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beloved child it makes me happy to clear

your way open doors listen to your

prayers give you answers strengthen you

and guide you through life’s storms if

you want to grow you need to be humble

enough to learn from problems when they

come up if you let me into your heart I

will show you A New Path filled with my

glory this path will make the impossible

possible change people soften heart hard

hearts and flow with your provision

debts go away sadness leaves and joy

spreads out in a warm embrace love and

mercy from me will always be with you

even when you can’t feel me as a part of

your life I see every tear that falls

from your eyes and every smile that

lights up your face in your darkest

hours I am your Guiding Light when you

are weak I am your Fortress when you are

confused I am your steady path believe

in me

you and I need to talk which is why I

tell you every time you wake up to keep

your mind from wandering to other things

or getting too worried every day the

first thing you should do is show

gratitude for your family your life the

fact that you still have time and your

soul that needs to be healed I love you

very much and I have always been kind to

you I haven’t scolded you based on your

mistakes and I haven’t left you because

of past mistakes you must not kill it is

against the the law to lie in court you

must not lie you must not spread lies

you must not put someone down or think

about betrayal all the time we could

look into a lot of different aspects and

none of them are more important than the

others each sin has terrible effects for

example adultery and fornication can

break your body in real life but slander

and lies pride and discrimination can

also cause trouble and split families

apart if these words hit you deep down

and you feel like my holy spirit is

talking to you today you need to seek me

even more every day receive my word and

pay attention to it do it right away I

am always close by to seek me means to

come to me with faith trusting that I

will answer and patiently waiting for

the blessings I will give you at the

right time visit me today and look for

someone you can trust and share your

heart with your chains will break and

your pain pain and guilt will follow you

from now on nothing will get in the way

of the blessings and good and peaceful

future I have planned for you today you

told me you love me again someone in

your life also wants these words give

them to them I love you from the bottom

of my heart good morning and thanks for

listening to these words they help you

feel better listen to them again letter

by letter you will feel my presence next

to you touching your heart and call

calming your soul you are never alone

and nothing bad will happen to you as

long as you stay with me hold your

breath close your eyes and don’t cry

anymore every time you waver you say a

lot your tears show what you need but my

voice heals and comforts you making

things easier for you my mantle dries

your tears and lays you out in peace

it’s not time for you to leave yet

please wait a little longer it is my

hope that when you leave the this place

your soul will be strong and ready to

face the world it should be able to walk

with confidence through dark valleys and

dry deserts my eternal love will wrap

around you and protect you day and night

accept it and believe in it you can feel

my Holy Spirit surrounding you with love

and protecting you from harm believe in

it my spirit will make you passionate

fill your mind with Divine peace make

you laugh give you New Visions and give

you dreams that will tell you many

things that are going to happen soon

don’t hide your feelings from me and I

will speak to you openly you must allow

me to cover you with love rest in my

arms and surrender your worries in my

book I have written the destiny of the

people you love and I have a good and

saving purpose for them too receive my

peace again and let this affection bring

Tranquility to your mind don’t despair

don’t get upset that even those who

reject your love will reach a Breaking

Point and in their repentance a miracle

will happen in their hearts don’t

anguish over them treat them with

patience and love but never allow them

to mock the mighty blood that cleansed

and saved them all my daughters and sons

have a moment of decision everyone in

your family they have a date with me and

it will be a decisive time they will

choose the right path and you will see

the fruit of all your prayers don’t fear

he what you lack I am your Shepherd I

want to bring Harmony to your family and

I also want your table to be filled with

provision step by step I have a perfect

timing for everything the confidence you

have will water the good seed that will

bring a massive blessing don’t lose

heart don’t give up believe trust my

promises are powerful and eternal my

word is alive I tell you today and I

will remind you every day your family is

in my hands I love you all with all my

heart the answers to your prayers are on

their way I answered you from the very

first day you came to me Laden with

sorrow placing your great need at my

feet I know how you are I know what you

feel but very soon Everything Will

Change prepare for happiness open your

arms and accept what I send you for it

will always be for your good to bring

you abundance shelter and sustenance

health and peace Joy joy and confidence

are knocking at your door open it now

teach those you love to trust in me and

believe in my word these are two

beautiful fruits that demonstrate

devotion and Faith to me success is not

measured by material possessions

popularity or Earthly Glory don’t waste

your time chasing those things my

presence dwells with those who truly

seek me and I will bring true abundance

to those who are not distracted by vain

goals the heavens and the fullness

thereof are my mine the world and all

who dwell in it I am the king of glory

how many times have I commanded you to

love me seek me with all your might use

your blessings whizzy and always bless

those in need do it and I will open the

windows of Heaven for you I have blessed

you abundantly and will bless you even

more my plans are not your plans my

thoughts are not your thoughts I can

rejuvenate your ideas and strengthen

your body multiply your Harvest and open

new doors for you

days are coming when you will experience

such beauty and travel to places you

never imagined you will receive

abundance and be a blessing to people

you never thought of at that moment you

will understand that my power does not

reside in those who boast and seek to

humiliate others with possessions fame

or human titles but in those who know

and understand that all have sinned all

have made mistakes and all need a chance

to rise up the changes I’m bringing into

into your life are not meant to cause

you pain I do it because I love you I’m

preparing you training you to be ready

for any challenge without fear of any

enemy that may seem greater than you I

want you to learn to wait I can give you

patience but I want you to personally

feel that satisfaction that fills you

when you choose to ignore fear and trust

in me feel how your vessel fills with

living water enjoy the warmth of the

Holy oil poured over your head breathe

in the aroma of The Damp Earth a rain of

blessings is coming the Time of Your

Divine Harvest has arrived but wait

patiently if the day seem long let me

speak to your heart instead of thinking

about so many things that drain your

energy think about the life you can live

embraced by my love I want you to enjoy

your days instead of walking in agony

while I make the necessary changes and

perform the Miracles you await with such

devotion don’t edly stand up and take

big Steps of Faith like a little child

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