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God Says: I Beg for Your 1 Min Coz… | God Message Today | God Message For You | God Message For Me

God is telling you now my darling child

that before the end of this month you

will receive a big surprise of

$, as a present from unanticipated

sources since I am the origin of all

good things you can put your trust in me

to take care of you if you believe in

God please leave a like and support for

this video in the next hours love

money and good health will come knocking

at your door this is a month that will

be full of blessings peace and God’s

favor and it will provide you special

opportunities coming months are going to

be full with blessings and possibilities

for you and your family your prayers

have all been answered and although some

doors are closing others are coming up

that will improve your life input

to validate if money has been a source

of stress for you repeat this

affirmation I am open to receiving more

money and I am grateful for what I

already have my bank account will be

brimming with more money than I could

ever dream of I’m worth $ million thus

all of my financial problems will be

fixed God Alone possesses the true

ability to heal redeem and restore God

has the ability to heal you from any

kind of pain whether it be mental

emotional or spiritual if you just ask

for it God will assist you in the coming

months your financial situation will

beyond your expectations and your love

and spiritual lives will both develop

remember that you will be saved if you

put your faith in Jesus if you trust in

God and give him thanks you will have

enough of food clean water and good

health and you will experience better

things if you continue to thank him

enter Amon if you concur never lose

sight of the fact that only God has the

ability to turn difficulties into

inspirational Tales or adversity into a

significant Triumph this month God will

provide you a lot of Happiness money and

good health as a result you should stop

worrying and weeping since things will

become better for you I’m here to help

you turn your struggles into strengths

and your setbacks into opportunities

believe me I have a great plan for you

you’ll be prosperous well and free of

all your issues I pray for each and

every person who reads this may you

always feel the love and protection of

God I pledge to support you in getting

well mending your relationships and

handling your finances I’ll be available

to you if you have trust in me you can

live a prosperous helpful contented and

cheerful life These are no empty words

I’m always willing to act and loyal to

my promise never forget that I am able

to resolve all of your problems and

enhance your mental emotional and

spiritual health let’s pray as a group

after you say this out loud I used to

feel lost but then I found Hope and

direction in Jesus dear God I believe

that you will supply all of our needs as

you have promised you seem confident

that you will follow through on your

powerful words God has a purpose and a

plan for your happiness and prosperity

you will be successful in all you try

this week your businesses relationships

income and health will all be blessed

like never before you’ll encounter

Miracles Joy Serenity healing and favor

God has prepared unfathomable blessings

for you and your family if you watch

this video all the way through your

tough days and hardships will be

replaced with the best days of your life

you shouldn’t worry about bills since

God has financial success planned for

you accept it and be thankful for it

your anguish and Restless evenings will

end God will provide you health

prosperity and love just when you think

it’s over God will work a miracle that

will change your life keep your

excitement High because God has you

covered this week type he will

improve your financial situation as well

as your relationships job and General

Health amazing things are going to

happen to you so embrace it recall that

I am bigger than whatever issues you are

having and I will find a way to help you

even if it seems unattainable God is

going to change your life with a

blessing everything you’ve been hoping

for will materialize in spite of every

hardship to take advantage of my

incredible healing and get all your

problems resolved type

do not fret I understand that

suffering ailments and Imperfections may

make life challenging I’m here to

support your recovery resiliency and

restoration of peace and love when

you’re ready type

believe me I’ll turn the bad into

the good and bestow upon you and your

loved ones an abundance of advantages to

help you get through these trying times

prepare for pleasure love and harmony as

I pour abundance into your life you’ll

see Miracles and your misery will

disappear you are going to have amazing

opportunities and financial

breakthroughs and I will always be here

to support and Mentor you when you seize

New Opportunities your life will

transform and you won’t need to battle

anymore to remember that I have

wonderful plans full of Wonders and

rewards for your future type

give me your problems and I’ll

replace them with blessings Tranquility

love healing and plenty of advantages

accept my Approach I’m putting in a lot

of effort to give you amazing things if

you believe in God’s plan type

my dear children do not allow fear

anxiety stress or suffering to stand in

the way of progress I’m here to support

you in carrying those burdens just let

me take them on and I’ll replace them

with my peace love healing and many

blessings remember that while you stay

on this course my divine plan for your

life is unfolding to bring about the

advantages I have in store for you have

trust that even though you may not

always see the big picture I am

orchestrating events and setting the

stars in your favor when you you are in

need give me a call and I will help you

get through the lowest points I am going

to be your compass when you are lost I

will keep you close to my heart and help

you when you need it as you see your

circumstances shift right before your

eyes be open to receive the incredible

gifts I have in store for you be

astonished aware of and grateful for the

brightness and wonder that come from

seeing my faithfulness so don’t lose

heart I’ll always be by your your side

together we’ll walk this light’s journey

to your desired destination you are

going to be showered with gifts from

above and experience Heavenly Grace so

get ready for the wonderful things that

are about to happen remember that I am

the deity of comfort love and sympathy I

am the one that honestly loves you and

compassionately looks out for you

throughout it all if you keep believing

in me you can anticipate love Miracles

and a wealth of advantages Beyond Your

Wildest expectations children I love so

much never give up you obey my words

because I am your God I am your Solace

your support and your direction you will

not be disappointed if you put your

trust in me God is going to be very

involved in your life tomorrow so get

your house ready for a Grand Occasion

unexpectedly doors will start opening

for you and healings and miracles will

start happening Envision the Glorious

light of God f filling every nook and

cranny of your home throughout the day

you’ll receive unexpected calls and

messages from people offering you money

and Aid God predicts that you will

receive unexpected money benefits

throughout the course of the next

hours because he wants you to succeed in

all facets of your life your life will

experience incredible Miracles if you

