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God says, I am trying to reach you । God blessings forever ।

today God is saying to you right

now I’m going to compensate you for the

years the adversary as Stolen Years you

spent lonely years you spent being

tormented you’re going to have plenty of

Happiness plent of stability plenty of

resources plenty of

chances those of you who believe in God

should like this video

God is preparing to recall you he will

reconstruct you in the presence of your

oppressors remembering inails

reassembling in one’s mind God is going

to reassemble everything that has been

broken scattered and dispersed in your

life he is with you even while you

weather this storm you must not ignore

him give God the glory Glory now for he

has great things in store for

you to claim it type he ass in the

Box the universe wants you to use your

full potential accept and celebrate your

unique qualities you don’t need anything

else real you is what the world needs be

you live it

up shine don’t limit your potential make

magic and let your light shine being a

soul student is essential to your

development the best version of yourself

is calling to

you wisdom and insight will be bestowed

to you today your excitement will fuel

your ideas and make them even more

potent major energy adjustments are

coming and they will offer you Clarity


enjoyment type yes to validate this to

yourself your safety is guaranteed

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams your heart

might be vulnerable now be open to

receiving a new level of assistance now

from your soul family Cosmic Family and

the Heavenly beings of light

give them the go ahead to help you out

on your path now confess your worries

and anguish to them no longer must you

lug them around with you you’re getting

help on a SC you can’t even

fathom allow yourself to accept extra

assistance by actively looking for Clues

and doing all you can to get the support

you need right now

opportunities and divine connections

will be made available to you by your

heavenly backers but you must put up the

effort and take the initiative to accept

them click yes if you

agree if you pursue something it will

disappear when you’re confident in who

you are good things start coming your

way find the way that will test your

metal less pressure better continuity is

needed more expansion independently

determine the

truth just hit the Ys button if you find

this to be

true there will soon be a new beginning

you will soon be free of a significant

problem that has been in your way you

are on the cusp of a profound Awakening

during which you will become Keen aware

of your deep connection with the greater

force inside you accept and love your

uniqueness you weathered the storm and

made it through all you faced you are

made Stronger by every Challenge and

your head will remain held

high R iy up like a lion and smash

through whatever resistance you

encounter remove any roadblocks heal you

are more than a conqueror never forget

the put our men in the Box to

confirm the following week is a window

of opportunity for you to make some

serious changes listen to The Quiet of

your own heart and life will start

spilling forth its secrets you may put

your faith in this mentality

never apologize for living a life that

matters to you and that makes you

happy you are going to be amazed pretty

soon how everything suddenly and

magically worked in your advantage

you’ll see that everything that’s

happened up to this point has been

bringing you to a good

outcome the next several months will

provide wonderful opportun unities for

growth and change in your

life if you agree please respond with a


Keepers you are going to hear some

knowledge that will set you on a course

towards your own personal elevation a

roadmap to Serenity and healing this

will give you more p in your step and

show you fresh paths to your inner

spirit keep your drive alive keep your

strength you have been blessed the power

you wield is tremendous it’s clear that

you’re a powerful

person what you’re going through now is

necessary preparation for the greatest

chys and rewards of your life plant seed

and distribute your heart’s desire it

will be granted to you if you ask for it

take your time time enjoy the moment

give thanks and believe in your

path confirm by typing the number

yes you are about to enter a period of

your life that will offer you

Enlightenment Soul healing and heart

cleansing you’re about to undergo a

metamorphosis a rebirth in discover that

you have the power to bring about

miracles it will soon be your

turn changing just one thing about your

daily routine may open the floodgates to

a world of boundless prosperity joy


Independence and self

assurance are you interested in it of

learned the methods of attracting an

endless supply of money visit the link

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if you have faith in God subscribe to


