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God Says : I Am The Eternal Arbiter | God message Jesus |

my beloved child in the vast expanse of this universe Where Stars Are Born and

galaxies spin in Majestic silence I stand as your unyielding light and

salvation I am your lord your God the shepherd who guides you the Healer who

mends your wounds in the face of the unknown Whom Shall you fear behold I Am

The Fortress of your existence the Bull workk against the Tremors of Life neither the stern decrees of Earthly

judges nor the grave pronouncements of Physicians eclipse the wisdom and Revelation I bestow upon you I am the

Eternal Arbiter the supreme authority it is my voice that commands the tide of

Fate as the architect of Heaven and Earth I have the power to lift you from the shadows of Despair enveloping you in

an Embrace of love that fortifies your heart do not be swayed by the scoffers

those who mock the faith and devotion you hold in me they dwell in a realm of

misunderstanding unaware of the Miracles that I in my boundless love bestow upon

you embrace your relationship with me for it is I who love you unconditionally

provide for your needs forgive your missteps and uphold your spirit witness

how I have come to to bless you with resilience and vigor empowering you to rise above challenges and stride forward

with renewed purpose let not doubt Cloud your mind

when faced with trials these are not your undoing but rather conduits for my glory to shine

through in your life for you to emerge stronger and more

Resolute fear not the Spectre of Calamity for it shall not touch you

Stand Tall with your spirit undeterred your gaze unwavering even in moments of Frailty

know that I am there to bolster you against Despair and defeat I am your steadfast anchor in

turbulent Seas capable of raising you above any storm of failure or setback

your journey is far from over there is much to achieve many paths To

Tread Envision the day when countless grateful Hearts will acknowledge your perseverance and I in my infinite grace

will Crown you with the glory of my love a testament to your unwavering faith and

devotion in this sacred Bond you will find the strength to conquer all Guided

by my eternal light to those who entrust their souls to me who journey through

life with unwavering faith in my words embracing the truth of a supernatural

existence I promise a magnificent reward in this realm I will shower you with

blessings envelop you in my light and reveal to you the wondrous Miracles that

will touch your family and home my Mercy will be your comfort and in your Abode

my peace will reign supreme if you heed my call and open your heart to me I will

surround you with my presence endowing your life with profound wisdom the riches I offer are not fleeting they are

the ultimate gifts ET etal blessings Harmony in your home and robust Health

that defies all adversity those who place their trust in me will find no reason for shame you as

one of my chosen are destined for greatness a future filled with hope and

prosperity even when the world Quakes and its foundations tremble your faith

in me will keep you unshakable you are held dear in my heart

no harm will befall you nor will any plague come near your dwelling angels

will be dispatched to your side guarding you like a Divine Shield remember I am a god of both

Justice and mercy extending my forgiveness without reservation no matter the distance you

have wandered or the depth of your transgressions my arms are always open

for your return ready to embrace you with love and pardon from the break of day to its

close all creation sings of my glory and Splendor I call upon you to walk in my

ways to seek Justice to act kindly and to approach others with a heart full of

love and respect each day I Am with You guiding

and protecting you through life’s journey no matter the challenges you face in my presence you will find peace

wisdom and the joy and strength needed to overcome any obstacle

no dream is too Grand no aspiration too distant the road to your Triumph may be

steep but trust in my divine plan which will rekindle your passions and equip

you with the fortitude and bravery to persist until the moment of Glorious reward for your faithfulness and

devotion you are cherished deeply by me my love for you is boundless and I will

never forsake you I am Jesus your closest Confidant Always by your side ready to

offer Solace guidance and eternal companionship I yearn to fill your life with peace and joy fear not for today my

blessings pour upon you abundantly I am here to heal your body mind and soul to erase the Pains of your

past and brighten your future my words are a balm to your spirit revealing the supernatural

blueprint I have for you despite the Tempest that may rage around

you I wish for you a day of unparalleled blessings and content and meant a day

unlike any you’ve experienced before my words are designed to heal to breathe

life into your being to soothe and uplift you they are my Divine caress to

your ears a tender Embrace that dispels any shadow of sadness confusion or

ailment my love envelops you bringing Tranquility Serenity and a heart

brimming with hope and excitement I desire brighter days for you and so I urge you to hold fast to