put your trust in these assurances in

case you Embrace God’s promises kindly

type yes as we approach approach the

year be prepared for a time of

healing blessings and miracles this is

the season of new beginnings

opportunities and fresh begins you’ll be

shocked at how much more God will add to

you this week benefits that you cannot

even begin to imagine a period of ending

Prosperity ending peace and Celestial

interventions is about to come upon you

the angels of God will protect you and

foil any malicious schemes God want to

bestow upon you Prosperity good health

and success so that you might benefit

others this is not an isolated battle

for you this is the time for you to heal

God is going to restore everything that

the enemy has taken from you including

your sense of purpose prosperity and

Tranquility never lose sight of the fact

that you can live a life of faith in God

and that he provides hope keep your

gratitude and humility throughout this

prosperous season give comfort and help

to to those in need and spread your

blessings to others if God is your guide

you can face the future with courage and

Assurance no matter what obstacles you

encounter never forget that you possess

the divine power within you which is

poised to help you overcome them with

confidence enter this healing and

benefiting period knowing that you are

loved treasured and guarded by the

creator of the universe may you

experience an abundance of God’s love

peace and blessings as they lead you on

a great journey of faith and fulfillment

make the most of this sacred Moment by

living a life that exemplifies God’s

goodness and mercy and never forget that

if you have confidence in God he is

always with you guiding your steps and

ensuring that his intentions for your

life are fulfilled the Wonders he has in

store for you will be revealed to you

others are inspired by your tale of

divine will and those who are most in

need of Hope find it you are about to

experience a major Improvement in your

life my darling kid please listen

carefully your career business or place

of employment will grow and your

financial situation will significantly

improve I promise you that incredible

things are on the way trust that I will

do miracles in your life get ready for

wealth love and success to pour in you

will get numerous rewards I will support

you through difficult times exciting

times lie coming

you might get the ideal job fall in love

with someone truly or have an

unprecedented breakthrough in just

days your life will undergo remarkable

changes keep in mind that the secret to

everything is growing a strong

relationship with my son Jesus he will

support you throughout your worst

moments and try to lift your spirits

never give up on him he will never

disappoint you together let’s recite

this prayer oh oh Lord you are my choice

I Surrender myself to you I ask that you

enter my life as My Savior and Lord and

I accept your pardon have faith that you

will get well and get money even if it

doesn’t seem conceivable for you God

Will Make A Way you are going to walk

through an incredible portal that will

give you the support and tools you

require to accomplish your objectives my

love and restored Grace will be with you

always making your journey easier before

this month ends get ready for amazing

bonuses you’re going to be better soon

your financial situation will improve

and miracles will happen coming months

will provide plenty of money benefits

and possibilities everything you need

including a fantastic career secure

finances and Ean love is what I’m

pounding for you and your family you’re

looking forward to prosperous

opportunities and Fresh Starts you won’t

believe how your blessings will double

in the upcoming week please type I

believe if you agree believe me God

Delights in bestowing upon you His

blessings and abundance of goodness be

assured that I am at your side every

step of the way developing you and

supporting you remember to have

confidence and Trust in the divine plan

that is being revealed there will surely

be challenges in your way during trying

times but you can conquer them all with

faith willpower and the support of your

loved ones remember that each day is a

gift that could present opportunities

and advantages stay receptive to the

opportunities that the universe may

present to you I pray that God would

open doors for good in your life this

week I understand your current situation

says God adopt Jesus as your lord I will

uplift you bless you and give you

strength I will protect you and give you

Solace place all your trust in the Lord

and don’t rely on your understanding

whenever you acknowledge him in all that

you do he will guide your actions don’t

be afraid to set high standards for

yourself and to dream big believing in

your abilities talents and attributes

will enable you to achieve greatness as

you travel through life never lose

gratitude for all that you have in it

gratitude is a powerful energy that

attracts more happiness and wealth

gratitude for the small things can lead

to witnessing how the minor blessings

blossom into larger ones since you are

Des for greatness may you experience

many blessings and lead a happy loving

and meaningful life move confidently

down the path you have selected if you

utilize love and faith as your compass

you will shine brightly and Inspire

others along the way may you never

forget that you are a cherished child of

God worthy of all the good things that

come your way and may you walk a path

full of wonder and awe thus my dear ones

may your lives be a bright Testament to

the power of love Hope and Faith allow

your experience to motivate others by

showing them that no obstacle is

insurmountable and no goal is too big if

you believe in your own ability you can

achieve success embrace the Marvels in

your life and allow it to be a Living

testament to the wonders of God let me

conclude by giving you one last thought

ordinary Miracles are just waiting for

you to embrace them the Lord announces

that the trying times are coming to to

an end and that what you have prayed and

longed for will be shown via the windows

of Heaven that I will open don’t worry

about anything instead pray for

everything give God what you need and

thank him for everything that he has

done I am always here for you in good

times or bad you’re going to enter a

prosperous phase where everything will

continually work out for you at the

ideal time you will be so joyful that

you will make everyone around you feel

good and Trust lasting there will be

many blessings and Marvels in the future

that will transform your life you are my

favorite child my dearest one type I

love you God remember to pray to me I am

available to hear you at all times seek

guidance from me ask for help and trust

that I will provide it God genuinely

wants you to have a good time and be

blessed in every way all you have to do

is thank God for what he has given you

and put your compl complete trust in him

prepare yourself for incredible even

bigger things to happen this week it

seems like a time for rebirth and fresh

Beginnings God knows what you need even

before you ask therefore trust that he

will meet all of your wants God will

take away the things that bring you

sorrow and make your life better making

ensuring you have more than enough is

his goal thank you Heavenly Father for

your amazing plan for me I put the past

behind me now because I know that you

have good things in store for me down

the road Amon in the name of Jesus you

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