God Says: Maintain Your Faith In ME | God's message for me today | God message | God's Message 365 - online calculators

God Says: Maintain Your Faith In ME | God’s message for me today | God message | God’s Message 365

my dear child within the next hours

you are on the verge of winning a grand

prize in the big

lottery your hand will receive a huge

sum of money bringing with it immense

joy happiness and abundance to both you

and your family for many years to

come like this video If you believe

God just as sugar attracts ants your

hands will effortlessly attract huge

wealth and you will witness a continuous

flow of abundance into your

life so prepare to be amazed as

unlimited wealth health and prosperity

come your

way type to claim

it I want you be filled with joy to

experience prosperity and to taste the

sweetness of

success imagine a river of blessings

flowing towards you bringing with it an

abundance of wealth happiness


fulfillment so please watch this video

till end to claim the blessings from

God remember I am the king of kings and

the Lord of

lords my dominion and power surpass any

other I Reign Over all creation and I

hold your life in my

hands this week I am tripling your


blessings open your heart to receive

this moment multiply

favor type to receive

it if you want to attract huge money

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wealth secrets revealed by Rogue NASA

scientist your bank balance will

overflow with wealth that goes beyond

your wildest

dreams trust that I am working behind

the scenes aligning circumstances and

opportun unities in your

favor whether you face physical

Financial or emotional challenges know

that I am with you

always I will never abandon

you in this season I am not only healing

bodies but I am also canceling debts

restoring broken relationships and

breaking the chains of

addiction I am making a way where there

seems to be no way

trust in my timing and provision and you

will witness Miracles

unfold the Lord is transforming your


today he is coming into your life to

turn all your Sorrows into joy and shift

you from lack to

abundance remember I am the one who

created the heavens and the Earth the

oceans and the mountains the sun and the

stars I am the one who is always with

you guiding you com comforting you and


you always remember you are my favorite

child and I love you

unconditionally type I love you God and

if you believe in Christianity kindly

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$ my child I am constantly knocking at

the door of your heart waiting for you

to invite me

in do not be afraid for I I am gentle

and full of

love I long to be an integral part of

your life guiding you in every step you

take when you welcome me into your life

I will fill you with an Indescribable

peace joy and

strength all your worries and anxieties

will be replaced by a peace that

surpasses all

understanding rest assured dear

one that I am here for you always

ready to pour out my love and blessings


you subscribe our Channel if you love

God prepare yourself for in the coming

days I am about to bring you an

abundance of Joy success and prosperity

that will surpass your wildest

dreams Jesus says I am your

healer he is here to heal you of any

physical emotional or spiritual pain

that you you may be

carrying he wants to bring you peace and

comfort he is about to open lifechanging

doors for

you type Jesus is Lord and share this

video with someone who trusts

Jesus unlimited money is getting

attracted towards you with no effort on


side you do not have to work hard or

struggle to attract abundance into your

life it is coming to you effortlessly


naturally you are a magnet for money and

it is Flowing towards you in

abundance allow yourself to receive this

blessing and enjoy the abundance that is

coming into your

life I also want to address any negative

words that you may have spoken or any

words that are fighting against your

destiny by the power of Jesus sacrifice

I cancel them all in his name

I am the father of the Heavenly lights

the one who brings you all the good and

perfect gifts that you receive in your

life unlike shifting Shadows I do not

change I am Eternal and

unchanging I am always with you through

every storm and every trial that you may

face when you encounter challenges in

your life remember the story of David


Goliath David didn’t need to to know

Goliath’s strength because he already


mine nothing you face today is stronger


me no obstacle is too great for me to

overcome my beloved child I want you to

speak these words aloud today I am going

to receive the flow of Love healing and

abundance that I

deserve my entire family will be healed

and huge financial Miracles will appear

when I I need them all in jesus’