Faith even in the face of the seemingly impossible trust in my words for they

are the gentle touch that can transform your days infusing them with joy Clarity

and wellness In My Embrace find the peace and happiness you seek seek for with me

all things are within reach trust in me and watch as your life unfolds in miraculous ways remain anchored in my

love for my words are a Wellspring of rejuvenation for your heart do not be

gripped by fear your adversaries are already overcome their power

diminished the murky Waters of anxiety need not be your Dwelling Place those

around you will soon witness the extraordinary Grace that envelops you you convincing them of my undeniable

reality this realization presents an opportunity for transformation reshaping

not only their present but their Eternal Destiny I am everpresent to offer you

peace through my assurances healing every Affliction be it of the body or

the mind I promise to deliver and liberate you from spiritual battles and

the deep-seated pain that robs you of life’s Joy

embrace the freedom I bring from the crippling fears that have hindered your journey I am here to shatter the chains

of Despair that block your path forward unshakable in my presence in

your life I am a constant companion never to abandon you my love for you is

immeasurable and I stand with open arms ready to extend grace and patience eager

to lift you up should you ever choose to want far know that you can never stray

beyond my reach my acceptance of you is unwavering today I lay before you the

sign you have longed for a promise to unveil my deepest genuine emotions to

your soul you are uniquely crafted and soon you will come to realize your

exceptional place in my design anticipate a transformation in your life

a change that only I can orchestrate the restoration I have promised will be yours in overflowing

measure do not lament over past losses I vow to compensate you

doubly adversity and harm intended by your foes will be miraculously converted

into blessings your joy will be multiplied your dreams rejuvenated and your heart will brim

with Newfound confidence and Delight dedicate time today for personal

communion with me let us discuss your aspirations the concerns that disrupt

your peace do not lose sleep over depths or

commitments I am here to provide for your needs should you ever find yourself in a

moment of Despair overwhelmed by exhaustion plagued by shortcomings and lacking motivation do not be

disheartened or feel guilty my compassion for you is boundless remember I sacrificed my life

for you and the power of my resurrection is your Assurance against defeat and

despair fear not the Perils of this world you are equipped to face

challenges with courage you are not one to retreat I know your heart you are

precious to me worthy of my trust always committed and diligent in your spiritual

journey preparing for what lies ahead your actions are not in vain you

labor and strive undeterred by obstacles your character is fortified your faith

unmovable the days of trembling and fear are behind you you have never been a coward even when fear lingered in your

heart you have faced your challenges and conquered your adversaries your

indomitable spirit is a source of my admiration and I assure you great

success is within your reach laziness will not reain in your life instead you

will work with diligence and extend kindness to others in doing so you will manifest your identity as my child and

my rewards will follow Embrace humility and simplicity for through these virtues

I will continually open New Paths and clear your way I am the god who hears

your prayers your truest friend your ever faithful Shepherd I endow you with

encouragement Faith strength and love these words flow from my Throne a

soothing balm to heal your heart know that I love you deeply and your love for

me is cherished today I bring a message of Paramount importance and power believe

in its profound significance for as I have been with you in the past I remain

with you now and will be forever more your family is precious to me and the

answers to many of your prayers are on the horizon the blessings that await you are vast and Splendid so cast aside fear

and despair your assistance and deliverance come from the heavens and no

force can hinder them challenges will surface and adversaries may seem numerous many in

the spiritual realm have risen against you with ferocity and aggression yet I urge you not to fear no harm will come

