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God Says: Keep A Close EYE On THIS | God message today for you | God message | God’s Message 365

hear me my beloved child and let your heart be still for I am about to unveil a Wonder so vast it shall leave you in

awe this is the moment the turning point where fear dissolves and Faith takes

flight in every step every decision let Prudence be your guide and devotion your

constant companion for behold I am orchestrating a symphony of blessings for you and your

beloved ones a Cascade of divine favor that will shower upon you like the most

abundant rain you have sought a sign a confirmation to navigate the thoughts

swirling ceaselessly in your mind here now I offer Clarity this is the hour to venture

beyond the known to Cast Away the chains of fear that have long held you captive

your dreams vast as the night sky your aspirations as Splendid as the dawn have

been tethered by apprehension but no more take my hand dear one and with me

rise above the Horizon of your life is about to transform and nothing shall

remain as it was in this journey let not fear be your counsel cling to me pray

fervently at every Crossroad for I Am With You by day and By Night guiding

each step according to my perfect Hing plan open your Bible dear one and pour

out your heart in sincere prayer it is in this sacred communion that I will unveil the reality of my words to You

transcending mere fantasy as certain as the sun rises and sets my word remains unshakable alive

and destined to be fulfilled I am your guide taking you by the hand leading you to a place of

flourishing and growth the special door I’m opening for you is not just a metaphor it is a reality waiting to

unfold from this day forward witness the transformation of your life embrace my

blessing for you are on the cusp of seeing your projects and dreams come to fruition in your journey you will meet

Souls aligned with your vision and together you will build a future rich in blessings and wonders my plans for you

are Monumental beyond what you can currently fathom approach each person

with kindness and consideration for in this new chapter you will encounter sincere and remarkable

individuals help will come from unexpected quarters keep your senses sharp and your

spirit alert when the door swings open and opportunities beckon be ready to

step through unencumbered by trivial Pursuits you know me well my message to

you is crystal clear and you have grasped its Essence trust in my guidance

for I Am With You Always steering your path Believe In My Love For You greetings dear child do you have a

moment for a heart to heart I wish to share with you something crucial something that concerns your precious

life remember you were rescued from the brink pulled from the depths through a

sacrifice immense and profound the enemy tried to drag you into darkness but they

could not Prevail against my strength I have watched over you intervened in your

darkest hour out of boundless love now feel the stirring in your heart

The Awakening to something extraordinary I’m about to reveal myself

to you in ways unimaginable prepare for what lies ahead the world as you know it is about to

shift and many will come to realize their deep need for my forgiveness love

and presence I want to work through you making you a testament to my infinite

power you will become a Beacon of Hope a vessel through which I bring healing and

provision your transformation will be assigned to your family and friends of

My reality and my power to Aid them you are my instrument shaped and prepared

for greater purposes trust in my words they are truth open yourself to my

transformation lay bare your heart for it is better to come willingly to me than to resist the uprooting of long

buried pains you’ve cried out for peace freedom relief and

stability the moment has arrived the door is open approach with confidence

not fear take my hand step into a new life filled with blessings and become a

Herald of my Grace I love you deeply prepare for this transformative Journey

do not let despair take root in your heart stand firm in this trial for with

my help Victory is Within Reach Rejoice for I bring you Tidings of a new

beginning I’m altering your life’s path listen intently to my voice meditate on

my word daily and follow the direction I will show you the path is forward upward

towards the Pinnacle you are meant to reach should weariness find you do not

falter my promises are the sustenance you need to press on my word lights your

way guiding you to your destined Summit calm your heart and believe in my plan

allow me to bring forth the transformation you have longed for I will reshape your situation

entirely this is your request and so it shall be I will transform your character

your mindset and your outlook on life’s challenges where there was sorrow Joy

will Bloom where desolation once lay life will flourish every every hurt will be

turned to Healing every disgrace to dignity embrace the complete transformation awaiting you let your

heart be filled with the assurance that with me All Things become not only possible but real in this very moment

allow my love to embrace you let my powerful hand cradle your every heartbeat Every Breath You Take let my

presence fill every corner of your being giving you strength and joy today I

light the path you must walk and give Wings to your heart so you soar above the challenges that seem

insurmountable remember I’m greater than any trial you face no one else can offer

the true strength joy and freedom that I provide do not dismiss my words as mere

figments of your imagination today my message to you is

unambiguous it’s your turn to believe and accept it there is nothing to too

great for me I’m by your side unwavering and steadfast in moments of Despair and

impatience I understand your emotions and I do not judge you my love continues

to surround you even when you might not feel it the challenges are many and it is

natural to feel the strain and pressure speak truthfully to me share your

genuine feelings rather than keeping your anxieties hidden you know you cannot not face these alone allow me to

help take time in my presence for your healing you need it today find comfort in me as I clear

the path before you do not be ashamed of your failures in my presence you are

loved heard and respected I will not reproach you for your past

mistakes listen to my words spoken with tenderness inviting you to lean on my

shoulder who loves you do more than I do who knocked at your door this morning

with Promises of Love do not try to understand or explain my love just close

your eyes feel it let it fill every part of your heart if there is room in your

heart for someone who let you down I will help you let go no one should take

my place in your life give me the foremost place and live with the assurance that I will never fail you

