GOD SAYS; I COMMAND YOU NOT TO SKIP THIS NOW OR YOU WILL DIE Gods Message Today - online calculators


God is saying you today picture this if you disregard this

Divine message brace yourself for serious consequences but if you fancy a ticket

to Paradise just spare minutes with me Jesus by watching this video till the

very end it’s me Jesus Christ extending my hand to you with a message packed

with love and care imagine me standing at your

doorstep eager to step step in and fill your space with boundless love and a shower of financial

blessings believe it or not I’m making a comeback to Earth much sooner than you think if you resonate with my words

please give this video a thumbs up and share it with your nearest and

dearest my cherished one today I urge you to speak these words aloud I welcome

the overflowing love healing and blessings that are rightfully mine my

entire family is in for he and just when we need the most miracles of abundance will come pouring

in type amen if you believe in
Epic Week Ahead.)

God get set for an epic week ahead packed with amazing happenings starting from Monday till

Sunday brace yourself for miracles popping up left right and Center your

fortunes are gearing up for a major upgrade your Health’s getting a boost and your finances are set to soar

hold on to your hats because a tsunami of Miracles and blessings is headed your way brace yourself for a wealth of

goodness in January and February blessings opportunities you name it

trust me dear ones and watch as wonders unfold before your

eyes ready yourself for a flood of success love and prosperity remember my dear child I’m

the master mind behind everything you lay eyes on the sky the Earth the water

the mountains the Sun and even the Stars [Music]

themselves type if you believe in

God God says I’m always here for you guiding comforting and keeping you safe

you’re really important to me and I love you no matter what I want nothing but

success plenty and good health for you you and your loved

ones just trust that I have a plan for you and believe that I’ll never leave you alone tonight while you sleep I’ll

make the miracle you’ve been hoping for happen wiping away all your

worries all those tears pain and nights you’ve spent tossing and turning will soon be over you’re on the verge of

winning the lottery which will change your life forever get ready because January is going to be full of

blessings chances and lots of good stuff for you and your

family you’re about to see your wealth health and happiness sore your financial

worries will disappear and you’ll be able to pay off all your debts just like Jesus said I am the bread of life if you

stick with me you won’t go hungry or thirsty invite Jesus into your life and

he’ll replace your pain with happiness joy and peace that never ends always
Financial Blessings.)

remember you’re deeply loved and I even sent my only son to Earth for [Music]

you type amen if you believe in [Music]

God you mean the world to me and I’m always looking out for you loving you with all my heart I’m here to take away

your worries fears and frustrations replacing them with Everlasting peace so you can feel my love and kindness

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