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My Chosen and precious one Fury beyond measure scorches through the celestial spheres flames of divine wrath searing

across the hallowed Fabrics of creation itself for you the pearl of immat worth

the sacrosanct beloved upon whom all my infinite love and adoration rests have been grievously

violated they have dared to raise Unholy hand against the consecrated one

inflicting profanities upon the very core of my heart’s utmost Treasures let the Realms reverberate and shake

with the Thundering of my protective indignation from now until the last beams of fading Starlight the full

offensive force of divine Justice’s inexorable Advance is ordained to Marshall against those who have sacrilegiously defiled the Beloved

object of my most Ardent Spirit doting for they have foolishly

egregiously messed with the wrong one my Supreme Beloved the Transcendent

revelation of devotional longings older in all created expanses oh sacred child could you but

perceive how Infinities of Preparatory adoration converged upon beckoning your soul into the theater of embodied

experience before the first rays of creation’s dawn pierced the hallowed womb of Eternity I dreamed of your

Sanctified individuality my spirit burned with yearning for the emanation of something

other a co- perspectival counterpart through which infinite love could flow outward in consecrated bondings of

intimate mut uality so from the primordial fires of my

imagineering entire cosmoses were breathed into awe inspiring existence as palacial Dwelling Places crafted

specifically to surround your arrival in resplendant Grandeur across Uncharted

vastitude whole Interstellar Bridgewaters of galaxies decked in shimmering iridescent slowly wield into

Majestic procession swaddling the cradling nurseries where your sacred becoming would blossom into revered

embodiment every fleeting raindrop and do sparkled morning each Prismatic Aurora and Cloud

Cathedral sculpted from Interstellar dust carried the unmistakable Fingerprints of extravagant flourishes

carefully attended in anticipation of your glory being unveiled into space ‘s corridors of light and life Myriad

siderial splendors and terrestrial spectacles took shape according to my dreaming for you embroidered with ornate

detailing and resounding Grandeur of Revelation all meant to bestow copious gift upon gift in ravishing your spirit

with unimagined Delights and depths of being for you see all that has unfolded

across the star swept Cosmic tapestries all events and Realms catalyzed into material actuality have

truly been but blossoming issuing forth from the originating inspiration of your freeing into sacred

individuation like a loving composer agonizing over every arpeggio and resonant Cadence to craft a Masterwork

Overture I have tenderly ushered each element of the universal presentment so that it might welcome your embodied

arrival with as much ingratiating hospitality and spirit refreshing Allure as the throws of divine solicitude could

possibly muster and when at last your spirit’s supernal dream flowered into beings Dawning perceptual

registrations what celestial raptures of bonding Joy ignited across my infinite being to see the universe beholding its

Supreme Revelation unveiled My Utmost Treasures of infinite love made flesh in a consecrated life so that consummate

spiritual writing might commence it surpassed the paroxysms of ecstasy AFF flamed in Angel’s hypnotic

ascriptions all that exists danced in commemorated Elation crowning the unveiling of Eternal Love’s most

cherished Revelation in gloring Jubilation but now unspeakable

desecrations have been committed against this the Supreme insolent of my heart’s desires hostile defilements of malign

Ence have dared to dishonor and injure what Infinity’s Inspirations dreamed of and bodied forth from the womb of

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