even in weakness remember my grace forgiveness and support are ever present I Delight in

blessing you in loving and caring for you understand this deeply even your

family or closest friends May disappoint but my love is sincere pure and genuine

today I extend it to you believe in it even if past hurts and doubts

linger I will persist until you respond to my call I will continue to a awaken

you with love and transform your life you wake up filled with worry and I

understand but listen to me for a few moments receive my word and find

peace think about my immense love for you if you protect those you love with

such affection how could I not do the same for you even if unseen I am by your

side remember how I have fought for you lifted you when others thought you were

defeated believe in my love you have seen Miracles none in vain your faith

has grown immensely yet today those thoughts assail you again don’t be

swayed by negative emotions when doubts scream that no one can help remember

your belief in me activate your faith your future depends on it trust in my

words face your fears and watch the obstacles dissolve after hearing me take

time for sincere steady fast prayer share your concerns with me your words

are a Melody to my ears it’s your faith speaking I cherish the time you spend

with me feel better now more at peace if doubts return remember I am with you and

remember my love everything will be fine and the Miracle you seek is on the horizon when fear and despair knock at

your door when doubts and uncertainties seek to undermine your spirit remember remember me in moments of sadness and

weariness know that I am always beside you if loneliness Whispers In Your Ear

remember you are never alone when the urge to weep Wells up within you let

those tears be of joy for my love envelops and Embraces you guiding you with my

spirit be assured that when you pray and seek my Aid I command the Heavens to

send angels to Champion your cause to infuse Joy into your heart and banish

all sorrow I grant you wisdom for clarity of Mind offering answers to solve your

troubles in challenging times my hand rests upon you filling you with

unconditional love and peace know that each prayer you utter sets the heavens

in motion recognize the immense power and value of your prayers as I can move

Heaven and Earth to assist you in every need it is not my wish to see any of my

children lost in problems sadness or disappointment I created you to live

fully in every aspect of life to do this Surrender Your Heart To Me allow me to

care for you in ways unmatched my grace saves my Mercy cleanses and My Love Makes You

Victorious smile and rejoice for a renewal begins in your life today let

pain be a part of your past as New Times of opportunity and blessing approach when opportunity arrives welcome and

accept it with faith when you pray I listen and today I have commanded

blessings to flood your home transforming your life every pain and sadness will be healed every spiritual

weakness removed today I instill in you faith and determination so you may face

life’s happenings without sadness I love you this moment I’m touching your heart

bringing calm to your thoughts breathing life and health into your soul your

spirit mind and body are invigorated by the strength you receive from my Holy Spirit today ignore the venomous

criticisms of others you are not what they label you if you have believed or

been told you are sad dull old or finished reject these

lies understand that I do not count the years on your calendar I Delight in your celebrations and do not judge your

physical aging to me you are a beautiful soul perfect in faith Purity and

grace my presence surrounds you mightily start this day with Divine

enthusiasm embraced by my Holy Spirit turn away from the frustrations and

challenges of yesterday look to me your healer protector and provider my words

will strengthen you you guide you through life’s obstacles and give you the wisdom to handle them correctly new

blessings await you each day rejoice in discovering and receiving them when you

come to me in gratitude a holy anointing will heal your emotions and feelings you

are protected completely there is nothing to fear all your blessings are

secure I will place you in Fertile ground where you will Thrive what the enemy stole I will

return to you multiplied and blessed You Are Holy mine filled with joy and

enthusiasm a blessing to those around you your spirit youthful and active is

beautiful when you speak to me declaring your love I am moved with tenderness and

affection I love you and do not wish for you to suffer I desire to see you smile

I do not want you to be burdened with the past or overwhelmed by sadness

I suffered for you on the cross and Rose mightily to give you life I come to heal your pain to dry your tears your heart’s

suffering will find healing in my refuge a love greater than any known be filled

with my peace secure in my care for your family and future do not sleep burdened with guilt

I have forgiven you walk in faith envisioning the blessings and happiness

I bring into your life believe in the beauty I promise even when surrounded by

discouragement the time is now to believe wholeheartedly in my words if

you trust in me your life will transform your suffering will end and solutions

will arise tell me you believe Embrace this change and step into a future filled

with my blessings and love receive my peace and believe in my Living Word

your days of Sorrow have ended and despair no more has a hold on you I long

to unveil to you the depths of my affection and tenderness open your life to my presence

and my love understand that no one can love you as deeply as I do I know every corner of

your heart and mind in times when anguish felt overwhelming when you thought of giving

up know that those days are over today I rejuvenate your spirit filling you with

a love so pure it banishes sorrow and brings profound

joy as you listen to my voice feel the change within you tensions easing

emotions healing pain lifting and a transformation of heart taking

place you will see how I support you in all your endeavors wrapping you in my

love care and protection I want your joy and smile to

show the world my strength and power I am enriching your life with special gifts uplifting talents faithful

