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my beloved child I want you to know that

you do matter that when your tears flow

like a spring and your soul is filled

with sadness and anxiety I won’t judge

you for your moments of weakness I want

you to understand that only I can help

you when danger loons remove thoughts of

death and defeat from your mind when

danger approaches the darkness is gone

and now you can walk confidently today I

have renewed your joy increased your

faith written Promises of trust in your

heart given you a new vision a new

longing built on my word don’t waste

your time trying to convince those who

come to discourage you they won’t accept

your perspective they will mock you

again you don’t need those mockers to

move forward on your path you are

heading for victory they are headed for

defeat they’ve already chosen their

Destiny if you’re attacked by loneliness

if you feel you need someone else’s

support remember that you have me but

trust and be patient for for I will soon

send the right person you matter to me I

care for you value you protect you love

you in a few more days you’ll have

victory in your hand I’m never late I

always arrive on time when you truly

need me at the best moment the weight is

hard and you’ve been thinking so much

about what might happen it’s tearing you

apart on the inside that’s why I want

you to give me all that weight you carry

on your back with great pain living in

distress over the future is not the life

I have for you you also can’t lower your

gaze or get distracted by your worries


thoughts I have said that I will perform

the miracle you ask of me that I will

open doors that I am always with you and

I do not lie the days are mine I am the

creator of the

nights I see that sometimes you can’t

sleep tossing and turning your mind

racing over things that I already hold

in my hands when anxiety strikes

resist when it screams in your ears

speak to it and tell it aloud that there

is no fear in your heart because you

have decided to trust in your best

friend in your God and

Lord you will see for yourself how fear

flees and your soul is free from so much

fear you can enjoy my Peace at Last live

your life fully and be happy I am

promising you that in the midst of your

struggles I will remind you with my

Serene voice that my hand is upon your

shoulder and that against all attacks I

will give you the strength you need to

resist tell me that you believe me and

obey me if I’ve convinced you to return

to my word fill yourself with my

promises and believe in me in those

difficult moments you will encounter on

your journey you haven’t fought so hard

to give up now you must keep

going I’m speaking to you today to fill

you with faith courage and strength to

learn to wait for me even when it seems

your strength is failing from waiting

too long stay calm talk to your heart

and tell it that there’s nothing to fear

the control of your life your dreams

your Destinies in the hands of your

loving father The Winds of the world

want you to forget those moments when I

always helped you but I command those

winds and storms to stop right now I

love you I will never fail you and I

won’t be late I’m here ready to give you

my hand and rescue you answer me with

your heart who loves you more than I do

your trials have been difficult I see

your struggles your efforts and your

desperation do not forget that you have

been very brave throughout your life

think of the situations that seemed

impossible to resolve and yet you

managed to overcome them all since the

day you surrendered control of your life

into my hands you have not lost a single

battle so rest your heart and continue


trust I know that sometimes it can be

difficult just to rest and not lose

Faith especially when everything seems

to be going wrong and conflicts come

knocking at your door trying to consume

you entirely but in those moments my

child cover your ears to to the voices

of the

enemy do not accept the threats of fear

and insecurity keep walking and Trust in

my promises you were deeply loved by me

and before you were you were even born I

already had something great in store for

your life never will I abandon a

defenseless child I’ve been taking care

of your life in a very special way I am

looking after every detail every second

I am always

present do not let sadness take up more

space fill your heart with joy and keep

keep walking with the eyes of Faith

because Victory is certain and what I

have prepared for you is greater than

you can imagine I love you amen my

beloved child I speak to you from the

depths of my heart for you are dear to

me listen to these words with your

entire being for they are meant for you

alone I ask for just a moment of your

precious attention to hear my voice

above all

distractions what I wish to share with

you is of Greater importance than

anything else that occupies your

thoughts stay with me a little longer

and open your heart let me take away the

pain that burdens your soul and banish

the melancholic thoughts that haunt your

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