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God Says: I’ll be Happy If You… | God Message Today | God Message For You | God Message For Me

God is saying to you today oh holy

Creator may your soft hands extend and

touch the body of the person who reads

these words restoring their health and

bringing a great sense of calm into

their life I hope it reveals the secrets

to unlocking doors of opportunity and

possibilities that their financial

future will not touch at one point to

lessen the likelihood of losing your

special someone watch the complete video

God desires that you declare these six

points sa lad one I draw success and

money into my life on a continuous basis

two I am appreciative of the energy I

have because my physique is strong and

well defined three I am at peace with

myself and the world around me and I

radiate Pleasant energy four I extend a

warm welcome to all good that comes my

way because I deserve it five I embrace

love and happiness and let go of all B

bad ideas and Sensations six I trust the

cosmos to guide me toward My ultimate

good and I am willing to receive its

rewards now show five people this video

if you truly love Jesus Christ faith is

like a powerful motor that accelerates

when you truly receive God’s words in

your heart and speak them out loud it’s

a power that propels you forward and

provide you with the capacity to get

Beyond any barriers thus speak from the

heart and speak speak with conviction

because it is only via faith that you

will be able to access the Miracles that

are waiting for you God claims that if

everything in the cosmos aligns

specifically for you and if your life

saw rapid Transformations that will make

you feel as though you’ve entered a

different dimension accepted even though

it appears almost unbelievable since

it’s a unique and amazing thing this is

it the moment you’ve been waiting for so

get ready and put on your best game face

this this is happening right now my

friend it’s not just a rehearsal if you

anticipate to win and are fully prepared

you can conquer anything thus prepare

yourself and be ready to face it headon

the angels are working hard to turn the

tide of Affairs in your favor this week

so be ready for some assistance from

above the universe is striving to Grant

your desires so you might expect to get

a long- awaited blessing that will fill

your heart with gratitude and joy so be

on the lookout and get ready for that

much needed Celestial intervention I

want you to pay special attention reader

hold on as I give you the explanation it

was by chance that you stumbled upon

this post oh no my friend you weren’t

just brought here by coincidence you

might wonder why because this post is

just a precursor to a huge and

incredible advantage that will soon

manifest in your life your quality of

life will significantly improve so

buckle up and have a seat if you persist

through seemingly insurmountable hurdles

you will finally succeed thanks to a

cosmic energy fueled by the force of the

cosmos your soulmate is already on their

way into your life the stars are

aligning and fate is working in your

favor as you read these lines prepare

for the beginning of your much

anticipated love tale hold on tight

because before the end of this month an

incredible blessing from God will be

bestowed onto you say Amen to show

affirmation as the universe conspires to

bestow upon you its Limitless wealth get

ready for an onslot of advantages that

are imminent and ready to overwhelm

every corner of your life your happiness

riches and good health will be abundant

so open the doors of your thoughts and

feelings and get ready my darling

partner to enjoy the Myriad rewards that

are on the way imagine walking into a

lush Garden full with fruits and flowers

after leaving a Barr in Wilderness when

you let go of scarcity and step into a

season of Plenty that’s what you may

anticipate Place God at the center of

your life and see how his favor fills

every area of your existence let the

light of heavenly understanding

illuminate your path and lead you to

your desired Victory furthermore if God

has already given you incredible gifts

don’t be scared to declare them to the

world and the skies say Amen if you

think there is a God the stars are on

your side a good thing is going to

happen and there is a Heavenly hand at

work the issue that has been keeping you

up at night is being handled by a

greater Authority so inhale deeply and

have faith that the universe is on your

side say it with me this coming weekend

I’m heading for the most amazing Marvel

I’ve ever seen in my life you can change

and become more receptive to a universe

of Limitless possibilities if you give

those words some time to settle in I

eagerly anticipate the grand reveal of a

superb plan that the force of God who

created the universe will Implement in

my life God is telling you to put your

worries aside and put your trust in him

today I have an absolutely amazing

outcome for you but you should be

feeling excited again because I’m going

to give you a happy ending that will

totally turn around how you see things

glory to the omnipresent father all I

wanted to do was express my gratitude

for all the blessings you have brought

into my life you have been patient with

me and I know that I don’t deserve your

dedication for me kindly keep an eye on

all of my friends and family please

consider what I’m asking for please help

them get rid of all their problems and

difficulties I’m hoping they’ll keep

getting closer to you Amon I pray in the

name of the Lord Jesus Christ Love Never

Fails to guard never fails to Believe

Never gives up attempting and never

gives up enduring it finds fulfillment

in truth and does not find fault in

wrongdoing affection never Fades you

should find comfort in the knowledge

that God is not shocked by your

circumstances even though you may not

understand how God is able to carefully

plan everything he is never far away and

since he promised to defend and protect

you it is clear that he had you in mind

now May the Almighty who bestows hope

overflow into you and envelop you in

Serenity optimism and Faith enabling you

to flourish and be full of Hope thanks