your way my angels encircle you and my Majestic Glory safeguards you from all

Danger refrain from judgment and harboring resentment even if relatives and Friends

oppose you remember your true battle lies not with them your real foes are the Unseen forces of Darkness lurking in

secret places setting snares to entrap you their aim is to bring you down to

halt your Ascent to counter these malevolent spiritual entities align with

my Angelic hosts in praise and worship dedicate time for prayer in the early

hours it is imperative the end times are drawing near ready your soul inform your

family and come together in prayer within your home let my Holy Spirit take the Helm of your life I will instill

self-control and banish fear filling your heart with Assurance the enemy may

be crafty and deceitful but fear not for he lacks omnipotence omnipresence and

insight into your thoughts he is oblivious to my plans yet he observes your flourishing some

tremble before this foe forgetting the might of their God incomparable and all

powerful you dwell under the protection of your omnipotent God my grace is your

Shield against all evil no power can subdue you no accusations stand against

you I am your Defender and Advocate and from my grasp you cannot be taken do not

allow fear to unsteady your resolve Safeguard your thoughts for you are

under my eternal care and protection never let yourself be deceived into thinking that the

adversary holds greater power than your heavenly father while he may be persistent and cunning constantly

prowling in your life looking for opportunities to strike during moments of weakness or

distraction when you feel weary or on the verge of faltering remember to call

upon me in prayer cry out to me and I will respond I will fortify you and

provide a protective shield if your worries today are about your children and their future entrust them to me

through prayer I assure their safeguarding they will always be secure

under my watchful care and love just as I cherish you proceed with confidence

for I will endow you with the necessary strength to remain unwavering on your

journey challenges will not break your spirit as I will fill you with my joy

and peace allowing you to relish my blessings without fear I will be your Defender and your

strength guarding you and warding off any threats to you and your loved

ones encourage your family to embrace me to let me oversee their lives and shower

them with my benevolent love I have never failed you nor will I ever for I

am an omnipotent God no matter the actions or words of others against you my love for you

remains unchanging goodness will enter your life I will open doors you thought were

closed and you will begin to thrive my promises are already yours my

Commandments have been given to you each morning come and listen to the new messages I have for you open your heart

and humble your soul in daily prayer stay vigilant as the adversary

never rests and waits for moments of distraction or weakness to strike he

will try to make you forget your promises to me tempting you away from my path today I declare you a conqueror

strong in your steadfast faith and Devotion to serving me change your mindset you are not nor will you ever be

a victim of the adversary for he is already vanquished you are more than a

conqueror and I Am with You Stand Tall and Proclaim it I am a warrior for my

heavenly father fearless and empowered by his Supernatural might my family and

I rest In His Hands safeguarded blessed and enveloped in his love today I share

three actions for your Soul’s tranquility and the easing of your anxieties listen closely

let these words resonate within you bringing peace throughout your day

firstly offer me your whole sincere heart without hesitation or fear my

intent is your Eternal joy and salvation not to bring punishment or pain my plans

for you are prosperity and blessings a life abundant in love and

care I yearn to Encompass you fully but I need your heart entrusted to me da da

committed to my will nourished by my word and placing complete trust in

me doubts and challenges may come but my written word is your Faith’s anchor

granting you the fortitude to endure if however you choose to follow the ways of others offering me your

heart only partially or sporadically then your faith will falter without a firm anchor you’ll be a drift in

uncertainty in times of storm you’ll be Swept Away into a realm of Despair and

doubt I will speak to you in my loving voice but if your ears are closed you’ll

consume what does not sustain your thoughts will become chaotic and your

emotions will overwhelm you on some days you may feel uplifted while on others

you may feel downtrodden without my presence riging in your heart indecision will

dominate you need not endure such turmoil I simply ask for your complete

surrender and belief let your faith be unshakable make the decision now

immediately commit your life to me for eternity as time passes each day will

enrich your life for your Eternal Journey with me awaits filled with the incredible wonders of the universe far

