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God Says, It’s Really Over This Time Once You Skip Me!| God Message Today |

stand firm in your faith trust in my

word and distance yourself from those

who wish you harm Victory is not just a

distant dream it is your present reality

awaiting your

Embrace each morning I am here

Whispering words of love and

encouragement instilling in you the

strength and joy that will radiate

throughout your home accept my blessings

embrace my guidance and know that as

your Shepherd you shall want for nothing

my Provisions are abundant my love

encompassing and my promises

steadfast believe in me with all your

heart share your dreams and aspirations

and prioritize our connection in all you

do even when Miracles seem Beyond reach

remember remember I am always here ready

to support to uplift and to lead you

through every

storm through every trial and Triumph

know that you are deeply loved if I was

with you yesterday trust that I am with

you today and will be forever more in

moments of Doubt speak my promises aloud

share them with those who challenge you

and rest assured in my constant presence

and unwavering

support take this blessing let it

multiply in your hands and see it

transform into abundant provision health

peace and joy for you and those you old

dear step out in faith leave behind the

shadows and embrace the light of a new

day filled with promise and both

potential dear cherished one as the dawn

breaks and the world awakens remember

this I am here to elevate You From the

Ashes of doubt and the shadows of

Despair in moments of fragility and

Falls my hand will be there to lift

you Embrace this journey not as a

solitary struggle but as a path we tread

together let not woring Dam the light of

your future prepare yourself to battle

against surrender and trepidation with

all your

might acknowledge your belief in me and

in our Collective Strength to Triumph my

blessings are ready to flow into your

home bringing healing Serenity and

Improvement to your family’s

life my power Transcendent and profound

will reveal itself before your very eyes

Be watchful for this is a promise of

love a testament to my commitment to

you believe in my words and let them be

the nourishment for your soul each

morning ignite the flame of Faith within

and let it consume your fears turning

them into ashes

lies and Giants May stand in your way

but they cannot halt your journey to the

promised land to Victory it is only

through bravery entrusting me with your

struggles and defeats that you will

witness the unfolding of

Miracles remember no time is to be

wasted in doubt I bore the cross

vanquished your foes and absor D your

sins in the spiritual realm you sit

beside me anointed and cherished you are

not destined for failure your emotions

will not be your undoing I speak of

tangible victories debt Freedom

Financial Revival inner peace and


enlightenment let not the Quest for

external validation detour you from your


negative forces covet your potential

aiming to derail my plans for you stand

firm in faith shielded from those who

wish you harm Victory and wisdom await

each morning I yearn to whisper words of

love and strength infusing your home

with Everlasting Joy

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