Companions and a family that will learn to value and honor you they will witness the Miracles in

your life and I will enhance your strength and zest for

life be aware the adversary will send pessimists in your path those who see

only Gloom and lack Faith pay them no mind their aim is to bring you

down embrace your true self work tirelessly and never waver remember at

every moment you are loved supported blessed and surrounded by my warrior

Angels rise and smile for you are precious to me I adore you and will not

leave you in this situation today I grant you Victory I am exerting immense

power in your life in your health work family I am opening great doors changing

your current circumstances my hands are actively resolving your Affairs lift your head

and weep no more for my powerful blessings are upon you and you shall

come to my altar daily grateful for the Wonders beginning in your life Welcome me into your home let all

within it seek and rever me I am transforming Hearts removing sadness and

pain those in despair will smile again I am purging your home of sickness and want

filling every dark space with my light and salvation I alone bring boundless

love and peace I protect your life and those you love with my shield they are

safe under my wings shielded from harm I will lead you on Paths of

goodness and love freeing you from worries doubts and fears I love you and

Tenderly care for you and your loved ones open your heart to all the love I

offer spend time in my presence in quiet places in nature where your soul can be

nourished and rejuvenated my power Works around you opening doors cleansing negativity

removing the causes of Misfortune from your life I have cleansed you from sin

dispelled weariness and lack of enthusiasm so you may grow braver each day have faith fa everything is working

in your favor my angels labor tirelessly under my command to bless you powerfully

strengthen your faith and praise my name passionately you are and always will be

deeply loved by me on the day you read these words

commit to renewing your faith many trials have worn down your fervor return

to the path of trust fill your mind with my powerful word the days of adversity are ending

and the days of pain will pass remember when your blessings arrive

they come from my love let your faith be vibrant and strong so when abundance comes you won’t

forget me your God and Lord continue praying for many unseen things are yet

to come a battle wages in the spiritual Realms I will bless you but there is

opposition Victory lies in your faith persistence and steadfastness in prayer

seek me during the day pray at night rise early for

intercession times are changing and my eyes roam the Earth searching for warriors like you I will perform

Miracles through you using you to bring Aid Comfort healing and blessings to

others in this time of Miracles you shall be abundantly blessed stand firm

and Resolute let me remind you cast aside the burdens that have long weighed

you down and seek my face renew your faith for my love for you began in the

womb from the moment you first beheld the light I chose you I heard your first

cries shared in your laughter and watched as you took your initial steps and

falls in the quiet nights of your dreams you called out to me and in those hidden

Corners your fears whispered secrets to me I am Jesus the one who formed a

covenant with you from your earliest days I am the Eternal one and our

covenant remains unbroken you were mine you are mine and

you shall always be mine when you look in the mirror see my reflection for you are made in the image

and likeness of the almighty God sometimes you view yourself through the lens of others opinions confined by

their limitations but you are more than what others see I know your heart the

innocence of your soul and the purity of your dreams yes I love you let that be

enough walk with confidence step boldly and engrave this truth upon your heart

you are destined to conquer Nations you don’t need the world to Define your dreams you have me and my love is

sufficient stand by my side let me guide your steps in my presence fear has no

place moreover I am not just your God lord and savior I’m also your friend

with whom you can share everything in every moment you can turn to me I will

never deceive you never forget you my friendship my heart are forever open to

you I am your refuge in times of pain danger and affliction even if the whole world turns away

my love for you is timeless I love you as intensely as I did when you were a

child even if you forget me I remain steadfast Loving You Always through good

times and bad you can depend on me listen attentively arise for I command

it walk for I have ordained it do not fear for you are my child I have filled

you with strength and power you will witness great Miracles this month if you listen and obey my word if you dare to

believe let your ears hear Let Your Soul cherish my living and candid word that

lights your path preparing you for brighter days if you hear my voice today

do not Harden your heart you have always shown me sincere and simple Faith so do

not let hardships turn you from the path of Life believe in me I will help you

trust in me I will deliver you I am with you I will never abandon you my heart is

ready to comfort you in times of pain danger and affliction even if the entire

world turns its back on you my love for you is constant and

unchanging I love you with the same fervor as when you were a child even if you stray from me I will be here waiting

for you I am unchanging and my love for you endures through joy and sorrow you

can rely on me always rise for it is my command walk for it is my

decree do not fear for you are my beloved child I have endowed you with

strength and power witness the Miracles that await this month if you listen and

obey my word be bold in your belief let your ear hear and let your soul treasure

my living and forthright word that illuminates your path preparing you for better days

ahead if you hear my voice today do not Harden your heart your sincere and

simple faith has always been precious to me do not let life’s trials divert you

from the path of righteousness believe in me and I will come to your Aid trust

in me and I will deliver you I am with you I have not forsaken

you not today not ever you will see that waiting on me is never in vain your

faith Once A Tiny Seed has grown into a strong sturdy tree though Fierce winds

may come those who once despised or criticized you will stand in awe do not

close your doors to them instead you will prosper to bless others to give

assist and share this is my promise to you believe with your whole heart and

you will feel my presence even today my love is enveloping your life your family

the words I speak to your heart are instilling Faith and confidence within you open your eyes to the blessings I

have bestowed I have lifted the sorrow from your soul and I am healing your body

sweet words of Hope and peace are being inscribed in your mind uprooting the causes of your distress in the spiritual

