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as obedient children do not be conformed

to the passions of your former ignorance

but as he who called you is Holy you

also be holy in all your conduct Peter

and be holy in all your conduct

God wants his children to be obedient he

wants us to not conformed again to the

passions of our former ignorance he

called us holy so we also have to be

holy in all our conduct sounds hard

right but if we spend time with his word

word daily we will be filled with the

Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit will

help us live a holy life the word of God

has the power to change us it’s our

weapon against Temptations so if we

desire to be obedient to God let’s soak

ourselves in the word of God we have to

depend on God we should acknowledge that

without God’s help we will be defeated

because we are so weak yes we are so

weak we have to admit that

so if you think you are standing firm be

careful that you don’t fall


friends let’s Always Be watchful

let’s guard our hearts Above All Else

guard your heart for everything you do

flows from it Proverbs

dear friend Peter and

offers a profound understanding of the

call to Holiness and obedience in the

Christian Faith by emphasizing the need

to avoid being conformed to past

ignorance and to instead Embrace

Holiness in conduct you highlight the

transformative power of God’s word and

the Holy Spirit in shaping Believers

lives your encouragement to immerse

oneself in daily scripture reading

underscores the importance of spiritual

nourishment for growth in Holiness

indeed by engaging with the word of God

regularly Believers can cultivate a

deeper relationship with him and allow

his TR truths to permeate their hearts

and Minds The recognition of human

weakness and the need for dependence on

God’s strength is a crucial aspect of

Christian humility your reminder that

without God’s help Believers are

susceptible to defeat serves as a

humbling call to Reliance on Divine

Grace rather than

self-reliance Corinthians and

Proverbs further reinforces the

importance of vigilance and guarding

one’s heart

against spiritual

pitfalls this reflects a holistic

approach to spiritual life encompassing

both personal discipline and Reliance on

God’s guidance overall it provides a

comprehensive perspective on the call to

Holiness emphasizing the role of

scripture the Holy Spirit and dependence

on God in the pursuit of obedience and

spiritual growth it serves as an

inspiring reminder for believers to

continually seek God’s presence and

guidance in all aspects of life like if

you believe in



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