more magnificent and beautiful than you can imagine in this life abundant blessings

will be yours you will cherish a United Family as you strive together in harmony

my blessings will find you causing your adversaries to retreat the reward for choosing to

follow me is eternal Triumph already secured Your Role is to offer me your

heart your faith your devotion I invite you to do this today raise your hands if

you can or simply close your eyes and in silence dedic ate a moment to me start

with this express your deepest gratitude wholeheartedly without hesitation or

fear my intention for you is eternal life and happiness I have never planned to send

you through trials that cause pain my designs for you are filled with prosperity and blessings a life abundant

in love and care I long to embrace you fully but for

that I need your heart entrusted to me humbly kneeling before my Throne daily

living out my will feasting on my word and placing your complete trust in

me though doubts and challenges may arise my written word will be the anchor

of your faith giving you the strength to endure however if you choose to follow

others offering me your heart only in part or when convenient your faith will

falter lacking a firm foundation and you will be a drift in

uncertainty in the midst of storms you’ll be swept away into Realms of Despair and doubt I will speak to you

with my loving voice but if you’re not attentive you won’t hear me and you’ll

consume what brings no benefit your mind will become a whirlwind of thoughts and

your emotions will be turbulent one day you may feel uplifted

and the next deeply troubled if I am not the ruler of your heart uncertainty will

prevail you don’t have to suffer so greatly all I ask is for you to

surrender your heart to me and believe stand firm in your commitment

make the decision now without delay surrender your life to me

forever each day will not subtract from your life but will add to it as you will be with me eternally exploring the

astounding marvels of the universe everything will be far better and more

beautiful than you can envisage numerous blessings await you in

life you will be blessed with a harmonious family as you contend

together my blessings will reach you and your foes will scatter the reward for those who choose

to follow me is Everlasting victory for it has already been achieved your part is to give me your heart your faith Your

Allegiance I urge you to do this today as well lift your hands if possible or

close your eyes and in quiet devote some time to me begin with this act from the depths

of your heart express your gratitude without restraint and without

fear be thankful for your life the air you breathe your family and your current

circumstances even if they are not IDE deal soon I will provide the answers you

seek and guide you on the right path for now give thanks in the Here and Now

Express gratitude in moments of joy and also in times of Sorrow be grateful for

challenges failures and difficult experiences look in the mirror and give

thanks for yourself your attitude of gratitude is so potent that starting

today you will begin to see Miracles and significant changes in your life

share these words spread this message of Hope and gratitude surrounded by many who laugh

outwardly yet their souls are burdened with suffering their hearts teetering on the edge of

surrender they yearn for a genuine purpose in life go forth and reveal to

them the miracle of love that resides in your heart share the joy that fills you

and speak of The Virtuous transformation my presence can bring into their lives you are a of my love cloaked in

Tranquility prosperity and blessings unburdened by distress or debts free

from Strife or turmoil I am speaking directly to you

and your soul recognizes it your spirit feels it the emotion enveloping you is

no mere chance you hear these words today because of my deep love for you

understanding exactly what your heart needs I Empower you with strength and

unwavering resolve to overcome the challenges that were pulling you towards despair as you listen to my voice and

absorb these words they will instill in you the confidence faith and courage needed for

today await wonderful news Grand opportunities and Abundant

Blessings challenges will arise demanding Solutions but learn to trust

Behind These struggles lie the greatest blessings you can imagine as a loving father I have

benevolent plans for your life and your families I have a purpose for you which

is why I send you this message today cast aside all doubts and complaints and

resist letting anyone lead you to negative thoughts many wake up each day only to

lament their problems and what they lack failing to see the blessings I’ve provided let me reshape your thinking

through prayer rest assured that I will listen attend and respond to your heart’s