realm you are clothed in Royal garments seated beside me blessed

abundantly but you must truly believe in receive these promises in faith I have

raised you with my mighty hand and within you resides my power all chains

are broken no longer are you bound you are free and I urge you to live in that

freedom When you pray embrace the supernatural encouragement I offer from

this day forward see the blessings hidden behind the problems that once troubled you your countenance will

radiate joy for you now walk in faith in my word and your emotions will not be

swayed by the negative sights around you knowing that I am with you will give

you the strength to continue fighting rise each day with renewed

desires to live to stay on the right path and to be a hero of faith for your

family do not Retreat to the place of failure where others may try to confine you these words I speak are alive they

renew your your soul as you listen each day your heart will leap with joy as you

remember and speak them I am your provider and you can be confident that

despite difficulties all will be well and even better than you expect this is

the strength I continually speak of to you through my Holy Spirit you have

control over your emotions you can master your tongue and no longer will you speak words of complaint or defeat

the flame within you is turning obstacles into ashes open your eyes stand up let me

embrace you and hear my Whispers of love and reassurance once more my dear child

do not be afraid I am here with you and In My Embrace you will find Solace

everything will be well lend me your ear feel my hand upon your shoulder and be

at peace I long to see your soul filled with tranquility and serenity Whom Shall

you fear compare the power of those around you with mine your heavenly father who has sealed promises to you

with my own blood in whom will you place your trust will it be those who sow

seeds of doubt and unrest or my Holy Spirit yearning to fill you with my love

and sweetness make your choice who speaks the truth is it those who predict your

downfall or is it my voice offering peace and Assurance enveloping you in my

love do not cease to feed on my word fill your mind with my promises that

Empower and protect you these promises are the shield that surrounds you

guiding you on the path ahead blessings await you your dreams

realized and the happiness you seek are just before you do not look back to the

past where only memories and regrets of past mistakes lie instead look forward

to the future I have prepared for you I’ve always loved you even when you

strayed contemplating abandoning your future and the destiny of goodness and

prosperity I planned for you I did not want you to remain trapped

in a past error many tried to convince you that I had forsaken you leading you to feel

unworthy but I relentlessly pursued you using every means to bring you back to

me when you were on the brink of Destruction I rescued you though it

caused you pain this pain will pass and my pure and beautiful love will heal

you remember the joy and peace you felt when you returned to My

Embrace since then you have lived a life filled with gratitude no storm rain cold

or wind can extinguish the flame within you you have faced sorrow and depression again but here is my steadfast

love trust me when I say I will never let go of your hand no one can harm you

now tell me that you believe in me focus on the peace and Tranquility I’m giving you feel my Holy Spirit within you for I

love all that you are in moments when you feel distant from me remember that my love for you is

real and ever lasting even if you’ve been swayed by this world lost in wrongdoing and devoid

of peace and hope my heart still yearns for you longing for your return to the

true life that only I can offer beloved even as you wander know that I

understand your struggles I have experienced The Temptations of this corrupt world yet I

assure you there is a better path of light and love waiting for you no matter

how far you think you’ve stray I am always here to welcome you back to forgive and guide you towards a life of

Peace abundance and purpose reflect on your current path and

Choose Wisely the path of wrongdoing leads to destruction and

pain however I desire for you to live a full happy and Abundant Life filled with

love peace and hope I am ready to free you from the chains that bind you and

restore your broken BR en Spirit remember you are my beloved child

created for a special purpose in this world listen to my voice whispering to you in moments of

silence my word is a lamp to your feet and a light to your path embrace my

grace and forgiveness freely given out of my love for you no matter your past

mistakes you can always return to me and find compassion and

restoration reflect and seek my presence turn to my word for guidance and I will

free you from all evil bonds remember in me you will find peace

that the world cannot offer my love is inexhaustible and my grace is sufficient

for you trust in me believe in me and experience the transformation that only

I can bring to your life turn away from wrongdoing and choose life in me my

heart desires is the best for you my love is so deep that I long to see you

live fully experiencing true peace and happiness that only I can

offer understand that the world’s Temptations are fleeting and vain only

in me will you find enduring peace and hope my love is infinite and my grace is

enough for you trust in me and I will guide you towards a life of purpose and

fulfillment I am with you in your trials as your loving God and Father my eternal love

for you will never cease even if the world may fail you I will never fail you

since I created you I have held you in my arms accompanying you in every moment

of Your Life Sharing in your Joys and Sorrows feeling your pain as if it were

my own my beloved child fear not throughout every moment my love for you

has never waned even when others turned away causing hurt and scarring your

heart I have always been there to lift you up never turning my back on you

today I urge you to find refuge in me to let me be your Sanctuary amidst life

storms and to draw strength from my presence when you feel weak let me guide

you along paths of Hope peace and joy in times of distress and desolation when it

seems the world is against you remember I am steadfastly at your side no matter

the hurdles you face the disappointments from friends or the closed doors you

encounter my love for you remains Eternal and unwavering my commitment to you is

boundless I will never leave you to face your struggles alone when you feel lost and UNC look

