God says:- I Need To Talk With You | God Message Today | God Message for You Today.

my dearest child I speak to you not as a

distant figure in the heavens but as the

essence of love and compassion that

resides within you and all things I am

the guiding force that breathes life

into existence The Source from which all

creation flows I am known by many names

yet I am beyond names Beyond forms

Beyond Comprehension I am the Divine the

infinite the Eternal I see you my child

struggling amidst the challenges of life

grappling with doubts fears and

uncertainties but know this You are not

alone I am with you always watching over

you with unwavering love and boundless

Grace I know the depths of your heart

the pain you carry the longing for

something greater than yourself in your

journey through the trials and

tribulations of existence you may have

felt lost disconnected from your true

purpose and calling but fear not for I

am here to remind you of the truth that

has always been within you you are a

beloved child of mine destined for

greatness endowed with infinite

potential I send you this message not to

instill fear or guilt but to offer you a

Beacon of Hope a pathway to Redemption

and transformation for I have witnessed

your struggles your doubts your moments

of Despair and I am here to tell you

that there is a way out of the darkness

away into the light my beloved child I

offer you the gift of Salvation through

my beloved Son Jesus Christ he walked

among you as a beacon of love and

compassion showing you the way to

Redemption and eternal life his message

was simple yet profound love one another

as I have loved you and through me you

shall find Salvation Jesus came not to

condemn the world but to save it to

offer you a path to Liberation from

suffering and sin through his teachings

and his sacrifice he has shown you the

way to Transcendence to a life filled

with purpose meaning and divine grace I

urge you my child to open your heart to

the transformative power of Jesus Christ

allow his love to enter your life to

wash away your sins and to renew your

spirit surrender yourself to his Divine

guidance and you will experience a

profound shift in your Consciousness a

rebirth into a life of joy peace and

fulfillment know that salvation is not

earned through Deeds or rituals but

through faith and surrender to the

Divine will trust in the infinite wisdom

of the universe and you will be guided

along the path of righteousness embrace

the teachings of Jesus and you will find

solace in times of trouble strength in

times of weakness and hope in times of

Despair my beloved child I offer you

this message of love and salvation as a

reminder of your true nature and purpose

you are not just a mere mortal confined

to the limitations of the physical world

you are a Divine being a spark of my

eternal Essence capable of Miracles

Beyond Your Wildest imagination so I

implore you my child to heed this

message and open your heart to the

transformative power of Jesus Christ let

go of your doubts and fears and embrace

the Divine love that surrounds you

always for in him you will find the

Salvation and Redemption you seek and

your life will be forever changed for

the better type am in if you love Jesus

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