channel the cosmos is vouching for your

own knowledge that unexpected

development was that you would

eventually benefit from your ordeal that

out of your adversity comes in

abundance your worries would Fade Into

Recollections of a past existence every

every day is a chance to get closer to

the things you not only deserve but also

earned so keep moving forward T if

you’re in the midst of these

changes there are fundamental human

right not a luxury it’s your Birthright

to enjoy a life of tranquility and


plenty put the affirmation I am ready to

shine into the text box

you’re going to undergo a profound

personal transformation in which you’ll

reorient your whole being towards love

and light your spirit and physical self

are being reconnected reset and

energized at this very

Now new time frames will open up for you

you are entering a new part of your trip

so pay close attention to the thoughts

that come into your head be receptive to

the upcoming blessings in your

life determined to be at ease not every

circumstance calls for an answer the

same can’t be said for every raging

Storm don’t take anything personally

they are only

projecting ground yourself breathe Let

It Go look within ignore the bad vibes

and focus on the good Your vitality is

precious don’t waste

it if you’re ready enter amen

now the realization of a crucial truth

is going to have far-reaching

consequences for you a new and exciting

phase of your life is about to begin all

thanks to your dog

persistence nothing blooms without care

nothing bears fruit without time and

effort you have been restored to health

I admire your

resilience the time has come to

recognize one of the most important

lessons you’ve ever been taught you will

recognize this for what it is and at the

same time be reminded of the tremendous

Inner Strength you

possess keep in mind that your hobbies

and passions should serve as your North

Star your spirit should point the way

and you should feel compelled to

follow if you agree please respond with


yes dearest one your angels ask that you

make an effort to pay attention to your

own Sensations and ideas they are all

brimming with Vigor and force take take

caution with your internal and external

dialogue all of this is transmitted into

the universe and is heard no matter how

difficult things may seem right now you

should strive to replace those negative

emotions with ones of optimism happiness


Tranquility keep in mind that things

will improve with time angels and the

Divine love it represents surround you

whenever you go we go never give up and

always strive

ahead the affirmation I am gentle with

myself may be

typed only you can know for sure what it

is that you want you are a child of the

light tune into your inner light and

head it guide you follow your inner

light as you go through life so

you will see clearly the path you want

to take in life get up this is an act of

God just by being who you are the

universe will back you

up put TS in the box if you

agree something is going to happen that

will motivate you so greatly that you

will have no choice but to start working

towards your goal rejuvenate yourself

now is the moment to

succeed pay attention to the bright

spirits leave the Shadows behind what’s

waiting within of you goes beyond your

current understanding to leave in the

power of your Soul’s

light try to relax becoming at peace

with yourself is as simple as accepting

what has already occurred not everything

that happens to you will make sense but

trust that there is Magic in the mystery

turns along life’s Road are inevitable

maintain a positive attitude and keep


progress the beauty of life is found in


unpredictability therefore welcome the

unknown road

ahead simply enter the words I am

Sovereign to assert your indep

dependence you’re entering a pivotal

stage right now some parts of the old

you have been met with resistance from

the new you you’re pushing yourself to

improve to have a better life you’re

challenging your established

routine this is a leveling up phase that

is going to motivate you to allow

yourself to flow more freely with faith

that the road you’ve gone going on is

not only secure but in accordance with

the vision you’ve had for so long you

bought some time for

recuperation you’ve calmed your racing

heart and are ready to start living the

life you’ve always wanted you were a

spectator to your own plight now you get

to sit back and watch yourself

succeed accepting and being one’s true

self is the most potent thing one can do

for themselves it’s the person you

become when you stop trying to fit into

preconceived notions of who you are and

start rejecting the Label Society has


you understanding is the first step only

you can give yourself the gift of being

really authentic to who you are

inspiration is flooding your mind and

way waves invest in your imaginative

self a wi yes response indicates

acceptance very soon you will have to

decide whether to change with the times

or stay exactly the same make the

decision to grow and to

love you’ll feel at ease inside yourself

like you really know who you are and

have a better idea of where you want

your life to go from here on out get

your head your heart and your soul in

the same direction if you believe in God

you should subscribe to our

Channel God please give us courage for

the week ahead please remind us that you

are with us always and that no matter

what comes our way you will keep us

safe keep my loved ones and my community

in your prayers I ask for strength to go

on and your Insight to know what to do

next as well as restful sleep for

everyone who are reading

this we pray that you’ll provide us with


opportunities and the strength to make

it through this week in good

spirits if you want this statement type

Amen to trust is to rely completely on

God even when you don’t understand

what’s happening or have all the answers

in order to trust Christ one must be at

peace with uncertainty and willing to

give up control of one’s life to

him if you have faith you must trust

others God frequently gives us hints

about the outcome of a tale even if they

are just hints by using the analogy of a

journey to its objective God May provide

an overarching picture of where he

intends for you to go but he may


specifics put everything on the altar of

God’s presence including your goals

aspiration and wishes you are under

God’s care your loved ones are important

to him he is is concerned about your

professional development you may trust

him with your

money God intends for you to have

success in whatever you do if you’re

ready to give yourself up to him

remember that beloved I wish above all

things that thou mayest prosper and be

in health even as thy Soul prospereth

just lay everything at his feet and give

him your anxieties stand

fears if you agree please respond with

am men

below once you have discerned the

relationships God has destined for your

life you must pray persistently for

God’s blessings on those connections you

must realize that God conceived of the

ideas of family marriage and friends

this is why Satan is so determined to to

destroy Christian

friendships therefore it is essential to

pray for your