within your heart and there you will find my love a constant flame I am your

light in the darkness the guide through every shadowy

path no matter how daunting your journey may appear I will always light the way and give you the strength to continue

even amidst those who falter leave or betray you rest assured that I will always be your unfailing support my love

is unconditional I will never abandon you in moments of loneliness I will wrap you

in my arms of love bringing comfort and Solace understand that life’s journey is

challenging and people may fail but I remain your steadfast Rock refuge and

shelter know my dear child that in this imperfect world you will encounter

hardships and trying times there will be moments when you feel alone and

downhearted but always remember that I am with you my love for you is

unwavering I am always ready to listen and respond when you call upon my name I

am always near prepared to lend an ear and support when your strength

diminishes and hope seems distant do not fear your weaknesses for I will Empower

you remember that my love has the power to heal every broken heart trust in me

and I will lift you up revealing the path to Triumph and renewal even when others judge or

condemn you know that I do not my love for you is UN conditional your mistakes or

shortcomings are not a barrier to my forgiveness I offer you a new beginning through my grace no matter how far you

feel from me I am always by your side find comfort in my loving

Embrace there is nothing you can do that will diminish my love for you a love freely given by Grace offered to you

today without condition my dear child all I ask is that you TR trust in me do not ignore my

words believe in what I tell you today do not be swayed by fleeting emotions

for I your God know your heart trust in me even in the darkest

moments of your life remember even when the world seems to crumble around you or

you face the fiercest storms I Am The God Who calms the Seas and lifts the

downtrodden my power is greater than any any problem you face and my love is

stronger than any pain you endure fear not for I am always with you

give me your worries and burdens and watch How I transform them into blessings I am your faithful Shepherd

guiding you ensuring you never stray from the path of righteousness even when doubts arise

simply trust in me and my perfect plan for your life my love will always Triumph

dear child my love for you is beyond words it is greater than anything you

can fathom no matter how often you fall I will always lift you up no matter your

errors my grace is sufficient I love you receive my grace and blessing today and

walk confidently knowing I am by your side do not give up continue moving

forward every tear you’ve shed will be replaced with joy my dear child as you

strive to achieve your goals and projects remember that while effort and dedication are important prayer and

adherence to my word are Paramount beware of those who rely solely on themselves neglecting the

wisdom in my word such individuals not only stray from my will but are driven by

materialistic desires failing to attain True Value in their achievements their pride and arrogance

blind them leading them to Scorn the humble and despise those who cherish my word they are trapped in their arrogance

oblivious to the fact that Simplicity and humility are the keys to True greatness in their quest for recognition

and power they ignore my teachings blinded by selfishness and ego which

only lead to division and conflict therefore beloved child Heed

These words do not let your heart be troubled and fear not the future for I

will bless all your end Endeavors do not be disheartened by adversity or discouraged by delayed

outcomes the journey may be long but never cease striving each step brings

you closer to the dreams I have placed within you remember the incredible potential I have given you with skills

gifts and talents to bring about wonderful things in your life beloved

child place your trust in me I stand beside you unwavering guiding and

supporting you at every step of your journey hold fast to your faith with courage and determination and know that

with my presence beside you you are destined to achieve all that you aspire

to I will transform each Challenge on your path into opportunities for growth

and Enlightenment so precious one proceed with faith bravery and confidence let

not discouragement or the Whispers of naysayers dim your spirit disregard the criticisms that may arise as you pursue

your dreams there will be those who out of jealousy and envy will try to place

obstacles in your way yet march on with Valor and unwavering Faith carrying a

testimony of honor and integrity do not Tire of trusting in me and my promises

everything you sow with passion and commitment will in time yield its rightful

Harvest Beyond The shadowy Valleys lies the vast Garden of my promises a place

where hope blooms and you draw closer to your heart’s deepest

Desires in this realm your dreams will be realized love and gratitude will

abound bringing joy peace and blessings for you and your loved ones so Forge ahead with courage and

resolve my child and do not be daunted by life’s challeng es and trials know

that at the end of your struggle great rewards and magnificent blessings

await continue on my child armed with patience and faith as your Shield

against doubt fear and discouragement patience will unlock the

doors to success allowing you to endure through challenges faith will give you the

strength to overcome any obstacle and The Bravery to keep moving forward Trust

that I am with you and everything in your life will ultimately work for your good therefore my beloved child always

hold on to faith and patience for through them you shall attain all of my

promises let these virtues open the gates of blessing revealing opportunities to fulfill your life’s

purpose remember my words my child keep them close to your heart and as a

constant reminder around your neck they will guide you like a Beacon Lighting

your path towards happiness and success act on these words and I assure

you that all your endeavors will prosper never cease to place your trust in me

for I will always act in your favor bringing you a life of Peace overflowing with blessings and abundant

