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beloved child trust in my power for I

brought you here because Beyond guiding

your steps I have equipped you with the

strength to confront and overcome any

challenge while the hurdles may be great

remember that nothing surpasses my power

I brought you here and I will remain by

your side in all your struggles battles

and Wars you are more than a conqueror

through my love and strength every

adversary that arises does so to be

vanquished I have instilled in you the

resolve and determination required to

overcome any conflict whatever your

aspirations may be whatever obstacles

lie ahead you will prosper in all your

endeavors I will bless you open doors

and resolve the difficulties that weigh


you I will touch the hearts of people

friends family judges authorities so

they regard you with favor and act in

your favor do not fear what others may

do to you as long as you trust in me and

act with Integrity no one can stand

against you or your family remember that

I am with you every day until the end my

word possesses the power to heal the

supernatural force that flows from my

words is sufficient to give you life and

lift you up it is now at your disposal

you cannot continue walking Bound by

thoughts of pain you must not continue

believing that you deserve the terrible

consequences your sins left you you live

in a world of Affliction but it is a

conquered world you are the child of the

almighty God who has promised you this

you must trust believe in me with every

step you take and in this world and its

afflictions you will also find Victory I

see that you still spend hours crying

sometimes not even knowing why let me

tell you what it is that causes your

suffering it’s a deep longing to return

to me your heart misses me your spirit

Longs for me and your entire being knows

that’s separated from me you can do

nothing it seems as though life is

slipping through your fingers and you

have yet to find the peace and happiness

you’ve been waiting for your loved ones

seem to grow more distant with each

passing day but pay attention for I’m

here standing beside you and there is a

spring from which the Waters of

blessings flow it quenches your life and

soul removing all sorrow drink from this

water wash away those thoughts of

sadness and you will never thirst again

I promise you your faith has borne

fruit you know that I am here to listen

to answer every benevolent request you

bring to me it warms my heart when you

pray for your family family for it holds

great significance do not let your focus

drift to trivial matters when life’s

tribulations leave you feeling

lost seek solace in me find a way when

you feel overwhelmed and surrounded by

conflict I am your solution I do not

want anxiety to enslave you or baseless

fears to consume you you’ve placed your

trust in me because you know I will not

let you down hold on to my word treasure

it within your soul keep it close to

your heart and remember the wondrous

things I have done for you in the past

I rescued you from adversaries saved you

from the clutches of death extended my

hand and delivered you from Peril even

in the most dire moments when all seemed

lost I returned with my powerful word

performing Miracles Beyond

imagination there are still Many Wonders

I can work for you have confidence in me

let me continue to assist you I desire

to protect you day and night do not

allow despair to take root in your soul

for I love you

deeply I want you receive my peace and

find lasting

happiness I see your tears and hear your

prayers for the well-being of those you

hold dear often you kneel and intercede

for others yet you rarely ask for

anything for yourself your attitude of

worship and gratitude is deeply

cherished when you come before me focus

on praise and thanksgiving for all your

blessings I take Delight in your

reverent spirit so even when you don’t

explicitly make requests know that I

will bestow upon you blessings greater

and more marvelous than you can

fathom I want your faith to remain

unwavering I will fulfill every promise

I make to you when obstacles try to

block your path do not be

disheartened I hold your destiny in my

hands you will reach your goals you will

realize the dreams within your heart

nothing and no one can steal your

blessing but your faith loyalty and

sincerity are crucial seek me every

morning and as you open your eyes let

gratitude and praise be the first words

on your lips do not let negativity

overshadow the light that brightens your

days I want you to embrace the

opportunities I bring into your life I

will grant you the supernatural ability

to see beyond and understand the plans

and thoughts of goodness I have for you

I know recent days have brought you pain

and at times confusion May Cloud your

thoughts but I tell you now no harm will

befall you you will not be put to shame

you will conquer the enemies that

surround you and emerge Victorious

against every threat it’s it’s time for

you to recognize your Worth to see

yourself as the Beloved child of the


God no one can Prevail against you no

one can stand in your way you are

already triumphant over all

challenges acknowledge your Victory do

not dwell on defeat I will move

mountains and you will rise with

unwavering Faith your prayers will be

filled with conviction and the assurance

that I will answer you will walk with

determination and strength in your

heart there is no room for

discouragement and sadness anymore I

understand that Family Matters can bring

you distress and hurt sometimes you need

moments of recovery rest and prayer

taking a moment of silence Solitude and

communion with my holy spirit is

soothing for your soul you were not

created to live in tears sorrow error or

failure you may suffer and weep but I

continue to love you you may think you

can’t carry on but I come to lift you up

you will not live defeated your heart is

beautiful and

pure do not keep it in the Darkness step

into the light let your face radiate

with joy and people will cry out my name

Jesus with joy in their hearts you are

my beloved child a reflection of my

love I have done much for you and I will

continue to perform Supernatural

Miracles so that you understand how

significant you are to

me I have been telling you that you no

longer have time for discouragement or

Retreat you are like a sharp spearhead

that cuts through the winds opening

Pathways to the land of blessings I will


you I will expand your spiritual

understanding so you realize that you

are a parent of generations do not be

concerned if no one notices you today do

not be discouraged by the blows you

receive even if they hurt do not

squander the gifts and blessings I

bestow upon you for everything has a

purpose I have everything under control

but your attitude

matters your faith and belief will

Elevate you to a higher level Feast on

my word when you feel weak meal down and

if you feel you can’t go on look to the

sky I am there and I also dwell in your

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