to the strength of the Holy Spirit it is

said to be having faith when a belief is

unsupported by evidence glory be to God

the Everlasting father to put it plainly

I just wanted to express my gratitude

for all of the luck I have had even in

the most trying situations you have been

patient with me even though I know I am

not deser serving of your love if we

want to search for them we can find the

evidence of God everywhere it’s possible

that we will discover them within the

Grandeur of what is clearly a very

special time for us the world is

undergoing fast change and we believe

your goals are generally really good you

can stop praying now that your rival has

been removed since God says he is dead

and your prayers are being heated it’s

going great put an end to the pain

sadness and in action it is no longer

there because the person who caused all

of those things in your life is no

longer capable of committing those

transgressions that enemy has been

vanquished by the force of the name of

Jesus you realize that we encourage

uplifted and soothed each of you in the

same manner that a father would

encourage his own children God expects

you to live lives worthy of him as he

welcomes you into his realm and

magnificence this is unachievable with

man but not with God Jesus told told

them adding that anything is possible

with God the steps of the one who

Delights in the Lord are made strong and

though he stumbles and Falls he will not

fall because the king holds him up with

his hand let’s think about how we might

encourage each other to treat each other

with love as the day draws nearer let’s

instead encourage one another and do

more of it considering how much he

enjoys it let’s continue to get together

as some have made a habit of doing since

the Lord your creator is with you and

unlikely to leave you you stick to your

resolve they should not frighten or

demoralize you my cup is currently

overflowing since you set up a table for

me to eat recklessly on my head in front

of my adversaries you will be the source

of all my love and compassion for the

rest of my life and I will live in the

house of the Lord God is our stronghold

and protector he is there for us

whenever we need him to assist in

spreading the word share this video this

is why we won’t be afraid even if the

sea Roars with froth and the Earth

trembles from the surge of the oceans or

if the ground gives way and the

mountains collapse into the ocean’s

depths since you made your remarkable

confession in front of multiple

Witnesses you are invited to eternal

life thus maintain your good fight and

hold on to your faith God is the source

of my self assurance and the location

where my mind and spirit May rest you

are the the owner of this life to tell

the truth he is my stronghold my defense

and my rock I refuse to be persuaded my

glory and my Deliverance ultimately come

from God who is also my stronghold and

enormous Rock God is our refuge so you

should always put your trust in him and

offer up your sincere prayers true love

demands authenticity aversion is the

best response against evil concentrate

on the positive have enough enough love

for one another to dedicate oneself to

the partnership treat each other with

greater respect than you do yourself you

should constantly be zealous and

maintain a burning spiritual fire as you

serve the Lord be glad for your hope

kind for your suffering and obedient in

your prayers whenever you put your faith

in God May the god of trust fully

satisfy you with his own satisfaction

and security allowing the power of the

Holy Spirit to fill you to the Brin with

hope the Lord says I know the plans I

have for you and they are not against

you but rather for the good of those who

have goals for you just as I do he

continues they are for the good and not

for the evil I will pay you back as soon

as you come to worship me and call on my

name as you speak listen carefully if

you seek me out with all your heart you

will find me easily God says that when

things in your life become difficult you

should not give up he invites you to

instead bring any concerns to him so

that he can deal with them any problem

can be fixed by me I can offer you

complete Serenity your prayers will be

heard and all of your current worries

will be taken care of while you sleep

peacefully and comfortably in God’s

presence tonight it will be wonderful

never forget that I’m always looking out

for your best interests I will grant you

today the benefits of Peace healing and

Triumph over this awful circumstance if

you continue to fight until the very end


if you think so prepare to benefit

from anything Pleasant that I’m going to

come up with the day according to God

was today in a statement I promis to

bestow upon you an incredible blessing

on this day letting you know that my

Miracles will restore your bodily

emotional and spiritual well-being that

couldn’t have happened by accident

because it’s your fortunate day your

life is about to take take a turn for

the better and you’re going to be

surrounded by good fortune very soon God

has foretold that you will suddenly be

showered with blessings and experience

tremendous success your life will become

better if you continue to believe and

pray thus continue carrying out all of

those tasks as a result of the

adjustments the universe has connected

to every one of your circumstances a new

season of benefits is about to begin you

have to get ready for it your your life

is starting to shine more brightly and

nothing and no one can stop what is

meant to happen to you the big tour of

your life is about to happen sometime

soon you’ll be a part of an incredibly

important event when you tell them the

wonderful news you won’t be able to

contain your excitement you will be

overcome with joy it will almost seem

strange that everything transpired in

the we hours of tomorrow morning when

you consider how quickly it all happened

to you God is about to perform a miracle

for you that will take away all of your

worries the angels are urging you to

believe in the significance of

coincidence and the rightness of divine

intervention the almighty God has sent

you that somebody to assist you and

shield you from any harm that may come

