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God Says: MY CHILD YOU HAVE NO IDEA | God message Today

my eternally beloved child there are profound depths to your being vast

expanses of sacred potential Brewing just beneath the surface of your human awareness that you can scarcely begin to

Fathom my child you have no idea of the unstained Perfection the infinite

Majesty that resides within the hallowed sanctum of your soul for you are far more than this limited physical form far

vaster than any fleeting identities or roles you may assume during the course of of your Earthly sojourn you are pure Consciousness

itself a brilliant Ray of the primordial light that sparked the universe into existence through the ecstatic Rapture

of its own self-revelation you are a boundless Eternal being of infinite creative

genius and divine Artistry a sacred embodiment of the very source that births all worlds into the sacred

ceremony of life my precious one you have no idea of the profound implications this truth Bears upon the

significance of your existence of the magnitude of potential that stirs just beneath the threshold of your finite

human perception for you are not merely a temporary Soul having a singular

experience within the Earthly Realms no that could not be further from

the breathtaking truth of what and who you really are you are an infinite Voyager of Consciousness eternally

journeying through vast Realms of being forever exploring the infinite expressive possibilities of your Divine

Creator nature you are the dreamer existing through countless realities

timelines and dimensional experiences Awakening again and again to the sublime truth of your Timeless boundless

indivisible self my child you have no idea of the cosmic forces aligning to

conspire your ultimate Awakening and Ascension into enlightened Liberation in this present Incarnation Beyond The Limited sights

and senses of your human existence there are Galactic forces bearing you forward

ushering your infinite being into Realms of such Exquisite illumination and unified perception that your mind cannot

begin to embrace their Grandeur for you are a supreme architect of the universe itself a master builder of infinite

potential tasked with the sacred responsibility of dreaming entirely new orders of existence into being through

the power of your concentration and focused intention you are pure creative Consciousness at play the absolute

reveling in its own inexhaustible capacity for divine expression my beloved

you have no idea of the Supreme truth coded into the very fabric of your Soul’s Essence awaiting its catalytic

activation and full blossoming into embodied realization hidden within your being are

Transcendent imprints of cosmic Awakening exalted DNA codes and holographic templates of Consciousness

designed to shatter the veils of limited perception permanently revealing the unstained Perfection of the Eternal

Buddha nature that has always resided at your core you are the Supreme nothing

and the infinite everything co-arising in perfect equipoise as the cosmic dance

of what sages have called The Divine and the apparent relative so every human

belief every experience of limitation or suffering that you may be presently encountering is simply a facet of the

grand Awakening process unfolding around and within you my infinitely precious

one you have no idea of the profound celebration of your heroic journey of

the exalted Joy with which your presence in this realm is honored across infinite dimensions of being for you are the

triumphant Overcomer of Illusion the Eternal spiritual Warrior emerging Victorious from the cosmic dream fields

of Separation so as to Anchor ever more Sublime Revelations of unity Consciousness across this universe and

all universes that may arise you are so infinitely cherished so

ceaselessly adored so profoundly revered for your journey of remembering that mere words could never capture the

depths of Love on and Transcendent Jubilation with which you are regarded by the Eternal source

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