space or amidst daunting situations I am there too cry out to me

I will respond I will continually reveal this eternal infinite sweet and divine love

that infolds you every day I will open your eyes to behold many Heavenly Marvels you will hear Angels

Sing and when my voice reaches you touching your spirit your heart will

leap with joy imbued with great courage and energy yet also profound

Tranquility rest assured all your battles challenges and fears are in my capable hands you have no reason to fear

or weep let the past be past its pain is behind you command your thoughts to be

free from accusations guilt fear and sorrow that have stifled you trampling on your dreams and

aspirations now reborn i gaze into your eyes at this moment look at me live

today not in the past look to the Horizon see the future of blessings I’ve

planned for you inhale deeply let this healing fragrance lift your spirits and renew

your heart’s plans see the potential in your reach the vast blessings awaiting

you and your family don’t claim unworthiness or incapability it

dishonors me Focus Less on external displays and more on nurturing pure

thoughts within love me with your entire being Body Spirit and truth and with all

your mind’s strength Cast Away Notions that offend my Holiness if I am willing to bestow

blessings then you are certainly capable of receiving them open your hands and I

will fill them with mirac Les do not Harbor any doubts trust in me with your

whole heart and welcome the Divine love that unfolds you each

day release all your concerns and fears in my presence you will always find

relief I am infusing your soul with peace face each day’s challenges knowing

your spirit remains unshakable and fearless whether under the harsh sun or

amid dark clouds be aware and feel my presence together we walk and even if

the world tries to sap your strength courage and happiness I will shield you

from both the Heat and the storms your sorrow dissipates when you hear my voice

your heart beating with a Celestial rhythm is filled with music and praise when you kneel in prayer wherever you

are in the Solitude of your room or facing daunting challenges I am there with you call out

to me I will answer I will continuously reveal this eternal infinite sweet and

divine love that surrounds you every day I will open your eyes to behold Heavenly wonders you will hear the angel

sing and when my voice reaches you and touches your spirit your heart will leap

with joy filled with great courage and energy yet also immense

Tranquility rest assured all your battles challenges and fears are in my hands

there is no reason to fear or Weep the past is behind you the pain is behind

you command your thoughts to be free from accusations guilt fear or sorrow

that have stifled you for so long crushing your aspirations and dreams you

are reborn now and I am looking into your eyes at this very moment look at me

and choose to live today not in the past look towards The Horizon and see the

future of blessings I have prepared for you breathe in and feel the healing

Aroma that lifts your spirit and renews the plans in your heart see the heights

you can reach the great blessings in store for your family don’t tell me you’re undeserving or incapable such

thoughts offend me sometimes you’re more concerned about pleasing me with outward

actions than nurturing the right thoughts in your mind love me with your your body spirit and truth and with all

the strength of your mind cast aside ideas that offend my sanctity if I can give these gifts to

you then you can certainly receive them open your hands and I will place

Miracles within them do not doubt refrain from doubting and speaking of

impossibilities haven’t you heard countless times that nothing is impossible for me yet I long to see your

steadfast dedication and your unwavering focus on my word let the uncertain spirit that once

troubled you fade away for I am not IM mortal to speak untruths when I declare my endless love

for you it is filled with an eternal and unbreakable passion many around you have

become used to hearing negative messages believing that I hold no love for them

constantly judging them without Mercy because they feel unworthy

why would you think such things how can I not love you look at all I do to make

you realize this using countless ways to communicate with you be

attentive for my message is there in every direction you turn I want your eyes to see and your

heart to understand that I will move Heaven and Earth to make you feel confident in the truth of my love

embrace the reality of being loved for I have words that will nurture your growth and strength imprinting

themselves deeply in your soul always reminding you of the depth of my care

familiarize yourself with this resplendant word love love love say it

out loud feel it in your heart do it now and you will see the burdens of the past Fade Away replaced by new strength and

distinction just like the faithful Champions who have encountered me through history welcome to your new Supernatural

and Powerful life you will hear from me more often and you will see both great

and small signs of my presence your family too will come to appreciate what

they once overlooked a blessing for your bold faith my Holy Spirit wraps you in

gentleness I pour out blessings on your life your day and your home go forward

into your day filled with peace in your heart

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