name type Amen to

affirm by declaring these words you open

yourself up to receive my

blessings believe in them with all your

heart and trust that I am faithful to


them I am the one who strengthens what

is weak in

you I am the one who heals what is sick

in you and I am the one who revives

whatever peace and love has died in you

I am going to surprise

you I have already lined up the healing

the freedom the money the good health

that you have been

seeking I have plans to bring about

restoration and renewal in every aspect

of your

life trust in me my child for I hold

your future in my

hands I have designed a beautiful path

filled with opportunities and

blessings you are destined for greatness

and I will guide you every step of the

way do not be discouraged by the

challenges you face for they are only

temporary I am molding you shaping you

into a stronger and more resilient

individual through these trials you will

discover your true potential and emerge

Victorious keep your faith unwavering my

child for miracles are unfolding in your


life I will surprise you with unexpected

blessings blessings that will leave you

in a of my goodness and love for you

type if you needed

this the month of June will be a time of

incredible transformation in your

life prepare yourself for the

extraordinary things I am about to

do I am reaching out to touch your life

with my healing

power your body which has experienced

pain and

suffering will be restored to complete

Health Embrace This Promise for it is my

gift to

you but that is not all my

child I long to see you flourish in

every aspect of your

life do not doubt my intentions dear

one I am breaking the chains that have

held you

back poverty lack and and sickness will

no longer have a hold on

you I am shattering these barriers so

that you may walk freely in the fullness

of my

blessings know this my child I am the

god of

Miracles The Impossible is within my

grasp place your trust in me and watch

as I unfold wonders in your

life Miracles will become a common

occurrence leaving you in of my power


Grace understand that I am your Refuge

your strength and your unwavering help

in times of

trouble I the almighty God and creator

of the universe have authority over all

things nothing is beyond my reach and I

am more than able to exceed your

expectations and

Imagination type if you

believe trust in me completely for when

you have faith The Impossible becomes

possible expect a miracle dear child for

I am about to manifest my extraordinary

provision in your

life know that you are never

alone I am with you in every moment

offering my support and

guidance call upon me and I will

answer seek me and you will find

me I am here to walk with you through

every joy and every

sorrow remember my child that my plans

for you are beyond what you can

comprehend I have a purpose for your

life a purpose that will bring

fulfillment and

joy trust in my Divine timing and you

will witness the manifestation of my

promises embrace the abundance that I am

pouring into your

life open your heart to receive all the

blessings I have in store for

you your journey is just beginning and I

am excited to see you flourish and

shine stay rooted in my love my child

for it is the source of all your

strength let my love guide your thoughts

words and

actions as you radiate my love you will

impact those around you and be a beacon

of light in this

world I am always here for you my dear

child seek me trust me and surrender to


plans together we will create a life

filled with joy purpose and

abundance type God is with

me know that very soon your health

relationships and finances will be

restored trust in me for I am actively

working on your behalf to bring you the

breakthroughs you

need all I ask is that you have faith in

me and allow my blessings to flow into

your life without

resistance remember my child that you

are never

alone I am always here watching over you

and working to bring you the blessings

that you truly

deserve let go of any doubts or worries

and embrace the certainty of my love and

provision for

you remember my child that I have a plan

for your

life it may not always be

easy but I promise to guide you and

support you every step of the

way trust in me and surrender your cares

to My Loving

Hands you are precious to me and I have

great things in store for

you keep your heart open and your faith

strong know that my love for you is

boundless and that I’m always here for

you ready to pour out my blessings upon

you continue to trust in me my child and

watch as Miracles unfold in your

life your faith is powerful and with it

you can move

mountains type if you trust

God believe that I am working on your

behalf and that The Best Is Yet To

Come I love you more than you can

comprehend and I will never leave your

side go forth with confidence knowing

that you are deeply cherished and that

my love will always sustain

you you are my chosen ones and I have

special blessings grace and mercy

waiting for

you know this my beloved there is only

one God and the only way to reach me is

through Christ

Jesus he is the path to truth and life

and by following him you will receive

the blessings I have prepared for

you your time of Miracles is approaching


children prepare yourself spiritually so

that you can embrace all the wonderful

things I have planned for

you open your hearts to my love and it

will overflow Within

You by becoming a true follower of Jesus

you will attract more blessings and

bring others closer to me