desires my Mercy envelops you more substantial and wondrous than honey

brighter than daylight this Divine love illuminates every aspect of your life

erassing your past and The Haunting mistakes it clears your mind of harmful

thoughts purifies your soul and rejuvenat your spirit leaving you

renewed and resilient view your current problems as mere steps towards Victory all conflicts

and complications are beneath you do not dwell on the past look forward to the

Horizon where your blessings await do not glance back nothing awaits you in the land of

loneliness many will follow you in times of prosperity and you will lead them I

will open doors at the right place and time for your Triumph overcome all

adversaries they will trouble you no more sorrow will disappear and feelings of

solitude will fade feel your heart leap with joy this is not an illusion my

power is actively working in your life performing wonders a result of your loyal active sincere faith steeped in my

wisdom anchored in my word it’s a simple yet unbreakable Faith you will Triumph

in every daunting situation be brave swim against the current climb any mountain

control your emotions maintain calmness even in hardship do not lose your spirit

or motivation I’m igniting this flame in your heart you have much life ahead you

have asked for life and health and I shall grant them extending your days with wisdom use your ears to bless

others to sew words of wisdom within your family share about me tell your story to

others proclaiming that Miracles await anyone who asks I love you and for this reason these

words and the flame stirring in your heart have reached you you are beginning to understand the

purpose I have for you past errors will serve as lessons preventing repeated

mistakes your advice to loved ones carries weight because it is grounded in my word your faith and my Holy Spirit in

your life the days of enduring conflict were meant for learning speak with patience

and kindness So Others May see that I am a god of love a faithful and forgiving

father I do not abandon my children I remember each one as their names are

inscribed in my heart my Covenant with you is sealed with sacrifice it’s a new

day so arise for you are meant to live move forward conquer your fears and

Seize Your Blessings I want you to witness my love for you and how it grows each hour do

not be afraid or despair your help comes from Heaven at just the right time in my perfect timing

you will see that trusting in me brings Abundant Blessings and wonderful fruits you are entering a time of joy and

celebration hello today I assure you that I am with you watching over and

protecting you and your loved ones I have ordered your steps so that nothing

hinders your journey I understand your concerns you you are human your enemies

may seem formidable but I the loving and faithful God in your heart am far more

powerful bring your worries to me now and I will transform them into great blessings with my promises and power

remember I was with you I am with you and I will always be with you I will

never leave you be unwavering in your resolve harnessing the profound courage

within you utilize the gifts and spiritual armaments I have bestowed sted upon you to claim victory over the land

that surrounds you in the battles you face Triumph will be yours overcoming

obstacles and defeating foes that rise against you by adhering to my promises you will cast out every spiritual entity

seeking to infest your home with sin and Malice stand up and declare my word

break the chains binding your loved ones your faith is to confront spiritual

forces unseen by the eye they will Retreat and flee from your presence as

they witness your bravery and conviction but if fear takes hold if you

lament your circumstances or resent me in times of trial or delayed provision

malevolent forces will await ready to pray on your weakness yet fear not guard your heart

and immerse your mind in my holy scriptures hold fast to your faith

regardless of what unfolds before you avoid letting doubt or complaints pass

your lips and refrain from speaking against the sacred care that watches over and Longs for

you even in moments of weakness and failure remain steadfast in your faith

for my forgiveness awaits you in Repentance and turning away from sin no

enemy holds sway over you under my protective shelter listen understand and learn I am

your God your Redeemer forgiving your sins and cleansing your soul I have

vanquished your accusers saved you from the abyss and placed songs of praise in

your heart I am real as you have experienced Miracles manifest When you

pray earnestly I will sustain you through life storms though Fierce winds may assail

you my love Shields you safeguarding you from the enemy’s grasp despair will not enslave you

in times of deep distress when you struggle to find a reason to continue cling to me even more tightly turn away

from the assaults of others and hold fast to me do not be swayed by fear for

no one in this universe loves you as deeply as I do nor can they rescue and deliver you from the consequences of

