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my child I heard the prayer you said in

your mind before you went to sleep last

night you begged for courage strength

peace and confidence to face the

challenges of life while tears wet your

pillow look at you now as you wake up to

a new day full of strength and

determination you are no longer weak or

down on

yourself you’re brave enough to face any

giant that comes your way you you now

have faith where there was fear you now

have resolve where there was

uncertainty yesterday the thought of

trouble made your legs shake but today

you stand strong ready to face any

problem rise up and move forward because

I have put a strong desire to win in

your heart believe in my power because I

brought you here to give you the

strength to face and beat any

challenge even though the problems may

be big remember that I can handle


I brought you here and I will be with

you through all of your difficult times

with my love and strength you are more

than a

conquerer every enemy that comes up is

there to be defeated you have the

resolve and determination to get through

any problem because of what I taught you

no matter what your goals are or what

problems you face you will be successful

in everything you do your problems will

be solved doors will open for you and I

will bless

you anyone I touch friends family judges

and government officials will feel sorry

for you and do what’s best for you if

you trust me and do the right thing no

one can hurt you or your family don’t

worry about what other people might do

to you do not forget that I am with you

every day until the end my words have

the power to heal the supernatural force

that comes from them is enough to bring

you life and help you rise you may not

think I deserve to be in your life but I

promise you that your faith and humble

less have caught my

attention I want to be a part of both

your life and your

heart I will write healing words there

and break the chains that hold you back

every bit of your pain fear worry and

trouble will go away when I gently touch

you even the Stars listen to my

voice I’m being clear with you because I

want to see you happy at peace with

yourself and sure of a good

future spending time with me gives me a

chance to hug you and reassure you that

I am real that I love you deeply and

that I will keep you safe from all

harm this is what I want to leave you as


inheritance accept it and believe in me

with all your

heart I love you and want you to be

healed and changed by the touch of my

Holy Spirit your strength is ready and

waiting for you to put it on with the

power of my Holy Spirit stand up and go

forward there will be no one who can

beat you when you face problems

you’re strong not weak you have my

undying love and faith remember this

anything is possible if you believe it I

have been telling you that you no longer

have time for discouragement or Retreat

you are like a sharp spearhead that cuts

through the winds opening Pathways to

the land of blessings I will give you I

will expand your spiritual understanding

so you realize that you are a parent of

generations do not be concerned if no

one notices you today do not be

discouraged by the blows you receive

even if they hurt do not squander the

gifts and blessings I bestow upon you

for everything has a purpose I have

everything under control but your

attitude matters your faith and belief

will Elevate you to a higher

level Feast on my word when you feel

weak kneel down and if you feel you

can’t go on look to the sky I am there

and I also dwell in your heart my

blessings are not distant they are right

before you your salvation is at hand

your mountain of problems will crumble

your enemies have been defeated now

answer me do you believe and do you love

me upon receiving your response I will

perform a great miracle in you here are

three things you must do today to calm

your soul and banish

anxiety listen carefully and let these

words resonate in your soul throughout

the day bringing you peace firstly give

me your heart completely and sincerely

without reservations or

fear my purpose is to Grant you eternal

life and happiness I I have never

intended to inflict punishments or

trials upon you for your pain my plans

for you are prosperity and blessings an

Abundant Life filled with love and care

Surrender Your Heart To Me kneeling

before my Throne willing to do my will

to nourish your spirit with my word and

to trust me

wholeheartedly doubts may come and go

and challenges may arise but my written

word will be the anchor of your faith

providing the strength to persevere yet

if you choose to offer me your heart

only only partially or when it suits you

your faith will lack a solid foundation

your life will be tossed about by the

waves When Storms Come and your thoughts

and emotions will run a muck I do not

want this for you I ask that you give me

your heart and maintain unwavering

loyalty and Faith decide now Surrender

Your Life For Eternity and each passing

day will not be one less but truly one

more because you will be with me forever

experiencing the incredible wonders of


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