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my dearest child I come to you not with

thunder and lightning nor with wrath and

condemnation but with a gentle whisper

that Echoes through the chambers of your

soul it is I your creator who speaks to

you in this moment of quiet reflection I

see your struggles your doubts and your

fears and I come to offer you Solace

guidance and above all love in the

depths of your being there exists a

Divine spark a flicker of light that

yearns to illuminate the darkness within

yet I understand that the journey

towards me is fraught with obstacles for

there exists in the world forces that

seek to lead you astray among them is

the adversary the tempter the one known

as the devil who Whispers lies and

deceit into your ears seeking to divert

you from the path of righteousness

listen closely my child for I wish to

impart upon you a sacred truth the devil

despises your connection to me for it is

through our communion that you find

strength wisdom and Redemption the devil

seeks to keep you bound to Earthly

desires to distract you with illusions

of power and pleasure to ens snare you

in the chains of materialism and ego but

fear not for you are not alone in this

Cosmic struggle

I am with you always a beacon of light

amidst the darkness a source of Hope in

times of Despair it is my love that

empowers you to resist the snares of the

devil to transcend the limitations of

the physical world and to awaken to the

truth of your divine nature know my

child that every time you turn your gaze

towards me the devil trembles in fear

for he knows that his hold on you

weakens with every step you take towards

the light do not be swayed by his

cunning words or seductive promises for

they lead only to emptiness and despair

instead Fix Your Eyes Upon me the source

of all that is good and righteous and

let my love guide you on your journey in

the moments of doubt and uncertainty

when the voice of the devil grows loud

and insistent remember that you are a

beloved child of mine cherished beyond

measure you are worthy of Love

forgiveness and Redemption no matter how

far you may have strayed from the path

my grace knows no bounds and my Mercy is

endless do not be afraid to embrace

change for it is through transformation

that you find renewal and growth cast

off the shackles of your past mistakes

and step boldly into the radiant future

that awaits you you I am always here to

guide you to support you and to love you

unconditionally my child heed this

message from the depths of your soul you

are loved Beyond Comprehension and

nothing in this world or Beyond can ever

separate you from my love trust in me

and together we shall overcome every

obstacle triumph over every adversity

and bask in the eternal glory of my

divine presence presence type amen if

you love Jesus

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