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God Says Miracles Await When You Watch This Video Till End | God Message for You Today


have you ever felt like you needed a

miracle in your life

God has been known to work in mysterious

ways and sometimes all it takes is a

little faith in this video I’ll share

some amazing stories of people who have

experienced God’s Miracles firsthand but

beware you must watch the whole video to

receive the miracle

let’s get started
God Says

God says our loving heavenly father has

all the resources to provide for you he

will satisfy all your needs put your

trust in him as his beloved Son

and do not fear he sees you knows all

about you and will reward you in his

perfect timing you will be abundantly


You Have a Bright Future

God says

you have a bright future ahead of you

for God has Divine plans for you take

courage and know that God is holding

your future in his hands there is no

need to worry



God is saying to you today mankind may

be unable to forget our missteps but God

is infinitely forgiving and will Cast

Away your sins as deep as the ocean he

will no longer remember them

type yes to claim this
Your Journey is Guided by a Great Instructor

God says

your journey is Guided by a great

instructor who is Ever washful and ready

to reveal the Glorious paths that lie

ahead our heavenly father the creator of

the heavens and earth loves you deeply

and is eagerly anticipating the chance

to bestow upon you his divine grace and

unconditional love

God Says Reflect on all the countless blessings

God says reflect on all the countless

blessings that you have been graciously

given by God and you will undoubtedly be

moved to show your gratitude through


God knows that only loyal subscribers or

children will watch this video Until the


you watch the whole video without

skipping it then you’ll get a magical

surprise so I will say be a loyal child

of God and watch this video till the end

God will definitely bless you in your

When you make Jesus Christ your everything becomes secondary

God says to you

the Lord appreciates those who stay

humble in all areas of life show your


and God will surely bestow Bountiful

blessings upon you when you make Jesus

Christ your everything everything else

becomes secondary


God says this month will be your best

month of the year

just believe in him

type I believe in God to affirm

God says let God Be Your Ally and he

will help you overcome every obstacle

until you reach your full potential
A strong foundation of humility signifies

God says a strong Foundation of humility

signifies that one’s life is built upon

Jesus Christ this Foundation provides

the assurance that a person will never

be swayed or deterred from achieving

God’s plan for their life
We are so fortunate

God wants you to hear this today we are

so fortunate that God is gracious and

benevolent delighting in the joy of our

fulfilled desires recognizing and

implementing his will is the pathway to

a life of abundance Harmony affection

Bliss and sagacity
Unlock the infinite potential

God says unlock the infinite potential

of God to witness a remarkable

transformation in your circumstances


when you seek God’s advice on any

dilemma he will show you the right path

you will stand out above all others


type Amen to catch these Vibes

God says
Focus your attention on Jesus

Focus your attention on Jesus entrust

all your anxieties and apprehensions to

this benevolent God and bask in his


you will experience and communicate

God’s marvelous Deeds

you will be overflowing with joyful

hymns and gratitude today

Be confident in who you are

God wants you to know this today be

confident in who you are and refuse to

be influenced by the thoughts of others

rely on the infallible truth of God’s

word to reveal who you truly are the

beautiful and amazing person he made you

to be
Love your family members

God says

your family members are held in the Lord

Jesus loving Embrace for he has given

his life for all of humanity

let his tender cords of compassion draw

them ever closer to him

say thanks to God for everything he

gives you
Be encouraged

God says be encouraged to know that God

is watching over you have faith that he

is taking notice of your troubles and

hardships and will soon reveal the

answers to your prayers
Do not be discouraged

God has a message for you today

do not be discouraged by any suffering

you have endured for God has seen it all

and he will provide his loving guidance

to you in due time

your faith will never go unnoticed and

he will be a light to guide you through

the darkness

God says rise up

God says

rise up you holy nation and royal

priesthood Cast Away the Shadows of the

Night and allow your spirit to be filled

with the Glorious light of the lord your

high priest Jesus offers you the grace

of the father and with it you gain the

strength to overcome all obstacles be

bold and shine forth with his power

God says the Lord will be by your side

God says the Lord will always be by your