remember I am a god of

surprises I enjoy doing unexpected

things and blessing my children in


ways be receptive to my blessings and

anticipate the

unexpected don’t limit me with your

limited thoughts but trust that I can do

far more than you could ever ask or

imagine the money love Health house and

the perfect career here all these

blessings are already

yours you only need to claim them and

have faith that they belong to

you type to claim

it I am opening doors to lifechanging

opportunities for

you I will wipe away your debts pay your

bills in full and transform your


situation let us pray

together Lord I ask for your help with

my fin Financial

struggles grant me wisdom and

understanding as I make decisions about


finances help me trust in your plan for


life I pray for a breakthrough in my

finances for the abundance and

prosperity you have promised

me please guide me to New Opportunities

and provide me with the resources and

support I

need I seek your guidance and protection

as I work to provide for my family and

fulfill the calling you have placed upon


life help me use my finances wisely and

be a responsible Steward of the

resources you have given

me trust in me my child and know that I

am with you every step of the

way my blessings are boundless and they

will exceed your

expectations continue to have faith in

my love and you will experience the

Wonders I have in store for

you in your daily life remember to be

kind and loving towards

others show compassion to those in need

and be a beacon of light in the

world by spreading love and kindness you

will attract more blessings into your

life don’t be discouraged by challenges


setbacks know that I am always by your

side offering guidance and strength

through your trials you will grow and


resilience trust that I have a purpose

for every situation you encounter and I

will turn your hardships into

blessings type if you

believe take time to seek me in prayer


meditation find solace in my presence

and allow me to speak to your

heart in the Stillness you will hear my

G G Whispers guiding you towards your

purpose and

Destiny remember to give thanks for all

the blessings you have

received gratitude opens the door for

more blessings to flow into your

life express your gratitude to me and to

those around you and you will see how

your blessings

multiply know that you are never alone


child I am always with you watching over

you and gu in you trust in my divine

plan for your life for I have great

things in store for

you embrace my love and let it fill your

heart with joy and

peace I am always by your side watching

over you with unconditional love and

care in moments of Doubt or fear

remember that I am here ready to guide

you and give you

strength have faith my child for faith

faith can move

mountains believe in the power of

Miracles and the infinite possibilities

that lie

ahead when you trust in me incredible

things can happen in your

life never underestimate the impact of

your unwavering

Faith do not let the challenges and

hardships discourage

you I have seen your struggles and I

know the burdens you

carry but remember my child that through

every storm there is a silver

lining I am molding you shaping you into

a stronger and more resilient

person trust in my divine plan for it is

filled with purpose and

meaning type if you trust God’s

plan when you find yourself at a

crossroad uncertain of which path to

take seek my

guidance I will light your way and

reveal the steps you should

take remember my child that I have

bestowed upon you wisdom and

discernment listen to The Gentle

Whispers of your heart for there lies

the voice of my love and

guidance take a moment each day to be

still to connect with me in prayer and

meditation in the quietness of your soul

you will hear my voice speaking to

you I will provide Clarity and peace am

the chaos of

Life seek solace in my presence and find

comfort in My

Embrace never forget the power of

gratitude cultivate a heart filled with

thankfulness for the blessings that


you gratitude opens the doors to more

abundance and

joy appreciate the little things for

they are often the seeds of Greater

blessings to

come remember my child that you are

fearfully and wonderfully

made you possess unique talents gifts

and abilities that can bring light to


world embrace your true self and let

your light shine

brightly you have a purpose that only

you can fulfill and I’m here to support

and guide you along the

way type yes if you

agree love one another as I have loved


show kindness compassion and forgiveness

to those around

you in spreading love you create a

ripple effect that touches lives far

beyond what you can

imagine be a beacon of love and let it

radiate from your

being never underestimate the power of

love and

prayer Pray with a sincere heart knowing

that your prayers are

heard love unconditionally for love has

the power to heal unite and transform

lives when you live a life rooted in

love and prayer miracles

happen my dear child Embrace these

messages from my heart to

yours know that I am always with you

guiding you and loving

you trust in me and together we will

Journey towards a life filled with joy

abundance and eternal love

prepare yourself for you are on the

verge of a beautiful

transformation your life is about to

shift from feeling overwhelmed to

experiencing overflowing

blessings a new chapter is unfolding

before you filled with good fortune and


circumstances as you step into this new

