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Almighty and everlasting God creator of

the universe we come before you in awe

and humility recognizing your infinite

love and boundless Mercy as we bow our

heads and open our hearts we lift our

voices in prayer to honor and glorify

your son Our Savior Jesus Christ oh

Divine Redeemer Lamb of God Prince of

Peace we magnify your holy name and

offer our ad ation unto you in your life

teachings and sacrifice we find the

ultimate expression of love and

compassion you who walked Among Us

Healing The Sick comforting the

Brokenhearted and spreading the message

of Salvation we kneel before you with

reverence and gratitude Lord Jesus in

your presence we find Solace for our

troubled souls and strength for our

weary hearts you are the light of the

world guiding us through the darkness of

doubt and despair in your Embrace we

find Refuge from the storms of life

knowing that you are the anchor of our

faith and the source of Our Hope grant

us oh Lord the wisdom to discern your

will and the courage to follow your

Commandments help us to embody your love

in all that we do treating others with

kindness compassion and respect may your

grace Empower us to forgive those who

have wronged us and to seek

reconciliation with our neighbors as you

have reconciled us to the father through

your sacrifice on the cross Jesus Son of

God we offer our prayers for those who

are suffering and oppressed for the sick

and the dying for the lonely and the

despairing pour out your healing touch

upon them oh Lord and Grant them comfort

and peace peace in their time of need

may your presence be a Beacon of Hope in

their Darkness shining forth with the

promise of redemption and eternal life

we also lift up to you oh Jesus our

gratitude for the blessings you have

bestowed upon us both seen and unseen

for the gift of life and the breath of

every moment we give you thanks for the

love of family and friends for the

beauty of creation for the opportunities

to serve and to grow we praise your Holy

Name Lord Jesus as we journey through

this life help us to walk in your

footsteps following your example of

humility service and sacrificial love

may we be instruments of your peace in a

world torn apart by hatred and division

spreading your message of reconciliation

and forgiveness to all people in your

Holy Name Jesus Christ we offer this

prayer trusting in your promise to hear

us and to answer according to your will

amen may this prayer serve as a


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