your way the almighty does not want you

to fail or experience any kind of

suffering since you are his child God

promises he will watch over you and

shield you from the evil in the world

even when it’s seems like you don’t

deserve it that person who is going to

be blessed by God is going to be you

soon enough the suffering will end the

tears will stop and you’ll have new

opportunities it’s going to be a major

Financial miracle for you the events of

the universe are going to drastically

change your life it will be a tremendous

blessing more than any other by far your

bank account will be overflowing with

more money than you can spend and during

the next week New opportunities for

money will come in like rain in spite of

your expectations press yes if you

believe in it God claims that even

though everything on Earth exists for a

limited time he is eternal you should

prioritize getting to spend time with me

I promise to just make you happy to

elevate me to the top of your list of

priorities you’re going to discover a

secret tomorrow that has the power to

completely transform your life and put

you on the path to prosperity and

unending Joy when God speaks to someone

he says something like my child you

worry too much recall that I am capable

of handling anything in a single day I

should have no problem making a big

difference in your life Jesus then

addressed the multitude saying I am the

bread of life it only took me days to

create the heavens and the earth I

promise that no one who follows my

instructions will ever go hungry or

thirsty I guarantee that none of these

circumstances will ever befall people

who have faith in me you should thank

God for many things in your life not

just the things you need don’t just pray

when you are in need by Dawn the miracle

will already have been accomplished for

you should Express gratitude to God for

the miracle in order to not let this

opportunity go away until you become the

kind of person that deserves to have

things handed to them you might not

always be able to receive receive what

you desire when your goals and actions

align no one will be able to harm you

might produce a global Symphony that

will act as the soundtrack for your

achievements you won’t have any more

tears or worries once your personality

and purpose are in accord with each

other I will bless you with all of these

things after this evening when I bring

Prosperity Health joy and laughter into

your life the amazing energy of the

cosmos along with its financial support

Miracles and and blessings will

transform your life for better God will

multiply all the blessings you have

received this week there will be a level

of happiness that you have never

experienced before your wealth health

and relationships with the people you

love will all soar to new heights of

success for you as a result of the

resolution of a long-standing cause of

frustration for you I’ll put you in the

company of helpful folks during your

travels I have kept an eye on you in the

past and I will will continue to do so I

have faith in your abilities and I’m

patient right before your eyes the life

of your dreams is beginning to

materialize God commands us to never

forget that there are new opportunities

to experience his gifts with each new

day take solace in the fact that

tomorrow will bring a fresh new day and

a whole new set of rewards rather than

giving up because you had a poor day I

the Lord will fulfill my promise to my

people at the appropriate moment God

stated you are ready to achieve a

breakthrough when you can respond to

your opponents in a way that surprises

them you’ll be living in the new house

getting money into your bank account and

sharing a bedroom with your soulmate by

the end of this month right now the Lord

your God is working to make your dreams

come true and create incredible memories

with the people you love most in your

life you will grin when you see the

advantages that await you in the future

whatever it was that made you cry in the

past pales and contrast God has better

things in store for you things that are

more magnificent and fulfilled press

amen if you agree the Lord has promised

that I will accomplish the seemingly

insurmountable for you prepare yourself

for your blessing and the miracle that

is on the way put in your work for God’s

sake not for the benefit of others God

not your work should be the source of

your greatest strength the maintaining

of Records is under his jurisdiction get

ready since the moment is Drawing Near

God will see to the next stage of your

life so you can relax all you need to do

is put your faith in him and work hard

God is telling you that for a very long

time you have been operating solely on

autopilot you’re finding it difficult

right now to appreciate the incredible

things that are happening all around you

just take a moment to unwind and focus

on your breathing in order to be in the

now to obtain some peace in quiet

identify the objects that are present in

your neighborhood and make inquiries

about them I support you and agree with

you there will be big changes in the not

too distant future and things are

already starting to get hot under your

intense love there will be changes so be

ready for them after all this is all for

your ultimate benefit the Bible says

that life is a journey that can be both

happy and sorrowful it was not by

coincidence that you were reading this

please enter yes if you agree God says

you don’t have to worry about the next

chapter of your life as long as you put

your best effort forward and have faith

in me I’ll encircle you with allies and

people who will support you during this

journey I have been observing you and

will continue to do so in the future

your luck is still with you today this

could not possibly be a

coincidence your life is about to get

better and you’re going to get a ton of

benefits shortly if you believe in God

type amen your continued assistance is

more important than ever for our Channel

you can support us in a number of ways

if you appreciate the information we

provide such as by subscribing to our

Channel and turning on Bell alerts thank



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