God Says: “It’s Still Going To Happen For You.. This Year” | God’s Message Now For Me Today

my child I have a message for you today

listen closely and receive it into your

spirit for too long you have been

Shackled by the words and curses that

were spoken over

you the enemy has tried to bind you with

lies and false

limitations but no more this day I am

breaking every chain and setting you

free to step into the destiny I have for

you the old curses and hexes that were

placed on you I am destroying

completely even the generational

patterns and strongholds that have kept

you trapped are being demolished right

now by my mighty

power you are being loosed from the grip

of the

past this is a new day I am breathing

fresh life into your spirit and ushering

you into a new identity in me the

caterpillar is gone the butterfly

emerges your old nature is being

Stripped Away way so that the new you

the you I designed you to be can finally


through Joseph experienced the same

metamorphosis when his brothers saw him

again he looked the same on the outside

but spiritually he was totally

transformed he went from rejected slave

to Mighty Prince of Egypt his

circumstances did not Define him his

identity in me did in the same way you

are about to step into a new Glory a new

anointing the trials you have walked

through have prepared and positioned you

for this

moment just as the pressure turns coal

to Diamond the pressure you have endured

has refined and strengthened your

character you now shine with my

glory the enemy meant it for evil but I

am turning it to good your mess is

becoming your message your wounds have

become your wisdom you could not speak

with such Authority had you not walked

through the fires of Affliction your

pain has now become your platform for

too long your name and identity have

been cursed by the enemy and by

circumstances outside of your

control but today I am putting a new

name over you a name of Overcomer a name


Victory past failures and wounds do not

define you anymore

for I see the whole story and I know who

you really

are I’ve gone ahead of you and prepared

the way for your new

season the path has been cleared of

obstacles all you have left to do is

walk forward in faith trust in my

goodness and

timing your breakthrough has already

been accomplished in the spiritual realm

it is manifesting in the natural realm


do not continue Looking Backward and

lamenting lost time do not compare

yourself to others or judge your worth

by Earthly

standards the past is gone forgiven and

redeemed the only Power it has over you

is what you give it I invite you to let

it go to trust me more than your

feelings and

perceptions I know it feels

unfamiliar even scary to step into this

new identity and

calling the world is full of lies

telling you this Destiny is not for

people like

you but my plans for you are good and

perfect I am calling you higher asking

more of you because I created you with

gifts and talents to change the world


you say yes to my calling my

beloved turn your face to the future I

have prepared there are new land lands

to explore new adventures to embark

on but you must leave the old Comforts

and habits behind this is your time

seize it with both hands I have already

deposited seeds of greatness inside you

even when you doubted yourself I always

saw your potential the only curse that

remains over your life is the one you

pronounce over yourself I believe in you

I Delight in you I am for you completely

abide in my love and my power working


you together we will silence the inner

critic the doubts and insecurities that

hold you back I am replacing them with

bold faith and holy

passion get ready for victory Mountains

will move as you open your mouth to

Proclaim my

truth Giants will fall as you advance

against evil in my name your life will

Blaze through the darkness you have

survived the fires of testing and are

emerging pure gold refined for Kingdom

Purpose partner with me as I accelerated

things in this

hour say yes to the assignments I will

give you stay near to me abide in my

presence take time to listen for my

voice there is a whole world out there

waiting for you the person I created you

to be not who the enemy convinced you

that you

are people will see me in you find

healing through you discover purpose as

you reach out your hand to lead them to

me after the long night your joy comes

in the morning you are moving from

minimum to Maximum Impact for the

kingdom no more delay no more stagnation


diversion it’s time for both bold faith

and radical obedience as I use you to


eternity my child as you step into this

new dawn of freedom and identity

remember that the journey ahead is not

just about the destination but also

about the transformation along the

way you are being called to walk a path

of continuous growth and

Discovery a journey where each step

brings you closer to the fullness of who

you are in

me you have been equipped with a unique

blend of gifts and talents each

carefully woven into your being for a


purpose your voice your actions and your

very presence have the power to bring

light into the darkest

places you are not just a survivor of

past trials you are a Beacon of Hope for

those still walking through their own


in this new chapter you will encounter

challenges that test your faith and

stretch your

capabilities but fear not for these

trials are not meant to break you but to

build you like a Potter shapes clay I am

molding you into a vessel capable of

holding and pouring out my love and

grace into a world that desperately


it remember my child your worth is not

defined by the Applause of the world but

by your willingness to serve and love

others as I have loved

you in humility find your greatest

strength and in

serving find your truest

Joy the world will try to pull you into

its Rhythm but stay attuned to my voice

and let me guide your

steps you are not alone on this journey

I am always with you guiding protecting

and empowering

you in moments of Doubt look to the sky

and remember that just as I hold the

stars in place I hold your life in my

hands trust in my perfect timing and



love as you move forward keep your heart

open to those I place in your path some

will be fellow Travelers others will be

lost souls seeking Direction Your Story

Once A Tale of pain and struggle is now

a testimony of Grace and Redemption a

Guiding Light for others to find their

way back to

me embrace this calling with courage and

Faith it’s time to step out of the

Shadows of your past and into the light

of your true

identity you are my beloved child

destined for great things go forth in

peace and

power knowing that in every step in

Every Breath You are fulfilling the

purpose for which you were

created remember my

child the greatest Adventures lie ahead

this is just the

beginning your story is far from over it

is unfolding into a beautiful Narrative

of Hope resilience and

Triumph walk boldly

love deeply and let your life be a

testament to the transformative power of


grace together we will journey into this

new season of Life a season of renewal


purpose let your heart be light your

spirit joyful and your mind at peace for

you are walking into a future filled

with promise and

potential with every step you are

becoming more of who I designed you to


a shining example of my love and a

vessel of my glory in the

world my dear one I know the road ahead

still seems daunting at times the

enemy’s lies may continue to Echo in

your mind Whispering words of fear and

doubt but remember this the only voice

that matters is mine my truth resounds

louder than any condemnation or false

limitation you were made perfectly in my

image woven together with purpose and

meaning so when anxiety Creeps in fix

your eyes on me when old habits tempt

you draw on my strength within and if

you stumble or stray my arms are open

wide to welcome you

back for my grace will never fail you my

love will never

falter you have all you need for the

journey ahead with me by your side We

Will Walk This Road Together one step at

a time some days the path will be smooth

other days Rocky and

steep but I will gently guide your

footsteps so go forward my child with

wisdom and compassion remembering where

you’ve been while still hopeful for

where you’re

going the future stands bright ready for

you to boldly Shake it now is your time

walk in Freedom walk in power walk in

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