relationships continually both when they

are thriving and when they are

struggling when we Endeavor to remain in

step with the spirit in the midst of

change we’re choosing to trust in our

Lord and savior that he intends only

good for us that we may put our faith in

him be because he has a

plan the presence of God is not a means

to an end the final objective is him I’m

not sure how this will play out die you

do give me the gift of just being here

in your presinct get up near so I can

feel your hand holding mine I pray that

you will help me view the world as you

intend please give me the strength to

believe in your mercy in the name name

of Jesus

Amen enter why he asked to take

it cry out to your God today you may

rely on his benevolence his affection

for you will never end when he hears

your prayer he will undoubtedly be

merciful have faith in his compassionate

promise that as soon as he hears it he

answers you the world may have knocked

you down but let his love restore you in


way I pray that the promise of God’s

infinite kindness and compassion serves

as the Cornerstone of your life a simple

yes or no will do come on people of

Faith because our heavenly father is a

wonderful God he always answers prayer

provides for those who seek Him and

opens doors for those who knock heavenly

father I thank you for your

word I trust that you are able in spite

of all I’m going through I’m finding

your assistance that much beyond

anything I could have imagined you have

never left me wanting and I put my faith

in your love and strength because of it

yes Lord and jesus’ name a an imagin

edity just by typing I am embrace my

power you’re making a powerful

statement today God wants to communicate

to you I know you have a lot on your

mind right now but let it all fall at my

feet by trust give it to me and go

on just so you know I am removing the

obstacles that you are worried about

when I am finished with you you will see

why your patience is your great greatest

asset I am putting things all together

for your good do not worry about what

you cannot handle do not fear what is

impossible for I have covered

them this month God is going to perform

an incredible thing in your life I don’t

know what you’ve been praying for or why

your tears have been soaking your

pillows but God has heard you miracles

are on the way because his angels have

been sent to help you I vow you will see

your health reversal for the positive

you will surprise the doctors you will

obtain the job your mission is to behave

and talk as if this is already happening

believe without

seeing if you’re set just type

amen today’s message from God is I know

your pain has been great on I know

you’ve been through so much I know the

hate has been so real and the love has

been so fake but you keep moving forward

I am so proud of you because of your

faith and perseverance I am going to

bless and prosper you everything will be

all right don’t give

up another words God is telling you

today don’t spend another year wandering

aimless ly in the dessert putting off

what you know you should to get honest

with yourself deal with the problems I

am bringing to

light it may be tough but when you take

that step of faith my grace is going to

make it easier than you

think you will be able to end the

destructive cycles that have played your

family and enter your Promised Land if

you only stop fleeing

you’re going to break free of your

limitations and become the magnificent

person I always you could

be type yes to

confirm as you enter a new season God is

saying trust me I am putting you up for

a breakthrough like you have never seen

before don’t hate the path you’re on

it’s the only way to get where you’re

going storms may come but there would

shape you to be more like me my hand is

on your life and people will look at you

in awe wondering where you got all your


fortune nothing I accomplish through you

will ever be attributed to anybody else

so go confidently into the next season

knowing that no weapon devised against

you will ever

succeed if you have faith in God

subscribe to our

Channel keep in mind that I am the god

of Miracles and that your praise will

pave the way for the miraculous I am the

god of Victory and I will

repay leave your worries in my hands and

focus your attention on me I will turn

the tables on the adversary and make

them pay for their actions

remember what I’ve done and let your

praise launch you beyond the barriers of

anxiety sadness bewilderment and

disappointment type yes if you feel

this God says today I will do something

that will surprise you suddenly you’ll

feel better the door will open and the

appropriate person will appear in your


you’ve weathered the storm of adversity

and are now posed to reap the rewards of

prosperity those who have been trying to

catch up to you have been

vanquished we have weathered the storm

of depression addiction workplace

difficulties and health problems I’m

going to perform some weird stuff in

front of

you you put your faith in me therefore I

will come to your he you will find favor

in The Crucible rise to prominence

during the

epidemic you put your faith in me

therefore I will come to your Aid you

will find favor in The Crucible rise to

prominence during the

epidemic resiliency Under Pressure the

ability to bounce back from adversity

whatever was holding you back is no

longer an

issue God responds my dear child you

have learned by now that drawing near to

me and admitting your dependence on me

brings you Supernatural

peace you can’t hoard the serenity you

find not any more than you could the

Mana and the dessert instead Savor the

happiness it brings you in this very now

trust me child the instant you learn how

to accept peace to the fullest I will

give you the peace you need for the day

as you wake up

tomorrow with my love you will conquer

every obstacle and cross any

sea just by typing I embrace my power

you’re making a powerful

statement send him a prayer I’m praying

for you praying that God would keep your

mind bright and focused on him praying

that he will gour your eyes so that

nothing meaningless would be brought


you praying that God would open your

ears to hear his voice your mouth to

speak only what is good for others your

heart to have God at its Center to guide

you and your hands to be strengthened

and take joy in the work you

do may God reward your efforts and may

He strengthen your legs so that you can

run the course God has set before you


tiring I offer up a prayer for your feet

asking that you be swift to turn away

from Evil and persistent in seeking

after knowledge righteousness peace love

and the truth

God always has a plan even when it seems

like we’re being brought down a dark

Road and are far away from him this

period of darkness is what may draw Us

near to

him so though it may seem like your life

is falling apart right now it’s really

God trying to lead you to a brighter


place when the storms have passed you

you’ll be able to look back and see

God’s hand in turning around what seemed

like hopeless

circumstances if you’re ready then hit

the yes button and forward this video to

five other


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