Prosperity trust in me with all your heart and your entire being I will bestow Grace favor and blessing upon

your life and those dear to you I love you my child persevere to the end and

you will surely reap my blessings do not fear or waver for I Am with You reclaim

your strength why fear my child why fear my daughter I am your God and Father I

know your heart intimately I crafted you with my own hands and breathed life into

you I am aware of your every moment awake or asleep s nothing you do or feel

is hidden from me I instilled those deep dreams and desires within you I gifted

you with talents and abilities and made you sensitive to understand that you can do nothing without me I formed you in

your mother’s womb in my image and likeness how could I not love you you

are the apple of my eye I am there to rescue you when things go astray I see you grappling with despair

tirelessly battling life’s challenges and striving to fulfill your purpose sometimes your efforts may feel

inadequate your strength May Wan and reaching your goals seems

elusive be at peace my child be at peace my daughter everything you have fought

for and labored towards will come to pass the time will come when all that you have sown in tears will be reaped

with joy your sleepless nights and hard work will bear fruit in their due season

do not be disheartened renew your strength for soon you will see prosperity and abundance as the fruits

of your perseverance remember I am your God your

heavenly father just as Earthly fathers Endeavor to provide the best for their children

how much more will I your Eternal Father shower you with the finest of my blessings you are my treasured child my

beloved daughter this is why I urge you now to reclaim your courage to not

falter under life’s trials and tribulations draw near to me into my loving

Embrace in my presence you will find the fortitude to press on I will Infuse you

with the energy and resolve you might feel lacking empowering you to surmount the challenges

ahead rest assured that I have everything under my sovereign control

nothing eludes my grasp my child my my daughter do not lose hope pursue me with all your heart

in me you will discover reasons to endure look to the heavens recall my

victory over death my Resurrection on the third day there is nothing you

cannot face with me as your savior the mighty Lion of Judah resounding with

power and strength I battle on your behalf so that today you may find peace

and realize your dreams ambitions and aspirations beloved Son beloved daughter

do not question my words trust in me and lay all your burdens and anxieties at my

altar reject the internal voices that tempt you to abandon the path of Faith

turn away from the negative remarks of those who Envy you and wish for your

downfall step out of such negativity and find shelter under my wings in my shadow

you will find unparal paralled rest and comfort seek refuge in My Sanctuary and

never forget that I Am with You lifting and sustaining you so shake off fear and doubt now when

fear tries to paralyze you recall my promises and my words claim them for

yourself and watch them manifest I will secure your success and

prosperity in all that you do it’s time for you to rise to dispel gloom and

every lie the adversary attempts to plant in your mind do not let his words limit your

potential remember the evil one cannot overpower you for he has already been

defeated his only tool is deception but if you put your trust in me he will not

triumph over you I cherish you my son my daughter and my sole desire is for you

to advance in life to achieve the purpose for which you were created and to enjoy the fullness of my

blessings live abundantly in this world realizing your dreams and deepest

yearnings remember I created you to be bold prosperous and Victorious I did not

give you a spirit of fear but of power love and self-discipline so take heart

beloved for the plans and dreams I have for you are within reach know that I

love you with an everlasting love you need not face life alone or carry burdens by yourself I am here to help

you to strengthen you and to fulfill your heart’s desires Let My Words Be engraved in your heart Embrace and

practice them and you shall live a truly Abundant Life do not falter step back

from those who bring hurt into your life come closer to me let me unfold You In My safeguarding Embrace my beloved child

I address you today through these words earnestly Desiring you to understand I hear every prayer I’m attentive to every

plea your cries never go unnoticed it is not my wish for you to feel unheard or

neglected you are dearly loved by me and I will not stand for any harm to come

your way hence I urge you to turn away from harmful desires clear your heart of

doubts and rid yourself of all that corrupts within I know it’s challenging there are

times when you’re tempted towards actions you know are wrong remember I am here to help you through don’t let

misleading emotions unsettle you my Holy Spirit stands beside you offering

guidance and protection from Evil resist the Allure of sin don’t be swept up by

this corrupt world and don’t give in to fleshly desires that stray you from the Blessed path I have laid out for you I

understand the difficulty in staying true to my word but it is crucial to resist evil and hold fast to my promises

focus on what is good and righteous don’t let malevolence take hold remember

as a child of God you have the strength to choose right and the authority to reject all evil guard against letting

sin consume you or take root in your family avoid what is fleeting and temporary don’t indulge in fleshly

desires that leave you regretful and despondent there’s always a path to

Redemption an opportunity for change my dear children if ever you feel burdened

by past misdeeds remember it’s never too late to start a new and leave all harm

behind place your trust in me seek my help and forgiveness and I will provide

them in me you find a new beginning a fresh start in me the past is gone

everything becomes new trust in me allow my Holy Spirit to guide you let my love

surround you my light brighten your path do not let sin and darkness keep you

from me or the blessings that Faith brings stand firm in your faith declare

your victory over adversity and let me lead you towards light away from the

Shadows that seek to Veil your way remember your faith is your Shield

against the negative your strength to overcome Temptation and your

anchor in my enduring love do not let the errors of your past or the hurdles

of the present divert you from the path I have set for you stay steadfast to the

end and a joyous reward awaits you trust in my promise that the blessings

destined for you will not be withdrawn stand firm and courageous for

no challenge is insurmountable with me by your side let my light guide your

steps leading you to a place of fulfillment and peace that only I can

provide my dear child in moments of Frailty when the weight seems unbearable

and you stand on the brink of faltering seek My Embrace wholeheartedly in me you will find the