side and he will provide comfort and

peace his promise is to never abandon

you and you will never be without


God says are you ready to receive it

type Ammon to receive it

God says you are not reading this by
You are not reading this by accident


start this year off by committing to

making giving a regular habit which will

bless those whom God places in your path

generosity has never made anyone poor it

will only bring you abundance and joy

God says no matter the time of day when

the Lord is your light you will never be

without brightness and protection no

wickedness or evil can come close to you

make God your top priority and you will

be blessed with an everlasting radiant

God is ever loving and ever faithful

God says the Lord is ever loving and

ever faithful providing ever-present

strength and courage to help you cling

the wonderful Provisions he has prepared

for you when you Surrender Your Troubles

to him he will graciously redeem you and

fill your life with joy

God says are you ready

type yes if you are ready

God is saying to you today

God is saying to you today

the power of the Holy Spirit provides us

with words of Grace Hope and peace Jesus

Christ born of the spirit spoke only

truth and his words have the power to

bring forth New Life

let this be a reminder of his loving

presence in our lives

God says let Faith blossom in your heart

as you contemplate his being throughout

the day

miraculously blessings manifest as each

thought you meditate is a seed of

Let your purpose bring glory

God says devote your life to God’s

Divine mission on this Earth and allow

your purpose to bring him glory you have

been crafted to Marvel at his greatness
Be true to God

God says to you be true to God and he

will bestow His blessings upon you

Abraham made a commitment to follow the

Lord’s path

and you can too Surrender Your Heart to

the Lord and He will fill it with an

everlasting joy that blossoms like a


type thank you God if you believe
Prepare to benefit

God says trust in God’s Almighty power

and let your soul be filled with peace

prepare to benefit from the great

rewards of all the effort you put in

this year the Lord who has guided you

thus far will continue to lead you

further into his abundance and Grace


God says believe in the eternal power of

God and witness the Wonders he can bring

entrusting ourselves to the Lord will

bring Clarity and understanding

revealing the immense power of Our Lord
Nothing is too great

God wants you to hear this today

nothing is too great or too small for

our beloved father who continually shows

us his love and protection to

demonstrate how much he Treasures his


type yes if you believe

God says allow yourself to be open to
You can achieve great things

the possibility power and blessings that

a higher being can bestow recognize that

with him you can achieve great things

and your name will be forever Remembered

in the annals of History

God says embrace the connection to God
Embrace the connection to God

and bask in the wonderful magnificence

of his grace

God wants you to know this today receive
God wants you to know this

the Lord of lords into your heart and be

filled with the light of his love

let the joy he brings fill you as you

walk in his steps Christmas is a time to

remember the miraculous gift Jesus

Christ bestowed upon us

a time to celebrate his love and mercy
Stay in his loving embrace

God says

remain in his loving Embrace until the

Lord raises you up and blesses you the

brightness of God’s truth will guard you

from any malevolent forces looking to

hurt you you have a savior in Jesus

Christ who offers up his most valuable

blood as your defense before the

father’s Throne every moment
Watch this video till the end

if you watch this video to the end

God will give you something really

surprising today

watch this video till the end and Trust

in God’s power

God says the Lord sees

God says the Lord sees all of the ways

you serve him so never cease to show

your devotion listening to God’s word

will lift you to unfathomable Heights

and revive any part of your life that

may feel lost he will bestow you with

Bountiful blessings and make everything

in your life perfect

finally after watching this video from

start to finish I can truly say that I

am amazed I had no idea what to expect

but I am so glad that I decided to watch

it the content is incredibly inspiring

and uplifting and I am absolutely in awe

of the message that God has shared

now it’s your turn tell me in the

comments of this video or you’ve learned

from it unsure if you watch the whole

video to the end God will provide you

with some miraculous insight

this could be anything from A Life

Lesson to a newfound appreciation for

something so take the time to really

absorb what the video has to offer and

let me know what you’ve discovered I’m

sure it will be an enlightening


God says to you if you’re a true

follower of God watch this video and

share it with someone who needs it


thank you


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