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my child I’ve been telling you that you

don’t have time to give up or try to

hide as a sharp spearhead you cut

through the wind and make ways to the

land of blessings I will give you I will

help you grow spiritually so that you

understand that you are the parent of


generations don’t worry if no one

notices you today and don’t let the

blows you take even if they hurt get you

down do not waste the gifts and

blessings I give you you because

everything is meant to serve a

purpose I have everything under control

but how you feel is important your faith

and belief will take you to a higher

level take my word for it if you feel

weak get on your knees and if you think

you can’t go on look up I live in your

heart as well as being there my

blessings are not far away they are

right in front of you soon you will be

saved all of your problems will fall

apart and your your enemies will be

defeated now tell me do you love me and

do you believe in me as soon as I get

your answer I’ll do a great miracle for

you today you need to do these three

things to calm down and get rid of

stress pay close attention and let these

words stay with you all day making you

feel calm before anything else give me

your whole heart without any doubts or

fears my goal is to give you eternal

life and happiness I have never meant to

punish you or put you through hard times

because of your pain I want you to have

wealth and happiness a full life full of

love and care kneel in front of my

throne and give me your heart be willing

to do what I say feed your spirit with

my words and trust me completely even if

you have doubts and problems my written

word will hold your faith strong and

give you the strength to keep going your

faith will not be strong your life will

be tossed around by the waves When

Storms Come and your thoughts and

feelings will be all over the place if

you only give me part of your heart or

only when it suits you this is not what

I want for you I want you to give me

your heart and stay loyal and Faith

filled no matter what if you decide

right now to give up your life for all

time each day will not seem like less

time but rather like more time because

you will be with me forever experiencing

the amazing wonders of the

universe what you think will be

beautiful and good will be even better

you will be blessed in many ways have a

happy family and be able to handle any

problems together your good luck will

reach you and people who want to hurt

you will run away people who follow me

will have eternal Victory which has

already been set up give me your heart

your trust and your loyalty today I want

you to do

this second if you can raise your hands

or close your eyes and take some time to

be thankful from the bottom of your

heart make a list of all the blessings

you have received in the past the ones

you are expecting and the ones you

already have include even the little

things that seem seem to make you strong

and give you a reason to live say thank

you completely and honestly even if you

don’t think you have any good things

going on in your

life thanks for being able to say thank

you giving thanks in this way will heal

your soul and take off the blindfold

that is blocking your vision The Horizon

will open up and show you all the

blessings that have already reached and

surrounded you giving you strength to

keep going and fight they give you the

strength to get up every day and keep

going there may be problems and

difficulties but if you pay close

attention you will see how your faith

has grown and how you have become wiser

through each

one now tell me how Greatful you

are let me hear your voice and hear what

you really mean say thank you for your

life the air you breathe your family and

the way things are now even if they

aren’t how you’d like them to be thank

you I will soon give you advice on your

way I’ll show you new maps and the right

ways to get where you need to go but for

now be thankful right now even when your

soul is crying be thankful when you are

happy and when your heart

hurts be thankful for the hard times the

failures and the bitter trials thank

yourself as you look at yourself in the

mirror being thankful is a strong

emotion because of it you will start to

see Miracles and big changes in your


today finally tell other people about

these words many people around you may

look happy but their souls are hurting

and they are on the verge of giving up

up it might be hard for them to find a

real reason to live go tell everyone

about this love Miracle that’s going on

in your heart tell them about the joy I

bring to your life and the good things I

can do for them as you share love I will

surround you with peace Harmony wealth

blessings and freedom from stress and

debt people may laugh at what you do but

those who hear you will feel terrible

they need what you found they need to

know that you care about and love them

get this message of Love and Hope out

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