season be aware that it is a time of


provision expect to witness a cast of

Victories one after another and

breakthroughs that will leave you in

awe the upcoming days are destined to be

marked by marvelous Miracles exciting

news significant breakthroughs and

blessings that surpass your

expectations type if you

believe I am aware that many among you

are grappling with stress confusion and

nights spent tossing in turn

I want you to know that I am here to

alleviate your

burdens I will replace your stress with

a deep sense of clarity your confusion

with profound understanding and your

sleepless nights with peaceful Slumber

that restores your

soul trust in my divine plan for you and

have unwavering faith for I will bestow

upon you in your loved ones the gifts of

success abundance and good health

Embrace these blessings with gratitude

and know that I will never abandon you

in your

journey just as I open the Heavens to

bless the land and the work of the hands

and days of old so too will I shower you


blessings your life will steadily

improve and both your career and love

life will flourish once

again the Abundant rain from the heavens

will nourish your endeavors bringing

forth growth

prosperity and

joy remember the tale of the lepers

in the Holy scriptures who were healed


Jesus only one of them returned to

Express gratitude and Jesus declared

rise and go your faith has made you

well take this profound lesson to heart

my dear

ones when you cultivate a heart of

gratitude you open the floodgates to

even greater blessings

acknowledge and appreciate the abundance

already present in your life and you

will witness it multiplying before your

eyes tight thank you

God gratitude ignites a powerful

connection between us and it paves the

way for the pouring out of blessings


measure therefore as you embark on this

journey of abundance let gratitude be

your faithful

companion give thanks for the the

blessings you have received and those

that are yet to

come your gratitude will create a

powerful magnet that attracts blessings

of all kinds bringing you ever closer to

the life you have always

desired in this journey called life you

have faced challenges and obstacles that

have tested your

faith but let me assure you my beloved

that I am by your side guiding you

through every twist and turn

even when you may feel lost or uncertain

trust that I am working behind the

scenes orchestrating a beautiful story

of Grace and

Redemption as you enter this new month I

want you to release any doubts or fears

that may linger in your

heart embrace the truth that I am the

god of Miracles capable of turning your

darkest nights into radiant

mornings believe that I have already

said in emotion a divine plan for your

life one that is intricately designed to

bring you closer to your purpose and

Destiny do not underestimate the power

of your prayers and the strength of your

faith when you call upon me I am always

listening eager to answer your heart’s


desires have confidence that your

prayers are not in vain for I am a God

who Delights in granting the desires of

your heart aligning them with my perfect

will type

if you

agree my dear child I see the weariness

that sometimes weighs upon your

spirit life’s demands can be

overwhelming leaving you feeling

depleted and

discouraged but take heart for I Am The

God Who restores and

rejuvenates come to me and I will

replenish your soul refreshing you with

a peace that surpasses all

understanding know that I am not limited

by time or

circumstance your current situation does

not define your

future I hold the power to transform

even the most dire circumstances into


opportunities trust in my Divine timing

for I am working all things together for


good in the days ahead open your heart

to receive the blessings I have in store


you cultivate an attitude of gratitude

acknowledging the abundance that already


you the more you Express gratitude for

what you have the more reasons I will

give you to be

grateful practice contentment and

rejoice in the present moment for it is

within this space that you will

experience true

Joy when doubt Creeps in and Whispers

lies of inadequacy remember that I have


you you are fearfully and wonderfully

made with unique gifts and talents that

the world

needs embrace your purpose and step

forward with confidence for I am your

constant companion guiding and equipping

you every step of the

way my beloved child as you journey

through life remember that you are never

alone I am with you in every moment

Whispering words of encouragement

lighting your path and holding you in my


Embrace trust in my love and guidance

and you will navigate life’s challenges

with Grace and

strength now my dear child continue to

declare these words with unwavering

faith in

God will bless me Heal Me provide

for me protect me and guide

me believe that these words carry the

power to manifest blessings and miracles

in your

life trust in my promises for they are

steadfast and

true type


affirm rest in my love my child and be

filled with anticipation for the Wonders

that lie

ahead you are cherished beyond measure

and my love for you knows no

bounds Embrace this new chapter with

hope and excitement for together we will

create a beautiful tapestry of Faith

love and everlasting

Joy may your heart overflow with

gratitude and may your life be enriched

by the abundance that awaits

you trust in me dear child and watch his

miracles unfold before your very eyes


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