your mistakes the betrayals of false friends and the hurt caused by your own family they may attempt to bring you

down but I will raise you up among among them a day will come when they will

acknowledge their wrongs with remorse you will forgive as I do offering love

yet guarding your heart against further harm give me your heart for

safekeeping to prevent further hurt this day is yours rise and look forward with

faith for blessings abound for you and your family however your dedication is

essential seek me obey me and let my will be done through you use your voice

to spread my word your hands to heal and free The Afflicted your faith enables me to

perform miraculous works in your life I trust in you and you can confidently

approach me any good pure and uplifting desire you have I will

fulfill I keep an open record of our renewed Covenant you have chosen to serve and believe in me

and I cherish you deeply together we will witness wonders a testament to My Sacrifice and

Resurrection now commit yourself with devote and in love my unbreakable

promise is yours in this life you will overcome adversity with humility and

unwavering faith I am your God and you are my devoted Warrior I will never fail

you this moment of connection as I speak and you listen is filled with

anticipation you can feel my profound love enveloping you with Divine care I

am with you always in both good times and bad vigilantly ensuring your

protection providing for you and delighting you with beautiful details I bring the Sun for your

mornings the breeze for your Dawn and Surround you with my L’s Divine warmth

this love empowers you to walk confidently transforming your path of pain into one of

prosperity trust in my Everlasting commitment nothing and no one can ever

snatch you from my hand never have I been unaware of the strenuous trials you have

endured I am intimately familiar with both your past and your present today I

urge you to stand firm in my promises recognizing how I have supported and

sustained you you are alive endowed with both a future and a destiny because you

are precious and belong to me do not let the fluctuations of your experiences

distance you from my presence today I choose to engage with you affirming my

presence in your life and reiterating all the commitments that will lead you to Lush pastures and Peaceful Waters of

Serenity let every doubt be expelled from your heart banish fear and anxiety for I am

orchestrating trans transformations in your home Future character dreams and plans trust in me and allow me to

execute my plan in your life let me be your guide unveiling New Paths before

you approach me with unwavering faith and confidence for I wait for you with

open arms my desire is to lift your burdens erasing with my love every

negative sentiment that deprives you of Life do not struggle against the current

stop stop striving in your own strength submerge yourself in the river of my spirit and find rest reach out to me no

harm will come to you even if today you find yourself amidst deep conflicts I

will intervene on your behalf and Elevate you you will not be defeated none will witness your downfall I will

shield you from harm and deliver you from those who stand against you I want your life to overflow with

joy and love notice to all may you receive everything your heart desires

and may the world recognize you as my beloved child allow me the honor of rescuing you

from darkness and guiding you on Paths of Peace away from worldly

Sorrows understand that my offering of promises to you today stems from love

for I desire only the best for you choose to change what brings you down my

paths will lead you on carefully prepared Trails where you will recover everything you’ve

lost remember I sacrificed my life on the cross for you and Rose powerfully to

demonstrate my greatness to the world nothing is impossible for me distance

yourself from those who aim to mislead you and cause harm they wish to see you lose the blessings I have for you to see

you defeated and without peace purpose or reason for living but by my side

there schemes will not make your steps falter for I am always with you your

past sins and mistakes will no longer have a place in your new life I have forgiven you there is

nothing for you to be ashamed of my blood has cleansed you broken your

chains and freed you from all evil do not dwell on the past which I have

forgotten and live now in a present free from Fear I call you to rise in prayer

each morning blessing your day ahead if ever you feel weak or fearful I will be there to renew

your faith strength and hope when troubles come do not hesitate to turn to

me I will be there to support you to provide Solutions and reveal the answers

you need to persevere the love I offer is Limitless and eternal even at this very moment you

can feel its profound imp impact I obliterate every malevolent Force enchantment illness pain and every

chain of poverty and scarcity with my omnipotent power I am here to assist you

in all your needs

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