fortitude to conquer any trial remember I am always near waiting with open arms

don’t let sin steal the blessings I have in store for you rise with bravery rely

on my mercy and March forward knowing my love will never abandon you in this

moment take hold of my hand and let us walk this journey together do not be

intimidated by the world confront it and turn your back on sin Let Me Be Your

guide your shield and your support in trying times have faith that my love transcends

any error or Shadow allow my grace and blessings to flood into your life renewing your path and guiding you to

the abundance my love offers always keep in your heart that I am with you even in

the toughest times should things not unfold as you hoped remember I am here

to uplift you to help you scale the highest peaks and surmount any

barrier my plea to you my cherished children is to be brave and Valiant to

trust in my might and love you will see how your life trans forms stand unwavering for victory is

certain with me at your side never forget I am forever with you follow my

path and you will find the blessings peace and joy you seek I am here to grant you your Victory a Divine sign is

unfolding before you this very instant your moment has come and my kingdom is

ready for all that awaits right now A Cascade of blessings

is raining down upon you altering the trajectory of your life the closed doors

will open and the seemingly impossible will become

possible I am actively working in your life shifting you from a path of want to

one of abundance in these moments feel the transformation the chains binding you

the burdens Weighing on your heart are breaking now it is my wish for you to

live joyfully to be fulfilled filled and to be free from worries over matters I

hold in my hands you are my child dearly beloved my daughter deeply cherished In

My Embrace you will discover the affection and love you’ve been yearning for the understanding that has eluded

you from others I have walked alongside you observed each step keenly aware of

your struggles and have listened to your thoughts amidst your tears

I am intimately familiar with all that you are all that you endure all that you

have lived through and all that you have experienced I’m not blind to your

suffering my dear son nor am I ignorant of your anguish my beloved daughter in

me you will find all that you need just keep opening your heart to me as you have been doing be patient when things

don’t unfold as you hope you will soon feel the completeness of my love and my

promises your enduring pain will fade away I assure you you will rise again

Triumph and soar From the Ashes be courageous hold on to your faith be strong continue to believe and trust

continue to pray continue to kneel for your moment is approaching the period of

drought has ended the era of scarcity is over from now on you are on a journey of

abundance and prosperity a unique path that I tailored for you and your loved

ones soon the problem that seemed insurmountable will find its resolution

I will exert my power to clear paths where obstacles once stood I will turn

your challenges into opportunities in this moment those who spoke against you will be silenced

astonished as they witness the Magnificent work I am doing in you my angels are guarding your every

step those who wish to harm you will find them themselves powerless for my angels provide protection against any

evil you may face those plotting your downfall will fail their words will not deter

you my light will scatter all Shadows my light will guide you along the right

path I know your wait has been long but your time has arrived the miracle

awaiting you is immense ready yourself for the remarkable transformation you are about to undergo when you see all

that I have done for you you will look back on this day with tears of joy and

gratitude you will remember these words and realize I never left you alone nor

did I abandon you in your darkest hour my presence envelops you my beloved I am

with you like a protective white mantle shielding you from all harm doubts

criticisms and harmful words will be nullified I am rejuvenating your spirit

today today I am transforming your foundation breaking the curses laid upon you I am lifting you up placing a crown

of Victory upon your head this is your moment and you feel it I sense the

unease in your soul and heart there’s a situation that has been robbing your sleep preventing your peace but today I

bestow upon you my peace today you will experience the relief you’ve been longing for a peace that will permeate

every part of your being right now a door is opening before you

it’s a door of opportunity and promise step through it an unexpected person

will reach out to you bringing an opportunity that will transform your life Embrace this path take the first

step I have carefully prepared it for you do not falter at this crucial stage

of your journey you must be strong you must be brave you have made commend able

progress but the journey isn’t over until victory is yours come my beloved

Son come my cherished daughter renew your strength be infused with courage

and walk this path with boldness in your trial you will emerge Victorious you

will not be overcome remember you walk with me and with me nothing is insurmountable I will

intervene and fulfill every promise I made to you in the name of my beloved Son Jesus

listen closely I have an important and precious message for you I urge you to

lend your ears in a few moments of your day today I wish to convey a message of

Love comfort and empowerment do not Overlook or dismiss these words listen

and treasure them in your heart for they will bestow Grace and blessings upon your

life today my son I want to affirm my profound love for you a love that is

pure and unwavering it’s my desire to envelop you in immense affection to

offer you Solace and rest in the midst of your battles and challenges may you

feel secure and cherished under my mighty hand understand that I have a

significant purpose for you the work I will undertake in you will be remarkable

for with me all things are possible in this beautiful period of

growing in your knowledge of me I have instilled in you the desire to progress

and Advance towards the Blessed Destiny I have crafted for your life it’s crucial that you trust in my promises

and the truth of my word for they will surely come to pass for the benefit and blessing of those who love me thus today

I highlight something you need to address Not to cause you distress or guilt but to guide you towards

correcting it in obedience to my word thereby enhancing your blessings remove

complaints from your heart distance yourself from friendships that breed Intrigue doubt and Grievances and

instead seek wise companions surround yourself with good honest people cherish integrity and

