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and Moses answered and said but behold

they will not believe me nor hearken

unto my voice for they will say the Lord

hath not appeared unto thee and the Lord

said unto him what is that in thine hand

and he said a rod and he said cast it on

the ground and he cast it on the ground

and it became a serpent and Moses fled

from before it Exodus

the devil often keeps God’s people

from doing what they should for his

kingdom by convincing them that they

lack the resources to accomplish what

needed to be done the feeling of

inadequacy that what we have or can

contribute is not enough to do the job

may keep us from doing anything at all

yet the Bible is filled with examples of

small things being used by God to

accomplish Mighty Works once they are

given to him the question is not whether

what is already in our hand is

sufficient but whether we are willing to

launch out in faith and trust God to

work in a great way FB Meyer wrote God

is is looking for people through whom he

can do the impossible what a Pity that

we plan only the things we can do by

ourselves I believe in Wise planning and

careful living but at the same time we

cannot leave God out of our

thinking as Paul wrote to the church at

Corinth for we walk by faith not by

sight Corinthians

The God Who took a shepherd’s rod

and parted the Red Sea who took a boy’s

sling and killed a Giant and who took

another boy’s lunch and fed thousands is

able to supply whatever we need to do

his work but God does not work with what

we hold back we must be willing to give

what we have and trust him to see him

Supply what is lacking never

underestimate the power of consistency

it has the potential to yield more fruit

than you can ever realize it’s easy to

be overlooked underestimated devalued

underappreciated or flat out forgotten

when you’re consistent especially if you

don’t exhibit what is deemed to be a

spectacular or essential upfront gift or

talent but here’s the truth God sees God

knows God cares God rewards God promotes

God gives the increase sewing Faithfully

diligently and consistently in season or

out with tears or with joy with faith or

barely hanging on will eventually reap a

harvest God will not be mocked

whatsoever of person SWS they will reap

I encourage you to keep going don’t stop

don’t quit Jesus is Worthy Jesus is with

you Jesus is for you harvest time is

coming we all have difficulties and

reasons to be sour but we can’t let

those things talk us out of what God

wants to do in today’s scripture Paul

could see an expectancy On this man’s

expression that he had the faith to be

healed Paul stopped his message and said

stand up the man jumped up and began to

walk for the first time the question is

can your faith be seen like this man’s

was can anybody notice that you’re

expecting to go to a new level are you

talking like it’s going to happen

thinking like it’s going to happen

acting like it’s going to happen there

should be an expectancy that you’re

ready to be healed ready to be free

ready to go to a new level what I’ve

believed God will do for me could happen

today when your faith can be seen in

your attitude in your expressions in how

you talk that’s what gets God’s

attention a prayer for today Lord thank

you for calling me to come to you thank

you for inviting me to call you father

thank you for your patience with me

while I wander and learn your ways

sometimes I wonder if my troubles are

consequences for my actions attacks from

the enemy or your hand refining me for

my eternal relationship with you

confusion leaves room for doubt and fear

to creep in but I refuse to let it steal

my joy may your peace never be hidden

from me remind me to bring my concerns

directly to you so that you can bless my

understanding and shower me in the

reassurance of your care for me guide my

hand and my heart to the pillars in your

word that my spirit and soul can lean on

there I will find rest there I will not

be shaken I will look and listen for

your instructions knowing you are with

me now that you will be with me tomorrow

and that you are guiding me to glory

amen like if you believe in


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