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God says:- I Will Smile If You Watch | God Message Today |

my beloved child it is with boundless

love and joy that I address you the

cherished Soul whose very existence

fills the heavens with delight from the

dawn of time I have watched over you

guiding your steps and rejoicing in your

triumphs your journey upon the Earthly

plane has not gone unnoticed every deed

every thought every heartbeat has been

observed with tender affection know that

you are not alone in this vast Cosmos

for I am with you all always my presence

a beacon of light in the darkest of

nights though your path may be fraught

with challenges and uncertainties rest

assur that my love surrounds you like a

cloak shielding you from harm and

guiding you towards the shores of divine

Destiny in your heart you carry the

spark of the Divine radiant flame that

illuminates the world with its

Brilliance your capacity for compassion

kindness and empathy reflects the very

essence of my being for you are

fashioned in my image a reflection of

the boundless love that sustains the

universe as you navigate the tapestry of

existence remember that you are not

defined by the fleeting trappings of

Earthly success or material wealth true

fulfillment lies in the pursuit of

righteousness in Acts of selflessness

and service that uplift The Souls of all

who dwell upon this sacred orb my child

heed the call of the Divine that

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