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God Says: I’ll Smile Again If You… | God Message Today | God Message For You | God Message For Me

God is communicating to you today my

little child prepare yourself for great

things are going to come your way in

large quantities a period of affluence

and financial success is about to begin

for you I’m here to wish you and your

family happiness prosperity and success

watch this video If you believe in God

your financial status health and

circumstances will all improve this week

there will be incredible surprises for

you to look forward to on Monday Tuesday

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and

Sunday have you faith in God if you

believe in God type God proclaims

that you will have an amazing final few

days of this week God will heal you and

provide you plenty New Opportunities and

blessings this week there will be a

number of noteworthy advancements such

as new chances Better Health more money

and success things are starting to

improve for you right now your life is

currently being changed by the Lord he’s

turning your Sorrows into Joys and

turning your impoverished State into a

prosperous one get ready for an

incredible season chalk with of

accomplishments breakthroughs and

miracles you may unwind knowing that

things will soon return to normal in

your relationships finances and health

have faith in me as I am striving to

bring about the necessary progress on

your behalf God God has the ability to

accomplish seemingly impossible tasks my

child get ready for this amazing

occasion that is about to happen even

though it appears that everything is

extremely difficult nobody will be able

to close the do he opens he’s getting a

route ready for you I Proclaim that you

will encounter kindness generosity and

prosperous outcomes in the name of Jesus

have faith in me my loved ones and

witness the incredible changes I will

bring about in your lives prepare

yourself for an abundance of wealth love

and financial success your advantages

will grow and even in seemingly

unachievable circumstances I’ll extend

my kindness to you I’ll provide you with

unrestricted opportunities my little one

I want you to say this aloud today I am

ready to receive a lot of love healing

and good things that I genuinely deserve

every member of my family will develop

and flourish say these aloud as though

we were addressing a very important

person dear God you are the one I have

chosen I’m extending my entire self to

you I accept your pardon and ask that

you be the most important person in my

life my leader and Savior Please

remember that you will experience many

wonderful things as you embark on this

new chapter in your life you’ll

experience Victory after Victory success

after success and probably problem

solving after problem solving cherished

one I have a very special and wonderful

plan for your life it’s a plan that will

make you feel pleased and joyful you’ll

be inspired by what lies ahead you’ll

become more optimistic and uplift

everyone around you and it will bring

you closer to me and make me happy

recall the tale of Goliath and David

David didn’t need to know how strong

Goliath was since he already knew how

strong I am to help him through any

difficult time in life life nothing is

impossible while you’re with me and

nothing you are now can be me my little

child never forget that you are never

alone I will take good care of you work

hard to give you what you deserve and be

available for you whenever you need me

you may have experienced Financial

hardships or suffered a loss of funds

but don’t worry you will receive your

entire investment back your financial

situation will improve and you’ll have

tremendous success in your business job

or career remember that Jesus my son is

the greatest friend you could ever have

he is the one that always sticks by your

side and comes to your rescue when

things go wrong he will lift your

spirits and soothe you if you’re feeling

down even when everything appears to be

very dark he will be there to show you

the way if you have faith in him you

will always have his support type Jesus

as Savior in the comment box and share

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who believe in God welcome sweetie to a

