God says:- I Have Been Waiting For You | God Message Today | God Message for You Today.

my dear child I speak to you now not

with wrath but with a heart heavy with

concern I watch over all my creation and

as i gaze upon the world and its

inhabitants I cannot help but feel a

profound sorrow my love for you is

boundless yet I see you squandering the

Magnificent potential with which I have

endowed you it pains me deeply to

witness you straying From the Path I

have set forth for you from the very

moment of your conception I have woven

into the fabric of your being the seeds

of greatness I have bestowed upon you

intellect creativity and a capacity for

love that knows no bounds yet instead of

harnessing these gifts to uplift

yourselves and others you have allowed

them to wither away in pursuit of

shallow desires and fleeting Pleasures I

see the world around you consumed by

greed hatred and division you have

forsaken the values of compassion

empathy and unity that I have imparted

to you instead of coming together as one

human family you have built walls

between yourselves based on superficial

differences of race religion and

nationality my heart breaks to see the

suffering that you inflict upon one

another Wars rage across the globe

fueled by a Lust For power and dominance

Injustice and inequality run rampant as

the powerful oppress the weak and the

marginalized are left to languish in

poverty and despair you have forgotten

that every soul is precious in my eyes

and that you are all interconnected in

the tapestry of existence moreover you

have desecrated the natural world that I

have entrusted to your care you have

poisoned the air polluted the waters and

ravaged the Earth in your Relentless

pursuit of wealth and progress you have

forgotten that you are stewards of the

planet charged with preserving its

beauty and abundance for future

Generations yet despite the darkness

that pervades the world there is still

hope for within each and every one of

you resides a spark of divinity a light

that can never be extinguished it is

never too late to turn back to me to

seek forgiveness and Redemption and to

embrace the path of righteousness and

love I implore you to heed my words and

to heed the call of your own conscience

open your hearts to the suffering of

others and extend a hand of compassion

to those in need stand up against

Injustice and oppression and work

tirelessly to build a world where all

are treated with dignity and respect

reconnect with the natural world and

redis discover the Wonder and awe that

it inspires take heed of the delicate

balance of life that sustains you and

strive to live in harmony with the Earth

and all its creatures above all remember

that you are never alone I Am With You

Always guiding you along the path of

righteousness and offering you my

boundless love and forgiveness turn to

me in times of trouble and I will lift

you up on wings of eagles my dear child

the time has come for you to reclaim

your destiny and fulfill the purpose for

which you were created do not let fear

or despair hold you back for I am with

you now and always type amen if you love


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