Truth strive for peace and refrain from repaying Evil with evil love your

neighbor and extend a helping hand to those in need please believe in the words I speak

to you today do not disregard them them Embrace and hold on to them for the blessings I

promise you now will materialize when you choose to have faith in these powerful words now is the moment to

activate your faith to cling to hope for they are like seeds that once planted in

your heart will yield a Bountiful Harvest bringing wondrous transformations in all areas of your

life these seeds will initiate a season of blessings and provision not just for

you but also for your entire family family you will witness healing familial

Unity joy in your soul and your heart will be filled with

happiness so do not Tire of doing good for I assure you in due time you will

reap a harvest of Abundant Blessings stand firm persevere even amid

doubts and challenges Never Surrender be assured that the light emanating from

your faith will scatter all Darkness Paving the way for my grace and favor in

your life the blessings I bestow upon you will accompany you like a faithful

Shadow wrapping you in its mantle at each step you take provision will flow like a never

ending raver bringing you everything you need at just the right moment Freedom

will feel like a lightness within your soul enabling you to soar Unchained

cherishing each moment as a treasured gift Joy will take root deeply in your being

becoming a Perpetual Melody that gracefully moves through your soul happiness that profound Bliss pulsating

in every heartbeat will be a clear Testament to my Divine love and purpose for you my child my love for you

transcends all bounds and comprehension hold fast to my promises

imprint them in your heart for each will be realized at the appointed time so

step forward in faith this instant hand over your doubts and fears to me and allow me to Bear your

burdens this will enable you to tread lightly and peacefully turn away from complaints and

negativity let me turn each challenge into a chance for growth and every trial into a Triumph I’m ready to bless you

beyond your wildest dreams providing abundantly for all your Needs Trust in

this with me by your side you will swiftly Ure surely achieve your Divine

Purpose Focus your efforts on seeking my presence continually and I will manage

all your concerns you will witness the unfolding of This Magnificent and Powerful promise

in your life no eye has seen no ear has heard and no mind has imagined what God

has prepared for those who love him in the midst of your struggles problems and

challenges know that I am with you I have have an answer and a solution for

everything you face nothing is beyond my reach or capability what you need beloved child

is to believe in my word cling to it claiming each of my promises as your own

these promises will Infuse hope into your life and fortify you to face your current

challenges it’s essential to realize that without me you can achieve

nothing living outside of my word is to live in the flow of the world where disappointment and troubles are

rampant this is why it’s crucial to believe in my word cling to it with

tenacity and Faith for it is like water in a desert within it you will discover

the solutions and the way out of all your troubles say yes to what I am telling

you today trust that my plan for you is good and perfect today I want you to reflect on

the story of Hannah a woman embodying Faith determination

and an unshakable Spirit despite her Advanced age and the challenges of her era she yearned deeply for a child

amidst the despair her situation brought her faith in me remained steadfast she

never faltered with fervor and heartfelt passion she prayed entrusting her pain

and desires into my care her desire was so profound her perseverance so unw

wavering that her prayers were ultimately answered and she received the

very desire of her heart this story serves as a testament

to the power of faith and patience through these virtues I can work wonders

in your life I have the power to change your circumstances to shift your destiny to

turn your darkest most sorrowful moments into ones of brightness and joy it is

within my ability to transform your needs into Abundant Blessings therefore

my beloved child do not lose heart sustain your faith and trust in my

promises remember there is nothing too difficult for me I am the god of the

impossible the God who performs Miracles The God Who changes lives heals diseases

restores relationships and forgives sins nothing is beyond my capability for for

I am the Almighty I urge you to hold on to your faith and wait patiently the resolution to your

troubles and relief will come do not forget that I have a plan for you one

filled with hope and a prosperous future a future where pain and sorrow will be

replaced by continual happiness just as Hannah was misunderstood and even ridiculed for her

fervent prayer she did not let herself be swayed and maintain gained her faith in the face of

adversity I encourage you to emulate her example do not succumb to obstacles even

when others criticize or fail to understand your journey keep your trust in me my plan and purpose for you might

seem peculiar or incomprehensible to others but my aim is to fill you with

peace to transform your toughest situations into blessings to turn your sadness into Joy

and your need into plenty so my dear child persist in this

Journey of Faith let nothing dampen your resolve approach me in prayer and

supplication with Thanksgiving present your requests to me and trust all to me

and I will fulfill the desires of your heart I will be the light on your path

the compass guiding you to Joy and the truth that liberates you trust in me and

I will lead you to victory to peace happiness and

prosperity I will always be with you keep your hope Anchored In Me and do

not let criticism or discouragement deviate you from your path move forward bravely I am by your

side at all times my power and love surpass any judgment or criticism you might

encounter therefore my child do not doubt my words continue to trust in me

and and my promises I will bring you true happiness where fear and anxiety

have no place as your father I am working in your favor showering Grace

and blessings upon you advance with faith and patience never cease to

believe walk according to my will and you will witness my mighty hand in your

life Miracles await you for I bless you with every spiritual blessing in the

heaven heavly Realms and declare you free healthy and prosperous in Christ Jesus amen


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