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God says:- It’s Time to Say Goodbye If You Skip me | God Message Today | God Message for You Today.

God has a special message only for you

he has been waiting to communicate with

you watch the entire video to receive

his hidden message my beloved child in

the boundless expanse of the universe

amidst the Myriad stars that twinkle in

the night sky and the galaxies that

swirl in Cosmic dance there exists a

presence so profound so incomprehensible

that it defies all human understanding

it is the presence of the Divine the

Eternal source of all creation the Alpha

and the Omega the beginning and the end

and within the vastness of this Divine

Essence lies a love so pure so

unconditional that it reaches out to

each and every one of us calling us to

come closer to draw near and to bask in

its radiant glow my beloved child it is

I your creator who speaks to you now not

with thunderous Voice or fiery

Proclamation but with a gentle whisper

that echoes in the chambers of your

heart for for I am the still Small Voice

Within the quiet murmuring of your soul

that beckons you to turn your gaze

Inward and seek the source of all life

and love in the depths of your being I

reside A Silent Witness to your Joys and

Sorrows your hopes and fears your

triumphs and failures yet amidst the

hustle and bustle of daily life it is

all too easy to lose sight of the Sacred

within the mundane to become ens snared

in the web of worldly distractions that

pull you away from the divine presence

that dwells within you rush from one

task to the next chasing after success

Fame and Fortune oblivious to the silent

yearning of your soul for something more

something deeper something Eternal but

fear not my child for I am everpresent

patiently waiting for you to turn your

gaze heavenward and remember the truth

of who you are and whose you are you are

not merely a product of chance or

circumstance but a beloved child of the

most high fashioned in my image and

imbued with Divine potential within you

lies a spark of the Divine a fragment of

my eternal Essence longing to be

reunited with its source therefore I

call upon you now to come to me not with

reluctance or hesitation but with eager

anticipation and joyful expectation set

aside the cares and concerns of the

world and enter into the sacred

sanctuary of my presence where time

stands still and all is bathed in the

Golden Light of divine love come to me

my child and let us commune together in

the secret chambers of your heart where

words are unnecessary and the language

of love speaks volumes how you may ask

shall you come to me oh God shall you

scale the highest mountains or Traverse

the deepest valleys shall you perform

great deeds and miraculous Feats to earn

my favor nay my beloved for I am not a

distant deity to be appeased or plated

with offerings and sacrifices I am your

loving father ever eager to welcome you

into My Embrace just as you are with all

your faults and failings your doubts and

fears come to me in prayer my child not

as a Duty or obligation but as a sacred

conversation between Soul and Spirit

heart and Heaven pour out your heart

before me sharing your deepest desires

fears and aspirations knowing that I

hear your every word and hold them close

to my heart in the Silence of your soul

listen for my voice Whispering words of

comfort and encouragement guidance and

Grace moreover come to me through

meditation and mindfulness stilling the

Restless chatter of the mind and sinking

into the depths of your being where the

Eternal Flame of divine Love Burns

bright and true in the Sacred Space of

your inner Sanctuary commune with me in

the language of Silence where words are

but Shadows of the truth that lies

Beyond surrender yourself completely to

the divine presence that dwells within

and you will find peace that surpasses

all understanding furthermore come to me

through acts of service and compassion

extending a helping hand to those in

need and embodying the Divine qualities

of Love kindness and generosity for in

serving others you serve me and in

loving others you express your love for

me recognizing the sacred spark that

resides within every Soul open your

heart wide to the suffering of the world

and let my love flow through you like a

mighty River washing away pain and

sorrow and bringing healing and

wholeness to all my dear child as you

journey through life know that I am

always with you guiding and guarding you

cheering you on from the sidelines of

Eternity trust in my love and let it be

a Beacon of Hope and strength in times

of darkness and despair for I am the

light that shines in the darkness the

Rock upon which you can build your life

the anchor that holds you steady amidst

the storms of life in conclusion my

beloved child heed my call and come to

me regularly not out of Duty or

obligation but out of love and devotion

draw near to me with a sincere heart and

you will experience the joy and peace

that surpasses all understanding for I

am your loving father and I long to

commune with you now and for all

eternity amen

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