brand new chapter in your life one that

is unique and brimming with

opportunities I have the ability to

totally change your life so that you can

overcome financial difficulties and live

a prosperous Abundant Life I’m here to

support you in putting success and joy

in place of your troubles and grief so

release them it may be landing the

career of your desires discovering a

truly happy marriage marage or

accomplishing a breakthrough beyond

anything you’ve ever done before the

following days will bring about a lot

of positive developments so be ready for

them prepare to be astounded by the

astounding advantages breakthroughs and

miracles that result from the divine’s

immense power and love right now a lot

of you are experiencing anxiety

confusion and insomnia this tale conveys

a powerful lesson showing appreciation

opens the door to even bigger blessings

great surprises will continue to occur

in your life as long as you maintain an

attitude of thankfulness in your heart

your path is taking shape tight thank

you God and subscribe to our Channel if

you truly adore God prepare yourself for

a stunning weekend Jesus predicts that

many good things will happen during this

time including healing growth New

Opportunities adoration and the goodness

of God things will get better

there are going to be Fresh Starts there

will be victories and a surmounting of

obstacles just remember that your

happiness will last a lifetime no matter

what difficulties you may be facing God

has a plan to end your pain make up for

all that you’ve lost and give you the

necessary funds there will be many

benefits and amazing things in your

future Begin by prioritizing God above

all else and leading a life that ensures

everything else falls into place

during this process talk to God about

your needs and express your thanks for

everything he has already done for you

rather than focusing on yourself make a

claim to heal your wounds and bring your

health back furthermore keep in mind to

have faith that when you pray your

requests will be answered God says that

the hard times the pain the doubt and

the Restless nights are almost over

you’ve been praying and waiting

patiently for me to do great things and

I’m I’m going to do it with such Grace

that blessings will seem to fall from

the sky I’m changing their life for the

better put your faith and trust in me I

have a wonderful plan for your life for

every poor choice God offers forgiveness

if anything doesn’t go as planned he’s

prepared to start over every ending

provides a new beginning and every

setback positions a reversal God still

has things comeing your way that he

promised your life will change

dramatically over the course of the

upcoming weekend thanks to New

Opportunities positive news Better

Health advancements in finances and

success this is the moment when your

life changes good news blessings

progress opportunities productivity a

positive outlook Solutions healing love

and God’s benevolence for you and your

loved ones will be abundant today you’ll

have good fortune today comment

and you’ll be bestowed with a

really important blessing it is

situation specific and has been designed

to meet your needs it’s on its way to

your residence prepare to receive it by

placing your trust in it type to

accept it with confidence God claims to

be the one who bestows all the lovely

and perfect blessings upon you comparing

himself to the father of the stars in

the sky I don’t change unlike things

that disappear quickly you can always

count on me to be there for you in any

difficult circumstance I’m here to

support and Mentor you today I want to

talk to you about four crucial things

you’re becoming better first and you’ll

become stronger than you were secondly

please do not hurry with what I have

prepared for you the results will make

the weight worthwhile third you are

about to experience something very

spectacular fourth I am attempting to

resolve the matter that has been causing

you anxiety listen up because I’m going

to do something truly great for you from

being in the rear you will suddenly find

yourself in the lead your achievements

will no longer go unappreciated because

I will enhance your physical well-being

mental toughness and sense of

interpersonal fulfillment perhaps

someone told you that you wouldn’t make

it they may have claimed that you are

undeserving of amazing things they may

have tried to keep you from getting the

best out of me remember that I am the

source of all good things my child

nothing can take away from what I

assured you of sustain your faith you’re

going to be astounded by everything that

I have in store for you I know how you

are financially I know who your enemies

are I know you have high expectations

for yourself be really attentive I’m not

going to fail you this week you’re going

to see progress in your career business

relationships health and finances I’m

going to to make some very incredible

progress in your life this coming week

I’m with you so wherever you go I’ll

watch out for you I’m not leaving until

I’ve kept every promise I made to you

God says that you should anticipate

great health wealth and prosperity in

the future place your trust in my plan

for you and hold fast to my unwavering

presence there will be exciting

surprises positive news significant

accomplishments and much more in the

upcoming week greetings you can rely on

my strategy and maintain the firm belief

that I will always be by your side I am

aware of your emotional and physical

exhaustion you’re worn out you and your

family are going to experience blessings

healing and opportunities God will see

you through this together let’s pray oh

Lord sustain us through each day until

the Shadows lengthen and evening comes

let us join together in prayer

saying oh Lord be with us all day long

until evening comes and we sleep through

Jesus Christ Our Lord may you always

envelop us in your love and offer us

peace and protection amen thank


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